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'Bush needs more power to fight terror'
05-06-2008, 02:34 PM,
'Bush needs more power to fight terror'
Quote:The US Homeland Security Secretary says the public must prepare for a rise in terrorist attacks if legislative authorities are limited.

In an address to the Heritage Foundation, Michael Chertoff said once the laws are written the public should not criticize government actions and claim that 'federal officials are overstepping their authority'.

In an effort to support his argument for the expansion of governmental authorities, Chertoff claimed that after the September 11 attacks there had been 'widespread public demands for the US administration to do more' for the protection of the country.

"US society needs to come to a determination as to what are acceptable authorities for the US government versus what violates people's rights," he added.

However, he opined that if the public gave the administration greater authorities, 'it should not criticize the government for using those authorities at a later date'.

He went on to call US laws 'woefully inadequate' in the context of current technology and suggested that the American society needed to adapt laws to 'the 21st Century challenge of fighting terrorism'.

Chertoff's remarks came amid nation-wide concerns over homeland security projects, which seem more threatening to the Constitutional rights of Americans than protective.
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05-06-2008, 05:58 PM,
'Bush needs more power to fight terror'
Public give?
Administration usurp more like...

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