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Snow - The Case of Tyler Kent (Pearl Harbor whistleblower) (1982)
07-17-2008, 06:18 PM,
Snow - The Case of Tyler Kent (Pearl Harbor whistleblower) (1982)
This is John Howland Snow's amazing book The Case of Tyler Kent (1982) which tells the story of infamous case of the secret messages between Roosevelt and Churchill that lead to Pearl Harbor and WWII. As the code clerk of the American Embassy in London, Tyler Kent learned of startling secret messages between Churchill and Roosevelt that led to America's entrance into World War II and why. He was impelled to expose the conspiracy and was jailed as a result. The Case of Tyler Kent is an account of the case and implications involved. Find out how Pearl Harbor was planned to happen and that the conspiracy to conceal it operates to this very day. 60 pages. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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