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The Great American Cash-Out Join Today...
09-22-2008, 04:00 AM,
The Great American Cash-Out Join Today...
[Image: money1.jpg]

The Great American Cash Out - Join Today..

Many people would state that taking your money out of the bank would exacerbate the current financial problems we face today. One only realize that irregardless of what you do feel or think, the people in Wall Street, Congress, and the Treasury are going to do whatever they want AT YOUR EXPENSE. Did you ever notice that NOT ONE HOMEOWNER has been helped in all this mess - but only certain banking institutions that are 'Friends of the Feds' have been bailed out and permitted to survive? Now $700 billion is required at YOUR EXPENSE for THEIR PROBLEMS... Why was Lehman Bros hung out to dry, but AIG permitted to live? Are they not all a band of thieves? Do you finally see this parasitic system for what it is - just that a parasitation of the US taxpayer.

And soon the cost will be steep, soon your 401Ks and your pensions and your social security will be financially insolvent while they bail out banking systems for bad loans. Its a paper ponzy scheme and all that is going to happen is A. Your going to get really poor, and B. A pile of banking executives are going to escape with LOTS OF YOUR MONEY.

The probability of this growing into a great depression is very high. And it is going to be very interesting to watch those that continue to believe that they should trust the system completely and utterly as the next wave of bank foreclosures hit - and the ability of the FDIC to honour accounts becomes crippled. Possibly they will become the greatest spokesmens when their deposits are seized, and they are forced onto the streets.

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. None of the banks will confess that they too have had their hand in the honey pot, but they all did it. Now the feds and your 'elected representatives' will happily screw over your future to protect the money stealing institutions that they cherish. Instead of protecting the homeowner they have put a noose around the homeowner that can never be repaid. Wolves run the country, the sheople will not band together for their defense - they could have but choose to believe the propaganda and BS that the news spewed on them daily.

And the banks will NEVER TELL YOU when they go bust, and the government could not come up with $400 bonus checks, do you really think that they will bail out the FDIC when massive bank failures that are envitable come? The banking system this time won't shut down in pieces - the whole thing could turn off over night. Don't think it cannot happen to you - they already did it in Argentina. In fact when they did reopen they had seized all the deposits, but still told everyone they had to repay the loans.. It put the nation into slavery, and America is NEXT.

This is how an empire falls. Take heed, take notice, and make your preparations. Like the security guard who locked the 'peasants' into the lower holds of the Titanic as it sank - the ruling elite will tell the propaganda machines like Fox news to tell the peasants (YOU) to just keep your money in the banks. And they will quietly withdraw all their money, while you drown under an obligation of debt.


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