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Shamanic Healing Dance
06-27-2008, 05:44 AM,
Shamanic Healing Dance

the above link is the liner notes for the C.D. I just special-ordered for mail delivery. I got maybe $20 left for the week -- because I HAD to get this C.D.!! The liner notes explain the Bushmen healing with photos (it's a slow file so just click to continue loading it -- no problem). Anyway this is the REAL trance dance music of humans from 10,000 BCE to 80,000 BCE!!! The original qigong yoga! I've read the lady's book, "WOMEN LIKE MEAT" -- by Professor Megan Beisle. She's studied the Bushmen Healing intensively -- and she recorded this c.d. -- the females singing ALL NIGHT LONG while the men dance ALL NIGHT LONG. haha.

06-28-2008, 06:44 PM,
Shamanic Healing Dance
OK the secret again is to create SHEN (light) -- so once the pineal gland is open when you sit in full-lotus that means electromagnetic energy shoots out of the pineal gland as MALE energy -- going into females -- while the full-lotus ALSO sucks up the female electrochemical energy.

The female electrochemical energy is normally turned into sex fluid -- but that's not alchemy -- that DOES NOT transform your lower emotions of each organ into love-light -- the heart-pineal gland connection via the vagus nerve.

So if you sit in full-lotus and the urge goes away -- that's great -- but if you feel nothing more it just means you need to build up the energy more. The process is this blissful heat in the stomach, then kidneys, then thyroid, then finally the pituitary and pineal glands -- which turns into electromagnetic energy. So once the electromagnetic energy is strong enough then the pineal gland will be permanently magnetized.

I'll give you a couple recent examples. A few days ago I spent the morning sitting in full-lotus at a park, having O at a Ds -- mainly with this female -- young -- who chose to sit directly behind me to soak up my electromangetic energy. I was reading a book called "The City of Joy" -- on Calcutta. Excellent book.

So I did that for an hour or so -- then I biked over to the University. I get by 35W -- over the bridge -- right by where the river bridge collapsed. So it's now a big construction site. So I'm waiting at this light nearby a freeway exit and there's no one around except a female right next to me on the corner. It's HOT out -- she's in a very short mini-skirt and a tank top -- she's young -- we're nearby the university. So I just focus my pineal gland and start shooting electromagnetic energy into her. I'm on my bike and she's on the sidewalk.

I wanted to see what my sexual energy level was at. Before the light changed she positioned herself to better receive my energy and within 2 minutes I was rock hard and then we had a mutual climax -- with the energy going up my back.

So the first mutual climax I can do like that -- standing up. The second as well. Just focus the pineal gland, the vagus nerve starts pulsating shooting energy into a strong female electrochemical source which can better soak up the male electromagnetic eneryg. The third climax is when you lose some of that prostate preseminal fluid -- it's clear. Read Mantak Chia's Cultivating Male Sexual Energy book for that confirmation.

Now I'll give a second example. Last night I talked for several hours with a good friend of mine -- this old man in his eighties. So since he's old he soaks up my energy really well even though he's male. Finally I had an internal climax after I shot enough energy into him. I was sitting across from him while in full-lotus (as I sit habitually and am doing now). Normally this would cause the male to climax as well (the last time this mutual male climax happened was when I with this pervert last summer who had his legs crossed so that his weiner was between his legs -- and he would just bounce his leg real strong and hope to block his fluid from coming out). Another time I did this "O at a D" with an old male -- without causing a climax on the other male -- was with the old dog at my parents' house. In other words if a person is old and sick they have such a deficit of energy that they will not climax but if they are a male they will still get excited by the energy -- as it feeds their deficit. For normal males the male electromagnetic energy just flows down and turns back into electrochemical energy and then is turned into reproductive fluid and lost -- WITHOUT transformation of the other lower emotions of the organs -- without the harmonization of alchemy.

Again you have to store up the sexual energy, transform it into full body blissful heat which then is ionized into electromagnetic energy and after the pineal gland opens up you see light around people. That confirms you have third eye opening -- when you see light OUTSIDE of your body-brain -- around other people.
06-28-2008, 08:02 PM,
Shamanic Healing Dance
Abe -- the CHI is ELECTROMAGNETIC fields -- so you can test this very easily. Just put your palms slightly apart -- after rubbing the center of your hands together strongly. Or you can make the "sword fingers" with one hand and point it at the other hand palm while circling the sword fingers. But that's the body chi -- my current focus is on the pineal gland or brain electromagnetic fields. So my body chi tends to be low while the pineal gland chi will build up after continous "O at a Ds" -- since I'm not STORING the chi in my body. So the electromagnetic field then projects out of my pineal gland as directed by my eyes -- or just as sucked up by surrounding female electrochemical energy. The more "O at a Ds" the stronger is the pineal gland electromagnetic field created.

Fascinating and I'll add: While I attended the U of MN in 1997 I had the pleasure of moving into a house where this beautiful young Andean indigenous female lived. She took me to her town of Merida Venezuela. She visited various female healers in the villages while I tagged along with her son. One evening, in the beautiful mountains, we drank potato chica. That night, after the "Inca Revenge" took its toll on my intestines, I could not sleep because my heart chakra was so heated up with unrequited love for this indigenous Andean female. I relationship was Platonic. Anyway I had to sing to myself as the only means of dispersing the energy but then all of a sudden my mind switched into this weird vision that I could not stop at all. My whole life flashed before me like a movie only it didn't happen chronologically -- it happened psychologically. Events years apart were connected simultaneously because the latter had psychically resolved the tension of the former. Amazed I was forced to watch this NDE unfold at mind-boggling speed. The next day I just sat off on my own and was intensely serene the rest of the trip.

In my subsequent research I discovered a Science Citation Index study where mountain climbers were tested for melatonin levels. Turns out melatonin sky-rockets when you are high up in elevation, as would be the case in the Andes. And as been shown, melatonin turns into DMT -- the dream vision molecule used for spirit travel.
07-01-2008, 02:39 AM,
Shamanic Healing Dance

The goal is to create strong enough electromagnetic fields in the body-brain to open up the pineal gland. The small universe both cleanses (creates JING) and purifies (creates CHI through the heart) as a full-system. It's the traditional practice found both in India and China. So if you can find an equivalent -- the goal again is to balance and ionize the lower emotions so that the pineal gland gets magnetized. You want the top of the head to get soft -- strong electromagnetic fields between the hands.

That's why you need to first build up and ionize the life-force electrochemical energy for the 100 days. In the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" all the details are explained -- it's called "laying the foundation" and is obtained after about chapter 8. Then you get to "immortal breathing" for spirit travel. Then after that you build up the spirit body. All the best,
07-02-2008, 05:14 PM,
Shamanic Healing Dance
"how does one open one's third eye?"

1) practice the small universe exercise aka the microcosmic orbit -- done while sitting in a chair.

2) Do simple standing tai-chi exercises

3) sit in half-lotus for mind yoga "self concentration."

The best small universe practice guide is the $11 c.d. from -- see "in the store" -- level 1 sitting meditation c.d.

The best guidance book on practice results and details is "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" trans. by charles luk.

Takes about 100 days of building up your energy (good diet, no sex, mind control practice, etc.)

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