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Saudi king: Get used to oil prices
07-02-2008, 08:01 AM,
Saudi king: Get used to oil prices
Quote:Saudi King Abdullah has urged oil consumers to get used to oil prices, saying taxation on oil products are to blame for the spike.

"Consumer countries have to adapt to the prices and the mechanisms of the market," the king said in an interview published on Tuesday in Kuwaiti Al-Siyassah daily.

He further reiterated that the rising demand and the taxation of oil products in consumer countries were to blame.

"These countries must reduce their taxes on fuel if they want to contribute to easing the burden on ordinary consumers," the monarch explained.

He also defended producers' pricing policies, saying, "We propose our products on the international markets according to current prices, be they low or high."

King Abdullah also predicted that demands will grow for oil in the future as a result of the world's economic growth.

Oil prices hit 143 dollars a barrel on Tuesday after OPEC president Chakib Khelil said there was uncertainty surrounding future investment in facilities to boost crude output.
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08-22-2008, 07:56 PM,
Saudi king: Get used to oil prices
He is so washed up if the Tesla patents are ever freed from the grasp of the CIA.

JFK was on the right track getting rid of the CIA and the FED contract.

Yet technology is prevented from advancing.

Radioactive alpha emitters make electricity directly.
Dr. Moray's 50kw generator went nowhere until years later and to build one again found his own reference book
had been confiscated and had to borrow from a private collection, library copies were removed by the CIA.
He used UV to obtain alpha particles from non radioactive gases.

No fission. And no steam plants used by the Illuminati.

UV from a spark in air used in a MHD generator can make electricity.
Electron shells have typical 1ev energy levels, but a million atoms what do to got,
a million volt battery.

HHO and Hydrogen on the fly may be only the start.


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