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On Mall Science
06-03-2008, 05:43 PM,
On Mall Science
Sage -- what you are practicing is what I call MALL SCIENCE. The basic methodology is the crying boy at the mall whose mom can never satisfy his consumer needs. So "science" for you is all about sticking your hands in your pocket, having a "gee whiz" attitude about technology which has been turned into consumer products, and then ignoring cutting edge science, like for example, "quantum chaos."

So as the fussy little consumer (and by the way I'm not SELLING anything!) you insist that I show you a better product -- but forget about you actually thinking on your own! No, no, no, no! I say with a huge joint swaying between my long dreads.

Ah Sage -- what you practice is a long way from anything remotely called "science."

And as a fussy consumer you ask -- what has nonwestern music done for humanity as a whole? Sage this question shows that you are a "utilitarian" -- sort of a Jeremy Bentham type -- or JS Mills.

Why is humanity about "doing" anything? Let's turn the question around -- what has "humanity" as a whole done? And now you submit your gleaming list of shiny boy toys:

"electric light and power, radio, television, atomics, the entire science of organic chemistry ranging from dyes to synthetic drugs, automobiles, airplanes — practically an entirely new civilization — as science has done?"

Wow I practically cream my pants reading that phallic list of messing with Mother Nature fun! Oodles of goodness it is, if, again, you ignore, my list:

Genocide; epidemics; mass starvation; mass collapse of ecological health causing a water crisis, air crisis, soil crisis, food crisis; toxic destruction of Mother Nature; mass media creating a dumbing down of humanity so that life is sure mechanical druggery.

Sage -- I'm not trying to undue history -- nor am I even a moralist, although I do submit that logic is based on truth and false axiomatic reasoning. This "proof by contradiction" reasoning is also dependent on materialist measurements.

In contrast, nonwestern music relies on logical inference where the truth is an OPEN experience of pure consciousness. Science has "discovered" this truth of consciousness, beyond space and beyond time -- in quantum physics. Of course this is ignored by most scientists but it continues to be researched by others. The fact is that pure consciousness can only by "pointed to" as something which can not be mechanically reproduced using dualistic "proof by contradiction."

So nonwestern music -- based on logical inference, whereby the natural overtones as complementary opposite harmonics, are LISTENED TO, as the source of sound -- is a system, a practice, which is both beyond current science and before current science. Logical inference is a system that contains science as a whole and also contains humanity as a whole.

So you ask what has it DONE for humanity -- but, again, you can't DO anything with consciousness because we exist WITHIN it and we can't SEE it. When we listen to it, as the source of the I-thought, resonating as natural overtones, this, indeed, harmonizes the energy of ecology and our bodies and our minds -- but it's not humans DOING anything, nor is it anything being DONE to humans.

A good example of this practice of nonwestern music is what the Chinese currently call qigong or "energy work." My research discovered that in Taoism the concepts of yin and yang are the same as the complementary opposite natural overtones of the perfect fourth and perfect fifth music intervals. So these harmonics are listened to as sacred geometry resonating nodes along the body -- with a practice called the "small universe." This practice, featured in the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality," trans. by Charles Luk, is the same as practicing the 12 note music scale, but the tuning is one of natural overtones (not symmetric-based measurements) and the notes of the scale are points along the outside of the body-mind. Further practice then leads to the full-lotus body position which is based on the tetrahedron, as composed of 2-3-4 triangles (four of them) each resonating as yang, 2:3, and yin, 3:4, natural overtone harmonics.

This resonance of natural overtones covers the whole energy spectrum, with the basis of energy intensity as frequency -- but again the harmonics are not symmetric measurements -- as, conversely, is the case for all of science. So the basic math which combines symmetric measurements and the technology you refer to is essentially "mass squared inversely proportional to energy frequency distance," as detailed in physic professor Gordon Kane's book, "Supersymmetry."

This means that science DOES rely on symmetric-based math, whereas nonwestern music uses asymmetric, or complementary opposites.

Thanks for asking Sage and good luck with your "science" shopping at the Mall!

Oh by the way, close to the MegaMall, is a qigong master with whom I've taken classes and his name is Chunyi Lin. Qigong master Chunyi Lin has taught nonwestern harmonics to tens of thousands of people, has his own healing center, and has successfully healed people of severe illnesses like late-term cancer, paralysis, M.S., H.I.V. positive, deafness. He's been so successfully with cancer that he's taught qigong at the Mayo Clinic, the top medical hospital in the world (and again in the same state as the MegaMall). Qigong master Chunyi Lin recently coauthored a chapter on qigong for the Mayo Clinic's textbook on complementary medicine. The coauthor was Mayo Clinic oncologist Dr. Nina Mishek. Other Mayo Clinic doctors have recommended qigong master Chunyi Lin precisely because of his high rate of success in healing serious illnesses. Meanwhile qigong master Chunyi Lin is now certifying his current students to also teach his qigong practice, which relies on the "small universe" that I detailed above. Qigong master Chunyi Lin is also working with research scientists and recently completed an N.I.H. study on pain relief.
06-04-2008, 02:04 AM,
On Mall Science
Listen, as I told you, it's a big world out there. You're approach of willful ignorance is a bit behind the times to say the least. Any academic database will give you plenty of solid science studies proving that qigong is very effective. There's Harvard doctors specializing in qigong and studies are published in neuroscience journals.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin says his healing rate for cancer is better than 90% -- hardly comparable to a placebo. As I stated qigong is just one example of healing using the principles of nonwestern music, whereby frequency as energy intensity resonates through complementary opposites, not symmetric-based math.

It's pretty clear-cut. The results are that sound turns into ultrasound which ionizes the electrochemicals to create blissful heat, so that the serotonin normally stored in the stomach, then bypasses the blood-brain barrier, via the vagus nerve. After this occurs further ionization creates electromagnetic fields and finally light is produced by the pineal gland. When the energy is stored in the body and strong enough then the pineal gland will create a holographic laser which is transmitted via a signal as "pure" consciousness.

Why did I specify "pure" -- because as I stated it can not be repeated using machines and symmetric-based science.

Just to bring this back to the UFO issue -- I just finished FATE's UFO SPECIAL book and there's an article about top-secret "asymmetric" capacitors. So you get electromagnetic propulsion with lift as thrust. This is EXACTLY how qigong works -- with the pineal gland as the smaller capacitor in contrast to the stomach where the electrochemical energy is stored and ionized. The fact that UFO technology remains a mystery is because the mathematics used is modeled by quantum chaos -- it's inherently unpredictable. Technology itself is out of control -- only consciousness itself is in charge.

So, again, you focus on who is doing the healing -- the qigong master or the person through a placebo. In fact it's neither -- the healing occurs because of the resonance between the capacitors, which, again, is enabled by "pure" consciousness. The same occurs with UFOs.
06-04-2008, 02:20 AM,
On Mall Science
Who is Sage?
[Image: randquote.png]
06-04-2008, 04:32 AM,
On Mall Science
Also give us an example of nonwestern music that worked for you.
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
06-04-2008, 05:21 PM,
On Mall Science
Anyone who can maintain such composure in spite of a terrible sound system gets my vote. Plus she's hot.

The Best of Bel Mbilia c.d. is my current all-night listening music. the instrumentation is western but her singing and the rhythm is not (unfortunately you can't hear her on this cut).

I also like Anuradha Paudwal's devotional music on T-series.

I'm looking for traditional Bushmen music -- which is female singing.

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