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Ireland EU referendum: victory of last resisters in former Christian Western Europe
06-23-2008, 05:14 PM,
Ireland EU referendum: victory of last resisters in former Christian Western Europe
The Lisbon Treaty referendum rejected by the Irish people, With 14 of 43 constituencies having declared results the No vote is leading by 59 per cent to 41 per cent.

One of the symbols used by the illuminati to underline how completely the masses in former christian western Europe were transformed into zombies (1), was having the final document, formally sealing the destruction of national independence of 27 former european nations, named Treaty of Lisbon (2).

But one more time, like in France 2005 (3), this time the Irish people prevented the formal completion. (4)
Three years later, as illuminati overtime is coming to an end. (5)

(1) One of the signals for total zombies is the loss of the capacity to understand that the foundations of national independence are the authority over currency and constitution.

(2) Why do Illuminati use Portugal related symbology in EU script

(3) France: 2005 EU Referendum: 59% say NO; all political parties say YES - or why Diebold machines are now a MUST for the illuminati

(4) Also thanks to the fact that the Irish resisters were able to prevent the introduction of "elections" the illuminati way, i.e. postal voting, not to mention electronic vote.

(5) Oil price rises as much in 1 day as it costed on Day 1 of Armageddon, i.e. $11
06-24-2008, 07:45 PM,
Ireland EU referendum: victory of last resisters in former Christian Western Europe
Do you not read what you post?

You do not make any sense, are you under a doctor? Because if your post makes proper sense to you, then you should be.

I can not tell if you are trying to make a point, or several jumbled up points at once.

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