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Interesting Talk About Conspiracy Related Material
09-22-2008, 03:14 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-22-2008, 05:07 PM by nietzscheansuperman.)
Interesting Talk About Conspiracy Related Material

Go to lecture no 4 - 'Robert Forte - A Symposium In A Civilised Country' on the box, top right, or preferably download it from down the bottom and skip through it cause It starts a little slow about airy fairy type shit and then he hijacks the conference and talks about 911 truth, NWO, etc, but more to the point, he says some interesting things about Timothy Leary and R. Gordon Wasson (one of the founders of ethnobotany) I always new he was the vice President of JP Morgan but he goes into a little more detail about his friends.. Yes you heard right... The Man who introduced Magick mushrooms and many other entheogens to the Western world/popular culture was the Vice President of JP Morgan, holy shit!!! I also know from another documentary too that he was followed by the CIA on his expeditions.

Apparently JP Morgan was behind that whole scare about the Martian invasion thing years ago (you know, the one with the famous writer who got on the radio.. I forget his name) so was Wassons legacy just another social engineering experiment by JP Morgan or was he acting on his own? According to this lecture he resigned from JP Morgan soon after taking Mushrooms and gave up $1000,000 a year income, so what gives?? He went through the names of some of Gordon Wassons friends who he said were fascists and said were intent on starting a 3rd or 4th Reich or something in America, this guy is well respected in the Ethnobotanical community and is not likely to talk shit about Wasson unless he knows it's true!

I have also been lead to believe that Timothy Leary thought he was the reincarnation of Crowley and was working to bring forth the new age of Horus but what else can you guys tell me on this issue? Do you think he was really trying to liberate us or help control our minds? I believe from watching 'How To Operate Your Brain' that he tried a bad attempt at brain washing once before, in fact I think it was the most blatant attempt I have ever seen. This guy was a personal friend of Leary and wrote a book on him, He mentions is the fact that Leary admitted to being approached by the CIA to help them in a mass mind control program (but denied being a part of it) I find it fascinating and think that there is much here to discuss, would love to get some feedback and any additional information on this would be much appreciated, I am very interested in this but don't have time to research it fully, I am very busy these days and that's why I don't post much anymore:(

I have had a little poke around on the net but can't seem to find any information that would really convict these two of having ulterior motives but needless to say I am very suspicious. I'm not sure that much research has gone into this subject and if we could find enough evidence to convict Leary that would be something but if we could find evidence to convict Wasson.. that would be HUGE!!!

EDIT: I may have missed a few things but there may not be too much information in that link than what I have given here but if you want to listen to a well worded rant about 911 truth, etc then go for it, I just don't want to waste anybody's time. I just want to repeat that It's better to download it and skip to the part where he begins his conspiracy rant, it will save much time cause it's a long lecture and the start may bore you. maybe it's best if some people just skip the lecture and discuss these issues.
09-22-2008, 08:25 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-22-2008, 09:10 PM by nietzscheansuperman.)
Interesting Talk About Conspiracy Related Material
Definitely a start, thanks man, I feel sorry for those chi gong dudes. Anyway it is sad because ethnobotany is one of my main interests but the truth must come out. I will try to dig up something on the other friends of Wassons that he mentions in that talk but I'd love to find out what JP Morgans intention was if he had anything to do with this, would love to find something that ties that ugly bastard into this if indeed there is a connection.

Leary's friends and biographers said that he thought he was the reincarnation of crowley and he admitted that he was a great fan and "believed he was carrying on much of his work" and he posed for an interview in front of some creepy anti christ picture (icon) once but I'm not sure we'll find the smoking gun for Wasson though but its worth a look.


EDIT: Just thought about it and when I say that this would be "huge" if we could prove Wasson was doing this as some experiment for JP Morgan, it may not be to you, in fact you might not give a shit and I don't blame you, I have an interest in ethnobotany so to me it is huge.

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