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Captain Planet
07-04-2008, 07:10 PM,
Captain Planet
[Image: captain-planet-tom-cruise-ted-turner.jpg]

OK, we all remember Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon from back in the day (Ted Turner Cartoon Network), but now it seems obvious to most with an awakened brain that it was nothing more than predictive programming for the kids who are now in their late teens and early twenties, and who are being bombarded with the Green Movement propaganda today, along with the rest of society, particularly the younger ones. This explains why so many people at your workplace, or university, are all but baptised in the religion of the New Age, where humans are nothing but higher monkeys, and Gaia(Mother Nature) needs us all to sacrafice our self interests and our very futures for 'sustainability', because we are nothing but a virus that is killing the planet, and the planet is better off without humanity. This is what I call The Green Menace.

So fine, you know all this stuff, but wait, I was mowing a lawn and came to a very interesting discovery about that old favorite is includes not just New Agey manure, but occultic and SATANIC rituals.

Here it is.......

The elemental rings that are given by Gaia to the 5 kids(the Planeteers) are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Heart(spirit). These are the 5 points of the Satanic Pentagram. In the pilot episode, the 5 kids actually stand in a perfect pentagon, and combine their 'powers' to summon Captain Planet.
This is clearly an occult ritual. Watch this episode, divided in three parts, and you will be amazed at the programming we recieved as youngsters, and how we were mentally and emotionally prepared for the bullshit "Global Warming CO2" crisis being pushed on us today.



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