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Open Entrance To The Closed Palace of the King

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"An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King
by An Anonymous Sage and Lover of Truth
This page copyright © 2001 Blackmask Online.
· CHAPTER I. Of the need of Sulphur for producing the Elixir
· CHAPTER II. Of the Component Principles of the Mercury of the Sages
· CHAPTER III. Concerning the Chalybs of the Sages
· CHAPTER IV. Of the Magnet of the Sages
· CHAPTER V. Of the Chaos of the Sages
· CHAPTER VI. Of the Air of the Sages

The Mirror of Alchemy

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"In many ancient Books there are found many definitions of this Art, the intentions whereof we must
consider in this Chapter. For Hermes said of this Science: Alchemy is a Corporal Science simply
composed of one and by one, naturally conjoining things more precious, by knowledge and effect, and
converting them by a natural commixtion into a better kind. A certain other said: Alchemy is a Science,
teaching how to transform any kind of metal into another: and that by a proper medicine, as it appeared

The Golden Chain of Homer by Anton Josef Kirchweger

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Adam McLean's Hermetic Journal

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The Hermetic Journal started out as a quarterly journal dedicated to the hermetic tradition, edited by Adam McLean. The first issue was released in August 1978 and it continued until 1992.

Joseph P Farrell - The Ancient Power Grid Discovered (2018)

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Joseph P Farrell - The Ancient Power Grid Discovered (2018) Dr. Joseph P. Farrell takes us on a breath-taking ride through ancient sites, secret and advanced technologies, and explore the topological metaphors behind the physics of the "pyramid peoples." As always, with Farrell and contributing author de Hart, painstaking research leads to fresh and astonishing conclusions. Consider the possibility that there is an alchemical cosmology in very ancient stone monuments, and that this is connected to the Mayans, their myths, and the mysterious machined ruins of Pumu Punkhu. Consider the possibility that an ancient and hidden elite laid out an entire global construction grid, and then built it over millennia. Also consider that the "elite" behind this alchemical agenda disguised an advanced science within religious myths and concealed a highly sophisticated physics. Finally, consider that when the first hydrogen bombs were tested, they might have tapped into the unknown sources of energy from that grid ... with runaway results! audio Joseph P Farrell - The Ancient Power Grid Discovered (2018).m4a tags: pyramids, secret technology, alchemy, cosmology, Mayans, myths, physics, energy grid, stone monuments

Ormus Monatomic Gold - Lost Secrets of Alchemy [pack]

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Ormus Monatomic Gold - Lost Secrets of Alchemy [pack] In the late 1970s, David Hudson discovered some anomalous materials. These materials appear to exhibit several quantum "behaviors" at a Macro scale. They appear to be superconductors at body temperature. They escape from sealed containers in a way which suggests Josephson tunneling. And they significantly modify the properties of water. Hudson called these materials ORMEs as an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. Since some-or-all of these elements may be diatomic and since Hudson has patented these materials under the ORME name, we refer to them as 'ORMUS' or m-state elements (m-state stands for microcluster-state). We postulate that these materials are a Cooper-paired diatomic form of the precious metal elements. They exhibit superconductive properties at body temperature. They exclude magnetic fields and magnetically levitate. Hudson and others have isolated these elements in brain tissue and in many plants. We suspect that they modify the tubulin in microtubules to create a quantum non-local interaction between cells and perhaps between individuals. We believe that the ORMUS elements may provide a clear bridge between mind and matter. They appear to be involved in several biological processes. And they also seem to be related to psychic and kundalini effects. Various folks who have eaten them for long periods of time report that they produce many of the kundalini effects spoken of in the Vedic texts. These materials match the descriptions of materials in alchemical traditions from China, India, Persia, and Europe. Modern chemical and mechanical processes allow us to obtain or make these elements in relatively quick and easy ways (though some of my colleagues have followed ancient alchemical recipes as well). Experimental procedures for demonstrating the physical and biological properties of the ORMUS elements are suggested. ORMUS - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - Laurence Gardner In this presentation Laurence Gardner reminds us that we haven't discovered everything and what potential ORMUS (monatomic elements) holds before us. Since his latest book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, was published in February 2003, best-selling author Sir Laurence Gardner has been giving worldwide lectures about the rediscovery of arcane knowledge-in particular, the extraordinary powers of white powder gold. This substance was used by pharaohs and kings of the ancient world. It was also part of the secret knowledge of medieval alchemy and the Knights Templar. He suggests that these monatomic elements bring new possibilities to humanity. A cure for cancer without drugs or surgery, an alternative to burning fuels, a means to transform human consciousness, the possibility of low or zero-gravity flight, space travel by manipulation of space-time, and access to other dimensions. audio Barry Carter - What is ORMUS ORMUS, the Philosopher's Stone An interview with Barry Carter Barry Carter On Ormus Monoatomic Gold & How It Can Improve Your Health.mp3 David Hudson Lecture - ORMUS.mp3 Elixir of Life Monatomic Gold, Ormus, Fountain of Youth.mp3 Michael Tellinger - Sitchin, the Annunaki & Monatomic Gold.mp3 Miracle Properties of Monoatomic Gold, ORMUS, White Powder Gold.mp3 Ormus A Different State of Matter.mp3 Ormus and All the Gold You Can Eat.mp3 The Plane Truth - Sun Gazing, ORMUS and White Powder Gold w Calvin Howard.mp3 The Secrets of White Powder Gold.mp3 The Unbelievable Powers of Monatomic Gold.mp3 text Mark Morrisson - Modern Alchemy.pdf Occult Chemistry by Leadbeater & Besant.pdf ORMEs ( ORMUS and Pyramids by Barry Carter.pdf videos Great Pyramid Made Monatomic Gold Growing Gold from Glass in a Microwave Ormus by Humannagold Alchemy - Making Gold from Glass.mp4 David Hudson - ORMUS Conference, Enota 2011.mp4 Explaining Superconductivity Theory Meissner Effect Magnetic Field Monoatomic M-State Gold ORMUS.mp4 Fasting, distilled water and Ormus The Fountain of Youth and the Philosopher's stone combined.mp4 HOW TO DRY PAN to Find Desert Gold [where you find metallic gold, you may also find ormus gold].mp4 How to Make ORMUS - The Wet Egyptian Method.mp4 How to make REAL Monoatomic Gold, Mfktz, The Philosophers Stone.mp4 Monoatomic Gold Is the Greatest Discovery of All Time.mp4 ORMUS - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - Laurence Gardner.mp4 Ormus Experience - Effects after 10 days - Monatomic Gold.mp4 ORMUS FAQ 3 Alchemy, Magic, Production, Troubleshooting.mp4 Ruby Red Colloidal Gold.mp4 tags: alchemy, gold, white powder, monatomic, monoatomic, ormus, pyramid, m-state

The Secrets of Alchemy (2013)

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288 pages | 12 color plates, 23 halftones, 4 line drawings | 6 x 9 | © 2013

Jay Weidner - Hyperdimensional Alchemy [pack]

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Jay Weidner - Hyperdimensional Alchemy [pack] Jay Weidner is a director and producer, known for Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick; Part One: Kubrick and Apollo (2011), Deep Space (2016) and Secrets of Alchemy (2004). Called by Wired Magazine an "authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions," and "erudite conspiracy hunter," Jay Weidner is a renowned author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar. Considered to be a ‘modern-day Indiana Jones’ for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind’s spiritual destiny via ancient societies and artefacts, his body of work offers great insight into the circumstances that have led to the current global crisis. He is the director of the powerful and insightful documentaries, Kubrick's Odyssey, Infinity; The Ultimate Trip, and the forthcoming feature film, Shasta. He is also the producer of the popular documentary films, 2012 The Odyssey and its sequel, Time-wave 2013. Jay was featured in the History Channel’s documentary, The Lost Book of Nostradamus and was associate producer and featured in the History Channel’s special, Nostradamus 2012, and also in Brad Meltzers, Decoded. He also participated in Jesse Ventura's, Conspiracy Theory for TruTV. In addition, he is the co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye; Alchemy and the End of Time, (Destiny Books) and A Monument to the End of Time (with Vincent Bridges), as well as a contributing writer for the book, The Mystery of 2012 (Sounds True). ROOM 237 (2013) Many movies lend themselves to dramatic interpretations, but none as rich and far ranging as Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. In LA filmmaker Rodney Ascher's ROOM 237, we hear from people who have developed far-reaching theories and believe they have decoded the hidden symbols and messages buried in the late director's film. Carefully examining The Shining inside out, and forwards and backwards, ROOM 237 is equal parts captivating, provocative and pure pleasure. It gives voice to the fans and scholars who espouse these theories, reworking the film to match their ideas and intercutting it with layers of dreamlike imagery to illustrate their streams of consciousness. Sometimes outrageous, always engaging, the words of the interviewees are given full force by Ascher's compelling vision. Also featured at the 2012 Sundance, Cannes and Toronto film festivals. Opens in March 2013 through IFC Midnight. (104 min.) Kubrick's Odyssey I: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick; Part One: Kubrick and Apollo (2011) Filmmaker and researcher Jay Weidner reveals the secret knowledge embedded in the work of the greatest filmmaker of all time, Stanley Kubrick. It may be that 2001: A Space Odyssey was not only a retelling of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick's novel, but also a research and development project that assisted Kubrick in the creation of the Apollo moon footage. Weidner presents compelling evidence of how Stanley Kubrick directed the Apollo moon landings. In light of this revelation, Weidner also explores Kubrick's film, The Shining and shows that this film is, in actuality, the story of Kubrick's personal travails as he secretly worked on the Apollo footage for NASA. This famed movie director placed symbols and hidden anecdotes into his films that tell a far different story than the films appeared to be saying. Kubrick's Odyssey II - Beyond the Infinite (2012) Kubrick was telling us another story, hidden underneath the story we are watching on the screen. Filmmaker and researcher Jay Weidner provides a deeply provocative examination of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. He reveals that the film is a multi-layered revelation concerning the human condition and our place in the universe. It is all right before us in the powerful symbols that were designed to reveal the secret of transformation and the path to our spiritual evolution. In the secret story that Kubrick was trying to tell, we can see that 2001: A Space Odyssey is actually a work of alchemy. It is a film that initiates the viewer into a higher consciousness and opens the mind and heart to new vistas for the entire human race. Discover the truth behind the blockbuster Hollywood classic and see why 2001: A Space Odyssey has captivated audiences since its release in 1968. videos Jay Weidner - Batman Movie shows the decay of the USA.mp4 Jay Weidner - Hyperdimensional Alchemy Jay Weidner - Secrets of the Golden Dawn.mp4 Jay Weidner & Greg Carlwood Discuss the 2014 Cube Added to the Georgia Guidestones.mp4 Kubrick's Odyssey Kubrick's Odyssey I - Kubrick and Apollo (2011).m4v Kubrick's Odyssey II - Beyond the Infinite (2012).m4v Room 237 (2012).mp4 The Last Avatar - Movie Trailer.mp4 audio Jay Weidner - The Aryans (The Vril) & Kali Yuga Jay Weidner - The Aryans, Our Secret Rulers Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - America Going To Hell America is Gone - Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Jun 14, 2013 Snowden, Syria, Obama, False Flag.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - 2016 Candidates, The Usual Lunatics.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Dark Days Ahead.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Shadow Government Theater.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Strange Weather Around The Planet.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Archon Wars.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The BLM Agenda 21 Land Grab.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Cycles Of Time.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Depopulation Code.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Last Avatar.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Real Great Awakening.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The State of the Planet.mp3 Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Ultimate Set Up.mp3 Jeff Rense with Jay Weidner March 9, 2012 - Psychopathic Evil Is Everywhere.mp3 Ep. 680 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w Jay Weidner The Nazca Mummy Is is an ET.mp3 Jay Weidner - Archons and Rennes-le-Chateau.mp3 Jay Weidner - History of the Jewish Overworld.mp3 Jay Weidner - Last Avatar Kalki.mp3 Jay Weidner - Life on Mars and Underwater Mysteries.mp3 Jay Weidner - Stanley Kubrick & The Archon Conspiracy.mp3 Jay Weidner - This July All The Gates Of Hell Opened.mp3 Jay Weidner - Veritas Radio - 07-20-12 - Cyber-Censorship & Kubrick's Hidden Secrets.mp3 Jay Weidner - Wisdom For Achieving Alchemy and Higher Consciousness.mp3 Jay Weidner Apollo Moon Landings.mp3 Jay Weidner Archons and Saturn Worshippers.mp3 Jay Weidner on Agent Terence McKenna.mp3 Jay Weidner on Secrets of Alchemy !.mp3 Jay Weidner on Stanley Kubrick - Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park #53.mp3 Jay Weidner on the Archons and Fukushima.mp3 Jay Weidner on VERITAS Radio [Take 2] Kubrick's Hidden Secrets.mp3 Jay Weidner Rise of the Archons.mp3 Jay Weidner The Archons are lashing out at Us, but Why.mp3 Jay Weidner the Archons Exist.mp3 Michael Cross & Jay Weidner Discussing Earth's Hidden History 8-16-2014.mp3 Robert Phoenix interviews Jay Weidner - Original air date Sunday March 28, 201.mp3 Stanley Kubrick Exposed the Illuminati - Spielberg Covered it Up - Jay Weidner.mp3 The Last Avatar (New Age and Gnostic movie Exposé).mp3 text 2001 - A False Flag Odyssey.pdf How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings.pdf Jay Weidner - Alchemical Kubrick.pdf Jay Weidner - Rise of the Archons.pdf Jay Weidner - Secrets of The Shining.pdf Jay Weidner About Kubricks The SHINING.pdf MAKING THE SHINING.pdf tags: alchemy, hyperspace, Kalki, avatar, Moon, Kubrick, Apollo, Shining, archons

Texe Marrs - Robot Alchemy [pack]

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Texe Marrs - Robot Alchemy [pack] Well-known author of three #1 national Christian bestsellers, including the landmark bestselling book, Dark Secrets of the New Age, Texe Marrs has also written 42 other books for such major publishers as Simon & Schuster, John Wiley, McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall/Arco, Stein & Day, and Dow Jones-Irwin. His books have sold millions of copies and have been published in many foreign languages, including Turkey, Greece, Romania, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. They have been featured as main selections of the Christian Book Club, the Conservative Book Club, and the Computer and Electronics Book Clubs. Texe Marrs was assistant professor of aerospace studies, teaching American Defense Policy, strategic weapons systems, and related subjects at the University of Texas at Austin from 1977 to 1982. He has also taught international affairs, political science, and psychology for two other universities. A graduate Summa Cum Laude from Park University, Kansas City, Missouri, he earned his Master’s degree at North Carolina State University. As a career USAF officer (now retired), he commanded communications-electronics and engineering units. He holds a number of military decorations, including the Vietnam Service Medal and the Presidential Unit Citation, and served in Germany, Italy, and throughout Asia. He was chosen Airman of the Year while serving in Korat Air Base, Thailand. President of Power of Prophecy Ministries and RiverCrest Publishing in Austin, Texas, Texe Marrs is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows throughout the U.S.A. and Canada in response to the public’s search for greater insight into Bible prophecy, secret societies, politics, and world affairs. His latest books are Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star—Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge About Israel, the Jews, Zionism, and the Rothschilds; Codex Magica: Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati; Mysterious Monuments: Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places; and the highly acclaimed Conspiracy World: A Truthteller’s Compendium of Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge. In addition to his many books, Texe Marrs has produced over 30 bestselling video documentaries, including the investigative exposé, Die, America, Die!—The Illuminati Plan to Murder America, Confiscate Its Wealth, and Make Red China Leader of the New World Order, as well as Rothschild’s Choice—Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America, a #1 national bestseller at Texe Marrs’ monthly newsletter is distributed to tens of thousands of subscribers around the world. His radio program, Power of Prophecy, is beamed by shortwave radio and internet to nations around the globe. ebooks EPUB Texe Marrs - Conspiracy of the Six Pointed Star.epub Texe Marrs - Holy Serpent of the Jews.epub PDF Big Sister Is Watching You - Texe Marrs.pdf Circle of Intrigue - Texe Marrs.pdf Codex Magica, Hidden Codes of the Illuminati - Texe Marrs.pdf Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star - Texe Marrs.pdf Conspiracy World - Texe Marrs.pdf Dark Majesty - Texe Marrs.pdf Dark Secrets of the New Age - Texe Marrs.pdf Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos - Texe Marrs.pdf Holy Serpent of the Jews - Texe Marrs.pdf Millennium - Texe Marrs.pdf Mystery Mark of the New Age - Texe Marrs.pdf New Age Cults and Religions - Texe Marrs.pdf Ravaged by the New Age - Texe Marrs.pdf Robot Alchemy - Texe Marrs.pdf Texe Marrs - Project L.U.C.I.D. The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System.pdf videos Cauldron of Abaddon - Texe Marrs.mp4 Face to Face with the Devil - Texe Marrs.mp4 Illuminati Mystery Babylon - Texe Marrs.mp4 Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem - Texe Marrs.mp4 Planet X - Texe Marrs.mp4 Rule by DARPA Death Bots - Texe Marrs Previews His New Book, Robot Alchemy.mp4 Texe Marrs - Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle (2009).mp4 Texe Marrs - DIE AMERICA DIE.mp4 Texe Marrs - NASA.mp4 Texe Marrs - USA Gulag.mp4 Vatican Rising - Texe Marrs.mp4 audio TEXE MARRS - (SECRETS VOLUME 223) - APRIL 4, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - (SECRETS VOLUME 225) - JUNE 6, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - (SECRETS VOLUME 227) - AUGUST 1, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - (SECRETS VOLUME 229) - OCTOBER 3, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - (Secrets Volume 231) - DECEMBER 5, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - (Secrets Volume 232) - JANUARY 16, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - 666—Insight on the Number of the Beast - SEPTEMBER 26, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - AIN SOF - THE SUPREME GOD OF THE KABBALAH - OCTOBER 25, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Albert Pike 33° Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry - 10 17 15.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Amazon com Bans Texe Marrs’ Book, Holy Serpent of the Jews - March 18, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - America and Israel Strangle the World—Russia & China Fight Back - 10 10 15.mp3 TEXE MARRS - America Babylon—The Perverse Goblin of Homosexual Deviltry - OCTOBER 29, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - AMERICA THE GOLEM - ISRAEL'S DUMB BEAST RAVAGES THE WORLD MARCH 21, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - AMERICA'S RACIAL POWDER KEG - APRIL 11, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - American Presidents and the illuminati - NOVEMBER 21, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - And Men Love the Darkness—Why Do the Illuminati Elite Do Evil Things 8-13-16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - ARE ROBOTS ALIVE - MARCH 28, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Bush, Clinton, Obama—Three Wicked Dynasties of Insidious Satanic Corruption - 10 08 16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - CHRISTIAN ZIONISM (HERESY SERIES VOLUME 2) FEBRUARY 15, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Christianity and the First Amendment - JULY 30, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - CIA TORTURE REPORT - AUGUST 23, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Communism is Judaism Unfolding - FEBRUARY 20, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - CROWNING CLINTON - MARCH 26, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - DICTATORSHIP OF NEO-CON JEWS - JUNE 27, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - DON'T JUDGE ME! - JULY 9, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - DONALD TRUMP - MASTER OF THE ZIG ZAG & THE ART OF THE DEAL - JUNE 4, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Donald Trump Has a Bullseye Target On His Back - APRIL 16, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Embassy of the Illuminati - APRIL 23, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - FEAST OF THE BEAST - 2-25-17.mp3 TEXE MARRS - FOURTEEN TRUTHS THAT AMERICA IS UNDER A SATANIC TRANCE - JUNE 20, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - FREE SYRIA - OCTOBER 11, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Genocide of Christians in the Middle East - FEBRUARY 6, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Global Migration Now! — DECEMBER 12, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Gog, Magog, and the Camp of the Saints - APRIL 30, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Holy Serpent of the Jews - JUNE 25, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Homosexual Reprobates in Israel Are Turning America Into a Satanic Pit - May 2, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Illuminati Vision 2025—The Elite’s Ten Point Plan - DECEMBER 19, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Is the Christian Establishment Going to Hell In a Handbasket - NOVEMBER 7 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - ISREAL IS NOT A JEWISH STATE - JANUARY 24, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Jesus Came From Galilee, Land of the Gentiles - MAY 21, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Jewish Slave Traders and Other Secrets of the Confederacy - April 25, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Judgment Begins in the House of the Lord - NOVEMBER 28,2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - KILLING AMERICA - MARCH 11, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - KKK ALT RIGHT, IDENITY PREACHER SAYS GOD SENT TRUMP TO EXTERMINATE JEWS - 9 3 16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Kosher Politics - America’s Presidential Election - OCTOBER 24, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Leftists and Liberals; They Hate Us and They Despise Christianity 2 11 17.mp3 TEXE MARRS - LESSONS OF PURIM QUEEN ESTHER AND THE HOLY DAY OF JEWISH KILLING - JUNE 13, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - MARCHING TO ZION - PART 1 - MAY 23, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - MARCHING TO ZION - PART 2 - MAY 30, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - More Secrets and Other Weird Stuff - APRIL 15, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Mysteries of the Temple - AUGUST 20, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - MYSTERY BABYLON LIVES! - JULY 19, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Newt Gingrich Satan’s Choice for Vice President - JUNE 11, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - OPEN BORDERS = THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION - AUGUST 16, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Pandemic!—The Ebola Invasion Hits America - Oc.mp3 TEXE MARRS - PASTORS & CHURCHES GONE WILD (VOLUME 8) - DECEMBER 27, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - POPE FRANCIS AND HIS EFFEMINATE BUDDIES - NOVEMBER 15, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - PORNOGRAPHY AS A SECRET WEAPON OF THE ILLUMINATI ELITE - SEPTEMBER 20, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - President Obama’s War Against Israel, the Neocon Jews, and Political Saboteurs - 4-18.mp3 TEXE MARRS - President Trump First 100 days - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - May 6, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Project Phoenix—The CIA Massacres and Murders - FEBRUARY 27, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Prophetic Secrets of Earthly Jerusalem (Part 1)—City of the Great Serpent - 8-8-15.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Prophetic Secrets of Earthly Jerusalem Part 2—City of the Great Serpent 8-15-15.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Robocalypse—Robot Supremacy and Mans’s Destiny - April 29, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Robots and DNA Science Advance - June 3, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - ROCKEFELLER & ROTHSCHILD UNITE VISUALS - AUGUST 30, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Russia Will Submit to Our Will - DECEMBER 26, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Satan’s Annihilation Cult—Unveiling the Blackest Secret of the Devil’s People 11 19 16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Satanic Mysteries and Sexual Darkness in the Last Days - August 22, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Scriptures You Will Rarely Hear Preached in Today’s Churches Part 1 - May 20, 20.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 220) JANUARY 10, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 222) - MARCH 7, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 224) - MAY 16, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 226) - JULY 11, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 228) - SEPTEMBER 5, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 234) - MARCH 5, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 235) APRIL 9, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 236) - MAY 14, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 237) - JUNE 18, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - SECRETS (VOLUME 238) JULY 2, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 239) SEPTEMBER 10, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 240) - OCTOBER 1, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 241) NOVEMBER 12, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 242) DECEMBER 3, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 244) FEBRUARY 4, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 245) - MARCH 4, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 247) MAY 13, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 248) JUNE 18, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets (Volume 249) - JULY 1, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets {Volume 246} - APRIL 8, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets Volume 230) - NOVEMBER 14, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Secrets Volume 233 - FEBRUARY 13, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Ted Cruz—Deceiver of Zion, Father of North American Union - May 9, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Ten Vital Scriptures You Will Rarely Hear Preached - Part 2 - MAY 27, 201.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Texe Marrs Analyzes the 2016 Presidential election - JANUARY 30, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - Texe Marrs welcomes Pastor Butch Paugh to discuss his new book 4 22 17.mp3 TEXE MARRS - That Great Day When Jesus Our Lord Slays the Beast and Liberates the World 11 26 16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE 70 WEEKS OF DANIEL - NOVEMBER 1, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE BAD WAR - JULY 19, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Bright Light That Is JESUS CHRIST - JANUARY 9, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Destroyer—The Antichrist Is At Hand - SEPTEMBER 24, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE END OF THE WORLD - ACCORDING TO JESUS - 8 6 16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF AMERIKA - JULY 26, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Great Experiment—Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla, and the Amazing Light of God 7 16 16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE GREATEST LIE ON EARTH - MARCH 12, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES AND THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - SEPTEMBER 27, 2014.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Kabbalah—Foundation for Satanism, Theosophy, Freemasonry, Mormonism, judaism.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE LIE - MAY 7, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The New Covenant is Alive!—The Old Covenant is Dead and Gone - AUGUST 29, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Pre Tribulation Rapture Theory A Colossal Failure - MAY 28, 2016.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Rothschild Dynasty and its Ultimate Goals for Israel and Planet Earth - 9 19 15.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Serpents in our Midst—FEBRUARY 18, 2017.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Shadow Government—Secret Intelligence Operations in America 3 25 17.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Talmud, World’s Most Dangerous Book—Forbidden to Gentiles -7 23 16.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE TEMPLE OF THE ILLUMINATI VS THE TEMPLE OF GOD - JANUARY 16, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE TRANCEFORMATION OF HUMANITY (VOL 1) FEBRUARY 21, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - THE TRANCEFORMATION OF HUMANITY (VOL 2) FEBRUARY 28, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The United States and Israel Organize Genocide in North Africa and the Mid East - 9 12 15.mp3 TEXE MARRS - The Worst Mass Murderers and Revolutionaries of the Past 2000 Years - OCTOBER 31, 2015.mp3 TEXE MARRS - 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Neutralizing Radiation and Chemtrails with Scalar Energy

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Neutralizing Radiation and Chemtrails with Scalar Energy Ken Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration. Formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, Ken worked for 23 years in the medical industry, then became certified as a natural health educator in 2005. videos: 1.) How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body Fresh and Alive founder Ken Rohla tells how to protect yourself and your environment from the heavy metals and radioactive nuclides in the atmosphere encircling the globe from nuclear accidents like Chernobyl, Fukushima, over 2,000 nuclear bomb tests, and more. Ken also discusses how to get into deep sleep states at night, ORMUS minerals, scalar energy, mechanics of the mind-body connection, and many other advanced natural health topics. 2.) How to Survive Chemtrails Ken Rohla discusses how to recover from a toxic world filled with GMO foods, chemtrails, wifi, and geo-engineering. How's your diet? This was filmed at The Free Your Mind Conference. 3.) ORMUS - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - Laurence Gardner n this presentation Laurence Gardner reminds us that we haven't discovered everything and what potential ORMUS (monatomic elements) holds before us. Since his latest book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, was published in February 2003, best-selling author Sir Laurence Gardner has been giving worldwide lectures about the rediscovery of arcane knowledge-in particular, the extraordinary powers of white powder gold. This substance was used by pharaohs and kings of the ancient world. It was also part of the secret knowledge of medieval alchemy and the Knights Templar. He suggests that these monatomic elements bring new possibilities to humanity: A cure for cancer without drugs or surgery, an alternative to burning fuels, a means to transform human consciousness, the possibility of low or zero-gravity flight, space travel by manipulation of space-time, and access to other dimensions. audio: 4.) Red Ice Radio - Ken Rohla - Staying Healthy in a Toxic World In this discussion, we begin with a broad look at the vaccine industry and the detrimental implications of mandatory vaccinations. Ken explains some simple remedies that can be used to prevent or heal damage from vaccines. He gives an overview of scalar waves and how this energy can be altered at a subatomic level in the body to promote healing and wellness. We talk about the effects of radiation fallout from Fukushima and other nuclear radiation disasters, and Ken emphasizes some of the nontoxic technologies available to neutralize and clean up the mess in our bodies and environments. In the second hour, Ken names and defines key supplements and nutrients for detoxifying and healing the body from damaging exposure to everyday pollutants. We discuss the issues of GMO foods and organic food options that are extremely lacking in nutrients. Ken makes note of the solutions available for individuals to get nutrient dense, inexpensive super-foods by growing indoors using hydroponic and aquaponics tower gardens with high Ormus nutrients. Further, we discuss the different psychic forces on the planet battling for control of our minds and how we can unplug from the programming. Lastly, we look at the best methods for filtering and cleaning up water. audio RIR-150429-kenrohla RIR-150429-kenrohla-hr1.mp3.mp3 RIR-150429-kenrohla-hr2.mp3.mp3 docs ORMEs Orbitally-Rearranged Monatomic Elements Blog.pdf Booklist.pdf Cassiopaea 1.pdf CD Contents.pdf From Sole To Soul.pdf ORMEs 01.pdf ORMEs 02.pdf ORMEs 03.pdf ORMEs 04.pdf ORMEs 05.pdf ORMEs 06.pdf ORMEs 07.pdf ORMEs 08.pdf ORMEs 09.pdf ORMEs 10.pdf ORMEs 11.pdf ORMEs 12.pdf ORMEs 13.pdf ORMEs 14.pdf ORMEs 15.pdf ORMEs 16.pdf ORMEs 17.pdf Quotes 1.pdf Reader Help.pdf Superatoms 01.pdf Swartz 1.pdf TGD Geometry 1.pdf Ormus Quest for the Philosophers Stone and Addendum.pdf videos How to Survive Chemtrails - Ken Rohla.mp4 Ken Rohla - How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body.mp4 ORMUS - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - Laurence Gardner.mp4 tags: radiation, alchemy, chemtrails, nuclear, radioactive, survival, health, healing, scalar, fractal


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