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2008 Coolest For At Least Five Years
10-15-2008, 09:51 AM,
2008 Coolest For At Least Five Years
Quote:[Image: closeup_DEW.gif]

the satellite recognizes these dots as rainfall, but it DOES NOT MEAN there is rainfall. Not only that but each and every dot is a very specific type of shower, never deviating into the heavier regions and NOT gradual.

[Image: shoop.jpg]

I think you will find they are CITIES. Have CITIES ever been known to cause shower clouds?

Quote:are you going to really try and sit there and tell everyone that this is NORMAL to have perfectly round, popup showers that happen to be justified to a grid and well arranged?
Well, United States CITIES happened to be "justified to a grid and well arranged".

Quote:These must be magical inflatable, pop up hills that are much bigger than most cities
Well, the shower might be bigger than the CITY beneath them!

Quote:these hills only exist on certain occasions
When rain clouds pass over them?

Quote:research current technologies
Physician heal thyself.

Quote:it's most likely microwave
Most likely.

When you "research" microwaves, DO get back to me when you find a COOLING effect due to irradiation.


1) what sun does our galaxy revolve in?

2) what is "the current position of our galaxy"?

3) what is a "magic cooling ray"?

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