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Hydroxy in your car really does work!
07-03-2008, 06:50 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
I saw an link on that took me to a webpage about running your car boosted by HHO gas, aka Hydroxy.
Owning two very thirsty tweaked out cars combined with Kanuckistan's new carbon tax and artificially inflated gas prices,
I decided to look into the matter further. Claims of 30-60% increase in gas milage seemed a bit outrageous, but I decided to
build me one of these HHO generators anyway. I began studying designs on youtube by various experimentors and eventually
copied a design I liked.

My rx-7 is the biggest gas guzzler I own. It's little 1.3L engine sucks back far more gas than my 4L TVR ever could.
I decided to test it out on the 7, since it was my daily driver and it had the highest operating cost.

I built a 9 plate design out of stainless steel. The plates are 3x6 inches, and spaced at 1/8th of an inch.
The plate array is: (n= neutral....connected to nothing) + n - n + n - n +
I encased the plate array in 4" i/d PVC pipe and made a separate "bubbler" from the same material.

After a few days of messing around and trying different things, I installed it last night and took my car out for a test drive.


Not only is the gas milage improved, but I had more power as well!... and from nothing but a little 12VDC from my alternator and

The test drive I gave the car was substanially long, (200km) but not quite scientific compared to past trips. About a month ago I had to drive to Regina
and it's quite a long way (750km) so I took it easy on the gas pedal to get the best gas milage I could. By the time I got to Medicine Hat,
some 275km away, I'd already used a needle indicated 3/4 of a tank. I had topped the tank off to spilling over point prior to leaving.
On that trip I obeyed the speed limit religiously...110km/h.

Last night, I also topped off the tank, so that much is a fair comparison. However, unlike the 110km speed limit I adhered to on my trip
to Regina, last night I was having fun with the increase in power, gas milage be damned. I likely averaged about 140km/h, and had several
spurts of 200km/h+ on long straight-aways, jack-rabbit starts, etc etc... anything I could do to feel the power.
When I got back into the city, I was a needle below half a tank.

Given that the distances were different, the speeds were different, and the only "control" factor was the amount of gas I filled it with, I can't say this
was a scientifically accurate experiment. OTOH, I know the car very well and know how damned thirsty it is. For the balls to the wall driving I did,
I should have used more than 1/2 a tank.... easily.

As it stands, my milage has improved as has power... both were free to me except for $40 or so in supplies, and better yet, I can increase the benefit
futher once I get my timing adjusted to reflect the faster burning rate of hydrogen. I will be able to adjust my timing with at least 80% less ignintion
BTDC, (before top dead center) thus more gas is burned on the power stroke and less on the compression stroke with actually creates less of a back-preasure
on your piston, or in my case, rotor, for a more efficient engine.

I would strongly advise anyone who is pissed off at the gas pump to view this: and begin looking into this.
The same applies to people who have to emissions test their cars to get a licence plate renewal.

HHO? I'm convinced!
07-03-2008, 07:46 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
thanx mike
reality is a manufactured illusion

Self delusion is all well and good until it catches up with you . . .
07-03-2008, 08:07 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Nice! Considering gas prices, this is probably a worth the time.
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07-03-2008, 10:20 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Quote:Nice! Considering gas prices, this is probably a worth the time.

The word probably doesn't belong in that sentence.

It was rather hard to judge my mpg last night since I was driving like a Mario Andretti wannabe,
but I did notice the difference. Today, I continued driving around town running errands on the remaining
fuel from last night. Since I began driving like a normal person, I'm better informed to make a better judgement
on my mpg. It's DEFINATELY worth the time and effort.

I haven't yet worked out my mpg since this tank is half lead-footed away, but next tank I'll drive the car normally until
it's empty then work out the math. At a glance of the gas gauge, and with past experience, I'd guesstimate my mpg has improved

As with anything, another person's milage may very. Tire preasure, wheel alignment, air filters, spark plugs and all sorts of things
contibute to a good or bad mpg, so all I'd tell others is try it.

If anyone reading this owns an rx-7 like I do, they know already how much gas goes right out the tail pipe unburned. It's just the nature of
a wankel rotary. For once, I finally get to ignite ALL the gas sucked in... and boy!.... what a difference it makes.:D

[edit] @shz... you said "considering gas prices"... good enough reason, but here's a better one.... you get to screw the gov't out of TAXES doing it!
07-03-2008, 10:35 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Here's some pics...

Not sure if this will display the attachments in the order I upped them... but you're looking at top and side views of my plate array,
the hydroxy generator zip-tied to my left rear strut tower (single hose) and the bubbler on the right strut tower (2 hoses).
The bubbler's purpose is to act like a bong... make the HHO gas rise through water so it traps any left over electrolytes.... in my
case I used sodium bicarbonate to make the water conduct electricity better.
The last pic is where I fed the gas into the intake... a Tee'd vacuum line behind the throttle body.

If you do this to your own car, feed it in behind/below the throttle body or carburetor.
The reason is that that is where the vacuum is created and it helps suck the HHO out of the line, PLUS,
the HHO generator under vacuum produces more gas.
07-03-2008, 10:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-03-2008, 10:43 PM by Weyland.)
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
I am gonna see how much money you saved on gas when you need a new engine?:lolsmack:
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07-03-2008, 10:47 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Quote:I gonna see how much money you saved on gas when you need a new engine?:lolsmack:

What makes you think I'll need one?

There's already hydrogen and gas burning rotary engines out there... as well as piston engines.

Quote:According to Mazda, rotary engines are particular suited to run hydrogen since they are not prone to backfiring and misfiring as are standard internal combustion engines. This is because the Renesis rotary engine has separate chambers for intake and combustion, two injectors per intake chamber and the fuel does not ignite until top dead center.
Seriously tho, what's the difference? Gasoline ignites, hot gasses expand and push a piston, or in my case, turn a rotor. With hydrogen, it's the exact same thing.
OTOH, gasoline is a hydroCARBON, thus you get carbon deposits that blacken and break down your oil, you get co2 in your exhaust. Moreover, since a gasoline only engine
must ignite the gas before the piston has even reached TDC, the flame front creates a backwards preasure on your crank bearings causing them far greater wear and tear.

Weyland, check out the link I put in my first post... watch all ten parts... then you'll realise why hydrogen will make an engine last MUCH LONGER.
07-03-2008, 11:19 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Quote:I am gonna see how much money you saved on gas when you need a new engine?:lolsmack:

I was just posting this info at the rx-7 club forum... it seems they run an ad for water power.... must be something to it... them guys are rotary engine gods!

07-04-2008, 08:04 AM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Would something like this work on my Volvo 960? It has EFI so I am not sure... Does the video say anything about that?

I get 400-500 kM per 70 Liter tank and it costs me about $100 to fill. My drive to work and back home is about 100kM every day I need HHO this shit bad!

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07-04-2008, 02:21 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Quote:Would something like this work on my Volvo 960? It has EFI so I am not sure... Does the video say anything about that?

I get 400-500 kM per 70 Liter tank and it costs me about $100 to fill. My drive to work and back home is about 100kM every day I need HHO this shit bad!


EFI is irrelevent. Just feed it into the airstream... believe me, it'll burn!

My car has EFI too and seems to run just fine with it.

If I were you I'd try it like this... make the thing, and feed a hose of HHO into your air filter canister.
That way your mass airflow sensor can register the flow as air and compensate accordingly.
If that works okay and the car isn't complaining, try moving the feed line up past your throttle body
where vacuum is created. The vacuum augments the electricity and helps rip the water molecules apart,
so the end result is even more HHO gas.

Moving the feed line up past the throttle body, and also past the mass airflow sensor should have little if any
effect on the ECU because the HHO gas is already perfectly proportioned (ie: fuel air ratio) and the MAS will
still measure airflow properly and tell the ecu to adjust gasoline accordingly.

If I were you, and interested, I'd check out the youtube vids on the subject... search HHO+car... lots to be learned.
07-07-2008, 03:07 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
How much of this is easy to hook up though?
Like take me for example...I know jack shit when it comes to car engines. Im sure thats the only way to get this installed...doing it yourself. I cant risk my car, so I dare not try it, unless Im sure of what Im doing.
I believe it is possible though, Another friend of mine posted his results on another forum I visit.
For a second I thought it could be Ctrl....buts its not. He had just done it around the same time. He just posted his results too.
Here are some of his posts.

Quote:My Car Runs On Water Now


well not completely,

although i do have a few ideas brewing of how i could achieve a system where hydrogen is completely substituted for gasoline.

currently i have a hydrolysis system installed which injects the resulting hydrogen and oxygen into the pcv valve and air intake systems to boost my fuel economy, hopefully significantly.

i have a few pictures, here they are
[Image: l_965a1fffc0cc4c0d8c288ec24da90717.jpg]

i just finished wiring it in this morning and went and filled up my tank and reset the trip odometer. so by the end of next week i should have some accurate results of my fuel economy and how it has changed.

currently im getting between 25 and 28 mpg, and im hoping for anywhere between 40 to 55 mpg with its addition.

for those of you too anxious to wait until ive depleted the whole tank, ill most likely provide an update at the half tank mark, because i am admittedly excited myself to see how well it works..

anyone have any questions i can respond to in the mean time?

oh and yes it does produce a significant amount of heat via the chemical reaction, but it is situated near the wheel well so it gets good ventilation.
im thinking of ways to find an external cooling source, maybe a second container filled with coolant.. open to ideas.

...and yes it can be applied to any vehicle running an internal combustion gasoline engine
it just adds hydrogen and extra oxygen to your existing intake to reduce the amount of gas your engine uses

and no my car isnt a ghetto "hoopty"
its an eclipse convertible
its not a lotus but its not a pinto

and the person who wanted to know how it worked
it uses steel wire wrapped in a coil, with current ran through it, to seperate the molecules of water into hydrogen and oxygen
which is then sucked into your engine using the intakes natural vacuum

oh and i ran it to and from work today and a rough estimate is that ill be getting 45 miles per gallon. ill keep you all updated as it progresses

...Question:what would you estimate the total cost of the materials to be to complete this project? How much did you spend?

id say each unit costs around 60-70 bucks
im not positive
because alot of the parts i bought in bulk. like electric wire and stuff

Question: Do you have step by step instructions on how to install it and what items you need to buy. It seems like a lot to someone who doesnt really know anything about cars. And do you know for a fact that it works fro every car because I have a 2002 Volvo S60 and I would love to do this to save MONEY!!!. Get at me

Thanks for the Idea

there have been a few links posted on here that contain the exact info i used
and yes it comes with the parts lists and instructions

...alright, after a little over a quarter tank, im thinking ill be getting around 38-40 mpg

thats a damn good increase over the 25 i had before.
thats an over 50% increase

and i have people lined up for the thing now

if youre in the so cal area and want a unit, let me know
id be glad to help you out

"Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research"
~William Cooper

07-07-2008, 03:17 PM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
very kewl experimenting,.. :)
thanks for trying it out and posting this Mike.
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07-10-2008, 05:55 AM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
speaking of HHO!!! on efnet #water4gas we talk about this stuff and have documents and youtube vids on how to make these, but better watch out they can blow up and take out an entire city block!!!

<+EuroTrash> My house blew up because of my hydrogen generator. I now live on the streets and access IRC by using a McDonald's access point.
<+EuroTrash> Where can I apply for liability damages?
<@hardboile> If a hydrogen generator really exploded you'd be dead bro...
<@hardboile> I think we forgot to put up a disclaimer :o
<+EuroTrash> It was small and I wasn't at home.
<@hardboile> You serious about it exploding!
<+EuroTrash> Would I lie about such a thing?
<Flu-Shot> Homeless and on IRC lol
<+EuroTrash> I copied it from the youtube video in the topic.
<@hardboile> Sorry mate that happen to you, do you have any photos and shit of your home
<+EuroTrash> I've only been homeless for a few days now.
<@_intent> why were you making hho gas at home?
<@_intent> unattended
<+EuroTrash> To save money on gas, obviously.
<+EuroTrash> Look, you guys made me do this!!!!
<+EuroTrash> Just tell me where I can get my money. IMA SUE
<@_intent> then it should have been in your car, not your house
<@_intent> i didnt make anyone do aything
<@_intent> why were you making hho gas at home?
<@_intent> unattended
<+EuroTrash> To save money on gas, obviously.
<+EuroTrash> Look, you guys made me do this.
<+EuroTrash> Just tell me where I can get my money.
<@hardboile> lol why were you making HHO gas unattended in your house, were you planing on bottling it up or some shit?
<@_intent> then it should have been in your car, not your house
<@_intent> i didnt make anyone do anything
<+EuroTrash> The car was in the garage, obviously.
<+EuroTrash> Yes, you did. You advertised it.
<@_intent> im sharing information
<@_intent> lol so that makes me responsible if you blow up shit?
<+EuroTrash> Information that just so happens to blow up houses.
<+EuroTrash> This is the internet, where will we end up if you can't even trust someone on the internet anymore?
<+Flu-Shot> <+EuroTrash> Just tell me where I can get my money.
<+EuroTrash> Do you have any idea how expensive gas is over here?
<+Flu-Shot> lol, idiot
<+EuroTrash> Look, someone is going to be held responsible for this eventually. It is not my fault.
<+Flu-Shot> You are responsible + you're trolling
<+EuroTrash> You can't expect to put a terrorist manual online under false pretenses and think you can get away with it.
<@_intent> now your really trolling
<+Flu-Shot> Since you're in the Netherlands, show us the papers of the accident
<+Flu-Shot> You guys have fire investigators there
<+EuroTrash> Papers?
<+Flu-Shot> Scan them and show them to us, I want to see if you're trolling or not
<+Flu-Shot> Because if it's true, this would be the funniest shit ever
<+EuroTrash> 1) I don't have a mailbox anymore, because it blew up along with the house and 2) what would I scan it with? The only thing I have left is my laptop which I use to connect to the McDonald's hotspot.
<+Flu-Shot> You can go get the report easily
<+EuroTrash> Hydrogen car snow? What the hell is this?
<+Flu-Shot> You don't need a mailbox
<+Flu-Shot> Get on your trusty public transportation and get a copy of the report from your local department
<+Flu-Shot> Not hard
<+EuroTrash> Look, I feel like you're making fun of me. That's really harsh.
<+EuroTrash> I just lost my home.
<+EuroTrash> I have bigger problems than to ask some fireman for a report.
<+Flu-Shot> Welp, you're just trolling then
<+Flu-Shot> And yes, I'm making fun of you
<+Flu-Shot> Because you deserve to be made fun of if it's true
<@_intent> lol
<@_intent> indeed
<+EuroTrash> That's just mean.
<+EuroTrash> In a few hours, it'll be cold.
<+Flu-Shot> Maybe Darwinism will win over finally with you
<+EuroTrash> I'll be fending off homeless people who want to steal my food.
<+Flu-Shot> And you'll freeze to death
07-18-2008, 01:49 AM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Just curious how the system is doing?:a_joint: I'm seriously thinking about doing it to my vehicle, I just have to get off my ass and get the parts:P
&From all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most&-- Ozzy
07-18-2008, 06:53 AM,
Hydroxy in your car really does work!
Has anyone tried a dry cell?
reality is a manufactured illusion

Self delusion is all well and good until it catches up with you . . .

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