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Anonymous -
05-11-2008, 09:30 AM,
Anonymous -
anonymous is currently thinking about ddos'ing chinas firewall for the last of all glory

"For Operation Scriptkiddies 2008

We need to formulate a sort of ideal that we give to the ebaums, YTMND, somthingawf, and the other faggots that would make them easy to pin down.

Spreading the word is easy enough, but the message we give them needs to be so obvious that they would pretty much be begging the government to assrape them...

In all reality if we get enough we can just be the minds behind this and not even take part in anything other than getting the word out and having this take place....let them do all the work and we say we're exercising our right to free speech."

suicide lulz bombers
The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.
05-17-2008, 06:23 AM,
Anonymous -
Where'd you find that? Link?


This is relevant to my interests.

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