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A New Declaration of Independence
05-31-2008, 01:40 PM,
A New Declaration of Independence
(OEN) -- In the tiny Appalachian town of Radford, Virginia, the First Summit of the World Prout Assembly, with the theme “Building a New World: Radical Visions,” took place from May 22-25th. Perhaps the one distinguishing feature of this conference was the inclusion of a new Declaration of Independence in every single conference tote bag.

Written just two weeks before the conference, discussed, revised and then endorsed by nine people, and further endorsed by two more people during the conference, the Declaration is intended to serve as a catalyst for change in America, along the same lines as David Swanson and other great activists began the impeachment movement several years ago. It was an idea ahead of the times, but today millions of Americans have accepted that impeachment of criminal politicians is a necessity.

In the same tradition, we offer a new Declaration of Independence, an idea also ahead of the times, as a vehicle to inspire every American, every town, and every state, to reject a government that has become wholly criminal in its actions.

This rejection of criminality is an essential part of the process to regain our moral integrity as a people and as a civilization that may once again be respected by other higher civilizations on this earth.

People wishing to endorse this Declaration may write to On the other hand, all towns and communities are encouraged to write their own Declaration of Independence from an empire – a serial killer of nations and peoples - now in its death throes.

the rest here
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