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Analyzing Adam
05-13-2008, 11:35 PM,
Analyzing Adam

There’s his website. I had put a desire out there — I had seen one of his books for new, too expensive, but had wanted to see another of his books. Forgot about that little thought but then last night aimlessly perusing my local used bookstore and Adam’s book is sitting on top of all the others — the only one like that, sitting there, watching me.


Best thing about this new book — (or maybe old book) a forward by qigong master Effie P. Chow. Now usually when people say they can see auras I don’t believe them but I know Chow is the real thing. I went to her presentation in 1995 and she does N.I.H. research. Her book “Miracle Healing in China” is excellent. So Chow spent 3 days with Adam back when Adam was first seeking help about his skills.

The book is really intense because he states that he was born with a “V” birthmark on his forehead. Strangely I acquired a “V” on my forehead the day after I started posting on It was from the energy against my skull — and Adam says now the “V” is just “vascular” I think.

Anyway he started having a lot of telekinesis and it freaked his parents out. Then he could always see auras so when kids went to hide in “hide and seek” he always saw them as their auras extended past the hiding place.

I don’t see auras but I do see white light around people after I’ve been sitting in full-lotus long enough and opened up the third eye more.

So then Adam starting doing healing and his mom was scared because Adam would feel the pain of what he was healing. I know EXACTLY what this is like, of course on a much less intense level. Adam heals mainly through what he calls “holograms” or using light and visualization.

So qigong master Effie P. Chow taught Adam to ground his energy but exhaling to the center of the Earth. Adam also learned that when he heals people he’s using THEIR energy to heal them. I also know EXACTLY how this works — because basically the body takes in the disharmonic electrochemical energy of the person being healed and then the third eye transduces it into light and shoots it back into the person.

Adam says healing comes naturally for him — in fact this process just “happens” — it’s natural. But Adam says he had to teach himself how to “tune down” peoples’ auras because it was just too intense. He said when he did this then his “intuitive” skills increased — he began just getting information without visualization.

So Adam’s dad is a science dude so Adam relies on “quantum information” to explain these abilities. I can relate to using science as a model to process the experiences but I wouldn’t equate the two, obviously, and in fact see them as opposites.

This brings me to John Horgan’s last book on exploring quantum consciousness — he went to some science conference on it and there was some fascinating debate about “frequency” of neuron signals versus “synchrony.” Basically Karl Pribram argues the brain CAN create holographic lasers if there is the same frequency of signals. Normally though the signals are all different frequencies but there might be a general synchrony at the 40 hz. Still this synchrony only is just in one part of the brain at a time so some argue that in fact the actual resonance is a chaotic signal.

Then John Horgan — or maybe it was George Johnson (can’t remember which “science” writer this was off hand) but he runs into Noam Chomsky!!

Chomsky states – I don’t think there’s a mind-body paradox because Newton dismissed materialism with his discovery of gravity as “Action At A Distance.” Chomsky then goes:

Admittedly I haven’t convinced too many of this argument.


In fact I had just been reading the book “Newtonian Studies” by Alexandre Koyre, a philosopher of science. It is FASCINATING how Newton basically had no physical explanation for gravity and instead relied on pure mathematics for mechanics and how this conundrum was a huge issue but then it was just covered-up and replaced by “fields.”

In fact it’s STILL an issue in science and my argument of course is that the symmetric-based math is founded on faulty logic and the answer lies at a close examination of Archytas and Eudoxus and Pythagoras, etc.

Anyway back to Adam’s book — he gives numerous case studies of people he has healed and the techniques he’s used. He can go into their bodies in “real time” but usually he says that:

Time Stops

when he relies on holographic healing — this is the same as samadhi. In fact Adam states that only because he grew up in a city with a 30% Chinese population and almost as many Indians did his family become more accepting of his traits.

He recommends drinking 8 glasses of water a day (just like Effie P. Chow recommends).

Also belly breathing in a relaxed way.

Also eat only when you’re hungry.

Pretty basic stuff. haha.
05-14-2008, 05:02 AM,
Analyzing Adam
I was at a taping of The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulis and 'the Dream Healer' was there as the first guest interview. He seemed genuine enough and had some pretty high profile people vouching for him.

Interesting for sure.
&We grow to recognize form. We grow to label that form. In doing so, do we become more intelligent? Do we become more awakened?& - Siji Tzu 四季子

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