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Anti-Semitism: Zionists’ tool to silence the critics
09-19-2009, 07:43 PM,
Anti-Semitism: Zionists’ tool to silence the critics
Anti-Semitism: Zionists’ tool to silence the critics
September 2, 2009 · Leave a Comment

“Every initiative against anti-Semitism is welcome. But if the declaration is general and doesn’t specifically relate to the article in Aftonbladet, it will not resolve anything, ” – Yigal Palmor, Israeli foreign ministry official’s warning to EU foreign ministers meeting to be held in Stockholm on September 4-5, 2009 under Swedish presidency.

“In Europe, when someone criticizes Israeli policies, we bring in Holocaust – and when someone in this country (US) criticizes Israeli policizes, we bring in Anti-Semitism…..” – former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni told Amy Goodman in her interview on ‘Democracy Now’.

Most of the leaders of the World Zionist movement were not only atheists (coomunists, socialist, agnostics, Nazis, etc) but also Jew-haters in their writings. It was Theodor Herzl who wrote in his ‘Diaries’: “Anti-Semites will be our most dependable friends, the anti-Semite countries, our allies…” However, they cloaked themselves in Judaism to fool the world Jewry – which they failed until the WW II. It was the 1940s – when Zionist leaders decided to used their corrupted Scofield Bible, and took the absolute rights for the terms “anti-Semitism” and “Holocaust” – even though the Jews played far greater part in the genocides of Christians in Germany, USSR, Ukraine and most of the Eastern European countries.

The latest victim of the ‘anti-Semitism’ is the Swedish journalist Donald Dostrom for his unforgiveable act of publishing the The Organ Theft Affair, which in fact this is not the first time he has pulled the skull-cap of Zionists’ heads. The book Inshallah: The conflict between Israel and Palestine, the book edited by Bostrom and published in 2001 – was an account of 19-year-old Palestinian, Bilal, who was shot by Zionazi thugs, his body abducted and returned after five days – with his body cut open from his abdoman up to his chin.

Historically, the grear majority of present-day Jews are not even Semites (the descendants the original 12 Tribes of Israel). They’re the descendants of Khazarian Turks who converted to Judaism in the 9th-10th century CE. Contrary to that – some millions of Arabs Muslims and Christians can claim to be the true Semite people.

Joharah Baker in her latest article titled Do not criticize Israel, you anti-Semite wrote:

“Isn’t it about time people see though the smokescreen? The history of the Jews is full of misfortune and suffering. But so is the history of so many other peoples, including the Palestinians, who have been made to pay the ultimate price for the Jews’ persecution. Pulling out the anti-Semitism card whenever Israel is pushed into a corner, rather than examine its own lack of morality in dealing with the Palestinians, should be a losing strategy, simply because it is such a shaky argument. However, guilt-tripping the world into apologizing yet again to the Jews for the sins of the past has worked for Israel for many years, unlike other peoples whose injustices have gone unrecognized. It has been able to maintain a military occupation, build illegal settlements and subjugate an entire people all in the name of its own security and as a safeguard from further persecution.”

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