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Bell, Book and Candle
10-03-2008, 06:43 AM,
Bell, Book and Candle

As many of you may remember I jumped through the proverbial hoop of fire to help with the disinformation and the delays that had been forthingcoming in the Menu Foods on Streetsville when the pet food recall was announced last year. Many of us, were very satisfied that the problem had been resolved but I have some very sad personal news to announce. Gobs the BIG GUY my beloved tom. Who was like a son to me. Really, he was probably better than most sons is dead. He was only eight years of age.

So, this post is going to be for Gobs. Because there were many things wrong with what happened to Gobs.

When I first found him, he was in a hospital parking lot in a major urban setting in back of a highly traffic area behind a medical center. He was like an angel fallen from heaven, totally unencombered by anything in life. The happiest creature I ever had the pleasure of befriending. He was truly my very best friend. He was smart and affectionate and everything you would want a cat to be.

He had manifestations of what is known as Hoerner's disease when he was a kitten. So, I was alarmed but I had recollection that he had recovered from this condition when he was a kitten. He tested negative for both Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS.

It took him eight weeks to resolve his condition but he was totally fine. But, it was time for his shots. And because of the incidence of sacromas related to the rabies vaccine previously used, Purevax Rabies vaccine is all the rage now. So he had his injections. At the time of that vet visit I was concerned about his weight so I asked the vet to put him on a weight loss program.


So, this special vet assistant that handled this special program that consisted of Hill's Science Diet r/d/ provided me with a bag and the regimene and I was instruted to contact him IF THERE WERE ANY PROBLEMS.

I delayed starting Gobs on this as he was doing fine, and so was I and I had a big bag of food remaining which was of the human grade variety that he had been accustomed to eating and loved it.

I rue the day I ever opened that bag of poison, because after feeding my can a mere 3/4 of a cup of this prescribed medication within 48 hours he was gravely ill. No urinary output. Scant at most. No stools. (In a cat that could have made an elephant proud.) And a fever of 205. Very high for a cat.

He was rushed to the vet. My vet was not available and he became under the care of a vet that had previously treated one of our dogs and WE DID NOT RESONATE AT ALL WITH HIM. Both my husband and my spidey sense were up. Well, this man was all we had available to see our cat. He CLAIMED to have taken bloodword (which in retrosspect I do not believe he did), I believe we were showen I stock negative report. He claimed to have taken stomach and chest films (which in retrospect I do not believe he did) and I believe we were shown stock negative reports.

So, my gravely ill cat had absolutely immaculate blood work and films. Hmmmmmm........ This is REALLY SUS in retrospect. REALLY SUS.

Anyway, another thing that was sus was I asked that my cat be hydrated. (Hey, they are like people). He expounded on the fact that he had a cat at home in kidney failure that needed to be hydrated. (SUS in retrospect).

The cat was given antibiotics via shot and oral antibiotics and put on yet another Hills Schience soft food diet, the kind that is adniminstered via syringe to animals who are not eating.

The cat never recovered and his condition worsened or at least was remaining in this state where he had extremely scan urinary output and black stools.
I took him back to the vet, as there is a problem that is know to vets to occur when obese cats suddenly become anorexic that affects their liver and can cause a fatal outcome. BUT HE WAS NOT JAUNDICED AT ALL WHEN I BROUGHT HIM BACK IN. I was checking his gums, his eyes, etc. NO JAUNDICE. I requested an inpatient admit for my cat as my vet was back then and did blood work and he was a mess.........BONE MARROW SUPPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, folks, take notice of what happens next here, because it is very sad but there is a message in all of this for everybody.

He was admitted, and the next day I went to see him. WELL NOW HE WAS YELLOW - TOTALLY JAUNCIDED. Like they fed him nothing whereas I had been syringe feeding him. Then my vet goes on vacation. Left with Dr. Book. Well, my vet honestly did not give him much of a change for survival with the bone marrow situation. Also, after the Hoerners he had one pupil that remained larger than the other, reactive to light equally but larger.

I had spoken to my vet that I had made a change in his food to HUMAN GRADE FOOD as I was completely apprised of the fact that Felines contract Feline Spongiform Encephalitis. Yes.....just like cattle. She acted like she never heard of that and made a big pretence of printing out some computer info. She acted intrigued. (SUS).

In any event, Dr. Book on the other hand gave my cat a glowing 50/50 change and left me a very positive message that he had eaten on his own with some food left in his cage. My husband and I were delighted by this phone coversation that evening.

HOWEVER..........................................................the very next morning Dr. Book called an apprised me that Gobs was near death and basically to come down ASAP. Oh, and also he bit an attendant so had to be sent for rabies testing. He fully new that I have knowledge on Rabies Lab procedures and that a severed head is the required specimen for testing, because we had conversed on these things over the past. He also knew that I knew about Feline spongiform encephalopathy. In any event. I acquised.

What happened next will scar me for the rest of my life. I don't know what he injected into my cat as there was an IV in place, but the animal had two widely dilated pupils was heaving and obviously it was time for euthanasia. What Dr. Book said next chilled my bones. When I went to take the cat that loved me more than live itself he viciously lashed out at me, just like CUJO. I said, "maybe he does have rabies", being SUS about the new one year Purevax Rabies vaccine in a bone marrow compromised animal. The tone of Dr. Book's voice I wish I had a recording of, it was half way between a laugh and a sneer when he said to me "HE DOESN'T HAVE RABIES". My sweet angel was euthanized and I left.

But my battle in memorium of my beloved Gobs did not end there.

I have the bag of what I am sure is melanine, pure at that food. Hills Sciience r/d.

With that in mind I went on the internet and started to investigate just who Dr. Book was. What was immediastely lacking was any paper trail of education on him. Yes, he had a licence.

So, I called my vet and was quite pointed in the questions I asked. I recounted the story of what he said regarding the rabiess. I also was quite pointed about did my animal actually need to be tested? Why, who did he bite.......gets more SUS.......she was......well lhe even bit me. I asked for the name of the attendant. Not divulged. The he even bit me was a nice cover. Then, of course it was for my protection too. I asked why wasn't the animal sedated after she apprised me he was a CORNELL GRADUATE AND HE AND HIS WIFE OWNED THE PRACTICE. For professional reasons, she did not take her husbands last name. His name is BOOK, her name's first prefix is BEL.... Ok, we all know what comes next CANDLE. Bell, Book, and Candle.

So, off I go to research Cornell. And I find out they were right smack in the middle of the Menu foods coverup. And coverup it was. For what, about a year.

Well, then I do some research on our Bell Book and Candle folk and lo and behold these monsters raise SHEEP??? SHEEP? Those awesome sweet wooley creatures? SUS!!!

Ok, I am at the point where I fully believe my Gobs was part of a double blind study for Hills. And a nefarious Cornell connected thing.

But now SHEEP.

It gets interesting.

Here are some videos and links. Let it be in memorium of my beloved cat, but it is also for all the people of the world too. All the animal lovers, all the baby lovers and all the human lovers.

FOR BIG GOBS, I miss you, you were my best friend.

First a video that is extremely special to me as this is like him screaming because what they did to him. Found this vid within about a week after his death and looks just like him. Also the Bell, Book and Candle Rescue Me one. Within a couple of days of each other. Had never seen them before.

Cybotron - Arrakis

Bell, Book, and Candle - Rescue Me

Lab 257

Now, there is some very interesting googling here: Google: Cornell Feline & Anthrax. Google: Cornell Food 20 Years China. Google: Huge J. Cornell Google every last thing about the timelines of the MENU FOOD on STREETSVILLE and find out Cornell's involvement and timeframe, and the coverup.

Now, we all look for bowl jugements. We, all wonder what Code-----X Alimentarius is? Well friends, I can tell you it is Latin for the Alimentary tract which is the digestive system. That would be yours and mine. Also, I don't know about you, but I saw how my cat was digested and I would rather not go that way. Agenda 21.......hmmmmm.........makes me think of that lyric from Billy Joel's song Captian Jack. Its extra special if you watch it to the Jack Sparrow vids.

But when the day is said and done I leave you with these three things.

China Girl (uncut version)

April Cornell Melanine Bowls

(In April.......we had.......melanine in the MENU FOODS on STREETSVILLE)

Robert Plant - Big Log

(Alwrongy then, BIG LOG.......yeah log of the dead after that Chinese Jumprope associated with a Waitress and then there is that feather that gets stepped on, we all know what a product getting stepped on means. Remember black dog is a reference to evil machinations.

Dead Rising- Beavis and Butthead Cornholio

I've still got that bag of food at my feet, who do I trust to have it tested properly?

So, my live has been impacted by the CHILDREN OF THE CORN. What do you expect from a place that has A SKULL AND DAGGER CHAPTER and regular DRAGON CEREMONIES.


[Image: pgahnltf.jpg]


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