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Terrorists to attack US after election?
05-27-2008, 08:26 AM,
Terrorists to attack US after election?
Quote:US intelligence experts say 'Islamic terrorists' will attempt an attack on the country when the next president takes office in January.

According to US national security experts, terrorists pay particular attention to a government in transition as the most appropriate window of opportunity to launch an attack on the country.

Referring to terrorist attacks during the transition of power to presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, experts said that the next president would also be receiving an intelligence brief warning that Islamic terrorists would attempt to take advantage of the national security teams in flux.

"If I were asked by the newly elected president, I would strongly encourage him to be extremely vigilant during the transition period and within the first six months of his administration against an attack by al-Qaeda on American interests at home or abroad," said Bart Bechtel, a retired CIA operations officer.

Kenneth Katzman, a terrorism specialist at the Congressional Research Service, said, "Al Qaeda has a pattern of testing new American leaders."
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