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Tony Wright's New Book
05-17-2008, 05:06 PM,
Tony Wright's New Book
Hi: I read Tony Wright's article at the Graham Hancock website and returned to it after perusing this site, since the book description for "Left in the Dark" is amazingly opaque. I discovered the book at We're told that some great mystery will be solved and that it has to do with hormones and the brain -- that's it! haha. I'm also aware of Wright's amazing no sleep experiment.

Still this research (and I just ordered the book) is from a Western perspective. I encourage Tony Wright to come to Minnesota, U.S.A. and take classes from qigong master Chunyi Lin, teacher of

Qigong master Chunyi Lin went 40 days with no sleep, no food and no water! He sat in a cave in the mountains in China. He was in full-lotus the whole time, the yoga position with the feet on the thighs.

Now qigong master Chunyi Lin fasts one day a week and then just eats a small meal of veggies once a day the rest of the week. His training and abilities and lifestyle are pretty much the same as the amazing biography of another qigong master, a book called "Opening the Dragon Gate," about master Wang, Liping.

So as long as we focus on the West we are missing a lot of important research. I do think that a fruit diet is very important but my own research has focused on the centrality of sound perception in the forest (versus visual perception). Qigong and yoga and Bushmen healing (which is the same as the other two) are all based on listening to nonwestern sound to create ionized resonance of energy.

Diet is, of course, crucial. For example I sit in full-lotus all the time and I went for 8 days on just half a glass of water back in 2000. I was never hungry, my energy increased and I even created strong electromagnetic fields that enabled telepathy and telekinesis and healing energy. I saw dead spirits coming to hear qigong master Chunyi Lin while he was giving a "chi-emitting lecture."

Sitting in full-lotus is not a hallucination! It creates free energy from the principle of natural resonance. An easier practice based on the same principle is called the "small universe" -- the 12 notes of the music scale, only applied to the body, to create a harmonic oscillator of free energy.

So I've been encouraging people to practice the small universe and the best book on it is called "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" by Charles Luk.

So after I did my 8 day "energy feast" -- called "bigu" in Chinese -- when strong electromagnetic fields fill your stomach, causing no need for food, then my return to normal eating has never been the same. I continue to sit in full-lotus all the time but the vagus nerve on the right side of my neck transduces the anerobic bacteria of my lower body (along with the serotonin). So if I eat a "normal" diet -- sugar, meat, grains, etc. -- then the increase in bacteria goes to my brain! I then have to clean out my system so to speak which I do through the pineal gland transducing the electrochemical energy into light. This is why yogins are supposed to be vegetarian.

Anyway I look forward to the book and I have a free blogbook online, Plus my masters thesis (2001) is linked at
05-18-2008, 06:16 AM,
Tony Wright's New Book
No way, 40 days without food, water is crazy. Even 8 days. What are you suppose to think of the whole time?
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
05-18-2008, 05:06 PM,
Tony Wright's New Book
Chicks I guess:

Well repeating myself does get kind of old especially since if you want to find out more you can just google "O at a D."

Anyway it's like this: paranormal abilities are MUSIC. We listen to music -- music works. We don't know why. It's impersonal -- the energy flows.

So I'll be sitting in full-lotus. I'll be reading. My vagus nerve starts pulsating. I'm reading so I don't notice at first. But after a while it breaks off my attention and I think -- "gee my vagus nerve is pulsating -- that means that my energy is being shot into someone and/or they are sucking it up." See it's a mutual process of complementary opposites. It's neither me nor them -- but the relationship between the two.

So I look up and see what's happening -- I'll see a beautiful young lady and when my eyes see here then my vagus nerve pulsates faster -- because the eyes focus and intensify the energy. This is my autonomic nervous system -- not an "intentional" choice. The energy works through light -- that fast!!

It's kind of like a scope of vision -- in the front of the head is the main range of the pineal gland.

But the energy is DEFINITELY not based on sight through the eyes - it's based on pure consciousness, the source of light.

So, for example, the other day I had several O at a Ds with a female who was on the other side of a wall, across a room.

One time I was in a Somalian restaurant and I'm sitting, as usual, in full-lotus. The O at a Ds kick in -- internal orgasms from the vagus nerve shooting out energy of my brain, thereby creating a vacuum in my brain which then pulls up more electrochemical energy from my lower body, creating an internal orgasm.

So I'm like -- gee where the hell is this source of attraction?

Then I realize I'm sitting against a wall -- and the wall is for the women's section of the restaurant, as it's a Muslim restaurant.

So I go to the bathroom, down the hall, and glance back. Sure enough, the only female in the women's section is sitting right next to me on the other side of the wall.

Again the electromagnetic energy is male while the electrochemical energy is female.

So for perverts -- or what Gurdjieff calls NUMBER ONE PEOPLE -- they're not able to convert their own energy into light so they have to parasitically feed off other people's light and constantly convert that light back into sexual fluids. Their consciousness is stored in their lower chakra -- the tailbone.

NUMBER TWO PEOPLE have their consciousness stored in their sex chakra and so are controlled by the lower emotions of the body: fear, anger, worry, sadness, lust. Again they are controlled SUBCONSCIOUSLY -- they have thoughts in their head, think that no one else can tell that they have these thoughts, and in turn are CONTROLLED by these thoughts.

I'm sure you all have experienced becoming annoyed or being afraid or worried -- essentially that EMOTION is possession of your brain because you'll have the same thought over and over -- without any choice on your part.

You are therefore not free - because you can not convert that thought as electrochemical energy into light, thereby exorcising the brain and recharging your energy through pure consciousness.

Western music does this as lower emotion possession as well -- using "catchy" melodies of sentimental emotion -- which is DISEMPOWERING -- which then get stuck in your head. This happens because of the western tuning going against the natural resonance overtones and because the rhythm is not asymmetric -- based on complementary opposites. The lyrics, in turn, create a subconscious memory which can then be later triggered through association of events. So you'll get the melody repeating over and over -- without the words -- because the words are STILL subconscious -- triggered by association. When you finally remember the words then you can psychoanalyze WHY your brain made that connection to whatever you experienced in "waking" state. There's a book called "the Hidden Melody" about this subject, written by a contemporary of Freud and Brahms in Vienna.

That's why this stuff is like music -- NONWESTERN music, as yang is 2:3, the Perfect fifth, and yin, 3:4 is the perfect fourth, is used for trance healing -- to create electromagnetic fields of light which in turn shoot into females -- or are sucked up by females -- enabling a mutual orgasm at a distance which thereby transduces THEIR lower emotions into light. That's the BUSHMEN HEALING that was the dominant culture for 90% of human history -- from 10,000 BC to 80,000 BC.

So I'm healing my old pervert roommate by him sucking up my light -- but the problem is that HE doesn't know how to heal himself, nor heal others. Because of his experiences in life BEFORE he finished puberty his consciousness is permanently stuck in his lower chakras -- unless he has some sort of real traumatic transformative experience. That will be who he is - when he dies he will go to hell in the sense that his consciousness will not leave through his head but through his feet.

Only by harmonizing our lower emotions into electromagnetic fields -- by connecting the head (heaven) with the body (earth) can we balance our energy through the HEART chakra to create universal love.

The process is impersonal and achieved not through WESTERN humanism (based on left brain intention) -- but through the practice of complementary opposite resonance of the right brain thereby opening up the pineal gland (call it yoga, qigong, or Bushmen healing).
05-18-2008, 06:34 PM,
Tony Wright's New Book
Oh ok, sorry you had to repeat that. I have a friend whose energy in the girl's direction starts to get hot, so he knows when there is a hot lady around.
Thanks for the explanation, that explains what is going on with him.
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
05-19-2008, 05:51 AM,
Tony Wright's New Book
That's so funny. I'm reading "Opening the Dragon Gate" right now.

Its really good. I highly recommend it. I've been doing chi-kung for years now. I stopped for a while, which was dumb but I'm getting back into it. Standing meditation as well. The stuff is real, and its really good to find a system and practice. If you are in Seattle I can teach.
05-21-2008, 02:40 AM,
Tony Wright's New Book
Yeah over at the webmaster is a student of a student of the dude trained in Opening the Dragon Gate -- Wang, Liping.

So the webmaster is Sean Denty and he's a student of David Verdesi who is a student of Wang, Liping.

It's all hush, hush and plus you're supposed to pay $250 just to belong to David Verdesi's website!! A cult in fact but still it's fascinating.
05-23-2008, 10:53 PM,
Tony Wright's New Book
Wow -- that's really wild that you were talking about me for an hour and then I posted a reply. To be honest I had not even read your post about Ingo Swann -- or at least did not "register" the information. Yesterday I just was googling "O at a d" to see what kind of discussion has emerged and then rediscovered your post.

Anyway last night qigong master Chunyi Lin led a healing long-distance for China, Burma and Tibet. The event was free and held 600 people and the notice stated he would use the energy of the audience to increase his healing power.

So that's like remote viewing on steroids or something!

Actually it's the opposite according to Tony Wright's new "Left in the Dark" book. Subtitled:

The biological origins of the fall from grace.

Cowritten by Graham Gynn.

They did a ton of research -- biomedical. The argument is that a fruit-based diet is what caused brain explosion for humans -- NOT drugs. haha. Although drugs were part of this diet.

Anyway ever since we left the forest the brain has been permanently "damaged" -- stuck in a fear-ridden left dominance that shuts off our natural orgasmic paranormal healing abilities.

One of the quirks of the book is arguing that when a fruit-based diet naturally suppresses the steriods then post-menstrual syndrome and even menstruation pretty much goes away. Because the hormonal system is primed the hormones from semen would then cause enough of a trigger to actually create ovulation.

It's a fascinating book to say the least. At first I thought it was over-priced but the level of research is beyond most books and it's worth it for sure. The argument is very radical.

Another quirk of the book is arguing that the vagus nerve is actually a suppressed "third hemisphere" of the brain. This I completely relate to as my vagus nerve is constantly pumping up serotonin and transducing it into light.

Certainly diet is my main restrictive factor for my practice. One of the restrictions of this book is that it doesn't go into the advanced levels of paranormal abilities whereby the "collecting the N/um of young maidens" by Bushmen is achieved. This means a free energy exchange without the need for food. Although I've noticed that testosterone does increase the energy that can be transduced to shoot into females.

So I think they are missing a big part of the story. Considering how much meat is valued by chimps -- where it's a "sex for meat" struggle essentially -- I think their presentation is a bit one-sided.

Anyway thanks for the quick response and I hope you enjoy meeting Master Chunyi Lin. He definitely shoots energy into your third eye as part of the Level III class. He sticks his finger to your forehead. This dude in NYC flew to MN to take the classes and emailed me and he replied to me that indeed Master Lin did this -- stick the finger to the forehead to open up the pineal gland. He said he smelled lotus flower at this time.
05-24-2008, 10:56 PM,
Tony Wright's New Book
Yeah I was just hanging with this cool old African-American dude from Seattle and Kansas City. He's kind of freaked by Mpls. He was watching me doing the full-lotus thing with the adam's apple pulsating whenever a female was in the vicinity. He got a big kick out of this but never asked me directly about it. We talked about music and stuff -- anyway he laughed once from the adam's apple pulsation -full-lotus female energy exchange thing -- after we had warmed up to each other.

The book "Taoist Yoga" recommends NO SALT and that limitation by itself almost leads to the same diet advocated by the book "Left in the Dark." If you are eating grain then you need salt to counter-act the acid -- the same for meat. A traditional shaman diet in S. America is bananas and fish while figs is the food that the Buddha ate -- all three are high in precursor of serotonin-melatonin-DMT (tryptophans). But a "bigu" diet is no food while a "modified bigu" is one small veggie meal a day plus fasting one day a week.

There's a lot of problems with the "Left in the Dark" book but there's really no point in me going into all the details.

1) on Fertility and physiology the book blames females by arguing that since males loose physical substance at ejaculation then logically females should as well. So therefore a fruit-based diet should cause females to lose their egg, so to speak, at orgasm.

2) This argument ignores the feedback of testosterone through the adrenal glands-kidneys to be ionized into jing, or blissful heat, as ionized serotonin and oxytocin to open up the pineal gland. So alchemy and Bushmen healing is based on the opposite of what "Left in the Dark" argues -- the male should learn to NOT lose physical substance at orgasm, thereby enabling the male to have "staying power." This enables the male to overcome the stress system of testosterone while at the same time utilizing the power of testosterone to create "love-light."

3) Gibbons rely on a fruit diet yet are territorial and orangutans are violently territorial -- so actually a fruit diet was the first step in the attempt by males to control females through a limited food resource. Monogamy in gibbons is based on fruit as a limited resource and so fruit does not mean no aggression. Bonobos also use sex to mainly resolve all stress and so it makes sense that the males would learn to do what the female bonobos were doing so successfully.

4) Female chimps use spears for hunting as an alternative to being raped when male chimps want to use meat as a means to sex access, without consent. So right-hand technological dominance and left-brain dominance coevolved as a solution to a meat for sex diet. It's not that females don't want meat, but rather that they don't want to be dependent on physically dominant males for the meat. Consider the Bushmen healing book by Professor Megan Beisle, "Women Like Meat."

5) If fruit creates a bigger brain that doesn't mean that a bigger brain leads to a peaceful, paranormal healing society. All animals rely on paranormal skills yet have smaller brains. The book "Left in the Dark" instead ignores the larger "feedback cycle" of resonance in nature -- for example when birds sing they help plants take in nutrients in the dew created by the sun. Certainly diet is crucial but to ignore the meat intake of the Bushmen culture which was peaceful for 90% of human history, is to ignore also the specific training that the males relied on to create a healing culture. The sole reliance of fruit as diet still places the blame on females to stop their menstruation as a technique that was initiated to created a lunar synchronous solidarity to stop male dominance -- by using left-brain language and right-hand technology. For example Professor Chris Knight's book BLOOD RELATIONS is all about this original use of moon-menstruation synchronization, but "Left in the Dark" argues that females should delink their connection to the moon. Therefore the book is still based in patriarchy; just as Hitler was a vegetarian, a sole obsession with one cause is not the answer.

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