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manna mystery solved..sorry Allegro
09-17-2008, 03:03 AM,
manna mystery solved..sorry Allegro

In this 9 min video I make a case that the Manna spoken of in the Bible may be the Terfezia and Tirmania Desert Truffles of the Middle east region.

In doing so, I am also refuting the idea that Manna was any variety of psychedelic mushrooms, a theory widely held by alternative researchers.

I look at the following characteristics of manna and compare them with what we know about the desert truffle and contrast that with the psychedelic mushroom theory.

I quote from the following well reference article from the University of Wisconsin Botany department called

“Fungus of the month January 2007”
by Elinoar Shavit and Tom Volk

here are some factors I considered
Sustenance capability
it is said that manna was white and tasted like wafers in honey.
Numbers 11:7 adds that manna was like coriander seed, the color of bdellium,
Numbers 11:8 adds that it could be ground, pounded, boiled and made into cakes.
Timing of Manna Fall
Appeared overnight in the morning
It becomes infested with maggots when left out,
It melts in the sun
It is Small and round
And it appears suddenly, without seed or root.

I think that everything that the magic mushroom theory does the truffle does better, and everything that magic mushroom theory doesn’t do the truffle does do.

Weigh the evidence for yourself but I think it is very clear.


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