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That's not Christianity!
05-18-2008, 09:20 AM,
That's not Christianity!
So many people who call themselves Christian believe they have some personal relationship with Jesus, there is this attitude like 'He's my buddy' or even 'homeboy', this, im cool, im down with Jesus as if they know him personally, and he is their bodyguard or guardian angel, all you gotta do is say a little prayer and he'll just come into heart and youll become a better person and when you die youll go to heaven, and your priviledged, you got your car kid, you gotta job, you come from a nice home and your good at hockey, you gotta pretty girl, your popular, you got everything! Well then why the Hell do you want JESUS AS WELL, he is not a fashion assessory, he isnt going to 'complete' you, you cant just wear a cross and sing along to a song with your friends and say 'Amen' in all the right places! Thats not Christianity! Thats worshipping spirits in your imagination cause you think it will do you good, and God isnt in that, thats IDOLATRY!
Its not about getting good grades in bible class,
Its not about being civilized and comfortable,
Its not about working all week for the devil then going to church on Sunday for 1 hour to socialise,
Its not about putting your hands in the air and closing your eyes at a feel good Christian music concert,
Its not about entering in the word 'Christian' under the heading of religion on a government form,
Its not about a baptism certificate,
Thats not Christianity,
Christianty is about the GLORY of GOD!, its about people who have had the presence of God burned into their conciousness and now fully grasp the true meaning of the Cross and go forth and speak spirit empowered truth even if it gets them KILLED and even if they have to go to hell at the end of the road!, its not about sitting round in a pretty little building repeating words like a parrot on sunday morning, God works 24/7, He never stops, GOD is at WORK!
Jesus Christ didnt die for you and he can do NOTHING FOR YOU! He died bearing the full force of wrath that was coming down on an unrepentent ,sin ridden, ungrateful, wicked, God hating Mankind. SOMEONE had to DIE because of it, someone had to pay the debt that was owed to God and so Jesus took it upon himself to take the punishment that was overdue, He took the WRATH of GOD, he took it all, it wasnt the Cross that killed him, his father killed him, because that was the price, thats what had to be done in order save us from certain destruction, it was the only way, now thats true Christianity! think twice b4 you call yourself a Christian.
&Is not my word like... a HAMMER that breaketh the rock in pieces&? Jeremiah 23:29

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