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The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America
11-03-2009, 05:29 PM,
The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America
The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America

By Br Nathanael Kapner

Real Jew News

THE MOSSAD PRIDES ITSELF ON DEEP infiltration & penetration into every
‘Muslim’ militant group in the world. Thus any media-hyped ‘terrorist’ attack reported by the Jewish occupied press is doubtless a Mossad operation.

All of the Mossad-engineered ‘terrorist’ attacks benefit the Jews since it galvanizes the Western world into making Israel’s enemies their own – and gives Israel a free hand in dealing with the Palestinians who are looked upon as enemies of the world.

The infiltration of the Mossad into the US political & military infrastructure had its greatest impetus in the 1980’s during the Reagan & Bush Sr administrations. 3 Zionist Jews with close ties to the Mossad held influential offices in the Pentagon during this period:

Richard Perle: Perle worked at the Pentagon as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy from 1981 to 1987. Prior to this, Perle was investigated by the US Justice Department for discussing classified information with an employee at the Israeli Embassy, but of course, the case was dropped.

Paul Wolfowitz: Wolfowitz worked at the Pentagon as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs from 1977-1982. At this time, he was involved in establishing the US military central command. From 1982-1986 Wolfowitz worked at the State Department as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. And from 1989-1993 Wolfowitz was back at the Pentagon as Under Secretary for Defense Policy.

Douglas Feith: Feith worked at the Pentagon from 1984-1986 as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy. Feith was also employed as Special Counsel to Assistant Secretary of Defense, Robert Sims.

All three of these Zionist Jews, whose loyalties are first to Israel & their fellow Jews, were brought back into high Pentagon positions by their useful idiot, George Bush Jr, during his first term as President from 2001-2004.

According to Karen Kwiatkowski, former Political-Military Affairs Officer at the Pentagon, “high clearances were granted to Israeli’s & Likudniks who would march through the halls of the Pentagon.”

Having grown up as a Jew, I can attest that Zionists like Perle, Wolfowitz, & Feith, would not scruple to bring moles into the Pentagon to spy on our nation. I say this because Jews have an attitude of derision and contempt for “Gentile” America. Zionist Jews look out for their own interests and will trash America when it comes to their own ’survival.’

A MOSSAD OPERATIVE IN THE PENTAGON DOV ZAKHEIM IS A TALMUDIC JEW and former Yeshiva University Professor. Zakheim served as Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller of the Pentagon from 2001-2005 at the height of the Jewish-Neocons’ political influence. Prior to his Pentagon position, Zakheim was CEO of Systems Planning Corporation (SPC) from 1987-2001.

During Zakheim’s tenure with SPC, he helped to market SPC’s Flight Termination System, a technology that takes over the controls of an airborne vehicle in flight. The probability of the sinister use of SPC’s Flight Termination System, (of which, Zakheim had privileged access, and through Zakheim, the Mossad & their moles), deserves serious consideration for the reopening of the 9/11 investigation.

In fact, the Zionist Jew, Dov Zakheim, along with his Mossad cohorts, should be put on trial for the theft of public funds, treason, and the murder of thousands of innocent victims at the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001.

See Zakheim Hosting Rabbis On Pentagon Lawn Here As the Pentagon’s Comptroller from 2001-2004, Zakheim oversaw three Department of Defense budgets, the combined amount totaling $1 trillion dollars. In the spring of 2003, a scandal erupted, in which $1 trillion dollars in financial transactions was unaccounted for. Bush immediately pointed to “faulty Pentagon accounting” which would have (& should have) placed the blame on Zakheim.

A study by the Defense Department’s Inspector General discovered that not only could the Pentagon not account for the trillion dollars in monies spent, but that the US Army somehow lost track of 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin missile command launch-units. View Entire Story Here.

How is that the Zionist Jew, Dov Zakheim, got off Scott free? And where did the money and military equipment end up? I say the money ended up in the hands of the Mossad – and the equipment in the hands of the Israeli Defense Force. For they had “their man” — Zionist Jew Dov Zakheim — in the Pentagon.

INFILTRATING COMMUNICATIONS “ISRAEL IS THE EAVESDROPPING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD” observes James Bamford in his recent October 2008 book, The Shadow Factory – The Eavesdropping On America. In his book, Bamford gives a detailed account of how spying on American citizens since 9/11 has been outsourced to companies closely linked to Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad.

In an alarming passage, Bamford reveals that AT&T & Verizon outsourced their wire-tapping arrangements made with the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA) to two companies founded in Israel, Verint and Narus. These two Israeli companies have close ties with the Mossad’s Unit 8200, the Israeli equivalent of the NSA.

Through the contractual agreement between America’s largest phone companies and the Israeli telecom firms, Verint and Narus, the Mossad has access to once-private American communications information. “Virtually all US voice and data communications can be remotely accessed by these companies in Israel,” writes Bamford.

Verint and Narus were founded by Israelis — the Israeli-born, Jacob Kobi Alexander, being the founder of Comverse Technology, Verint’s parent company, headquartered in Israel. Comverse Technology subcontracts the installation of tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America. And Comverse maintains its own connections to the phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is for “maintenance purposes only.”

Methinks That That Zionist Jews With The Mossad At The Head
Have America By Its Tail

Pentagon’s chief Financial Officer was CEO that marketed technology that takes over an airborne vehicle in flight 9/11 « Divining the News (DTN)
December 7, 2008 at 8:55 am

11-09-2009, 06:49 PM,
RE: The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America
(11-03-2009, 05:29 PM)silkworm Wrote: The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America

By Br Nathanael Kapner

Real Jew News

THE MOSSAD PRIDES ITSELF ON DEEP infiltration & penetration into every
‘Muslim’ militant group in the world. Thus any media-hyped ‘terrorist’ attack reported by the Jewish occupied press is doubtless a Mossad operation.

i totally agree.

in 1994 i had an ad in the SF yellow pages computer section. this resulted in the usual "will you come fix my hard drive" kind of calls.

it also resulted in 2 separate interviews with people who identified themselves as working for the government.

in the first interview the interviewer said, "we have a large base in the Mid-East". i didn't pick up the Israel reference at the time. there were 2 interviewers, it was a "pressure interview". they asked me to draw things for them on the computer, which for me was fun.

about 5 months later, i had a follow-up interview, another person called me. that interview was held at Pac Bell Corporate HQ in San Francisco. the interviewer was a senior network tech who said he worked for the CIA. he also made a very strange offer - he said he could get me a meeting with Michael Ovitz, the top Hollywood agent at the time.

we didn't click (no feeling of fellowship, i never got around to sending him my resume). the basic impression i got was that in order to "join the club", i needed to swear my allegiance to the Star of David.

for all practical purposes, in the US, CIA = Mossad.

as far as i am concerned, the US is now the United States of Israel.
11-09-2009, 10:24 PM,
RE: The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America
i can believe it
11-11-2009, 02:23 AM,
RE: The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America
(11-09-2009, 10:24 PM)kevlar Wrote: i can believe it

look at the Senior Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel's father.

a war criminal, a member of the Irgun, an early Israeli group that terrorized Palestinian civilians in the time period 1935 - 1948.

Israeli war criminal moved to Chicago to "live in peace". raised 3 children.

one of them, Ari Emanuel, is one of the NEW Hollywood super-agents - the same role that Michael Ovitz played. Ari is an opinion maker & highly influential in Hollywood. e.g. when Mel Gibson had his outburst during a drunken driving arrest about "Jews controlling Hollywood", it was Ari that called for a boycott of Mel Gibson.

Brother #2 - Ezekiel Emanuel. a physician, and one of the doctors who is writing Obama's health care plan.

Brother #3 - Rahm. basically runs the White House.

i doubt that Mossad briefed the Emanuel brothers about 9-11, other than perhaps to make sure they were aware that 9-11 was a bad week to fly.

one other note - where does Obama come from ? Chicago. home to some of American's most influential Zionists - so influential one of their sons runs the White House.

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