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10-03-2008, 08:01 AM,

All of us in conspiracy land probably know that the TMI incident happened 12 days after the Release of the movie China Syndrome. And those of us that are real savy and not conspiracy noobs, know that TMI is an anagram for TIM. And TIM is significant for various reasons. We have TIM Osaman, of course. And a little more obsure but a good wiki and books for everyone to read is TIM POWERS. Yes, the wiki for Tim Powers is very interesting, and also all of his books are too.

But this is something that I didn't know and if you are not either from the area or from the industry you probably didn't know either.

There are stories about there always seeming to be a dairy by a nuclear power plant and that just isn't in this country, it is a world wide phenomena that Leuren Moret expounds on at great length, so if you are interested in that I would refer you to her work on the subject.

But.....I have no idea what a power plant spewing something would look like or if it could even be seen. But there had been heavy chemtrails in the sky for several days and I do mean HEAVY and I noticed when looking at the background of dark green trees that I could see a steady stream of "molecular rain", or at the least "particulate rain", wasn't just me, my husband saw the identical thing. It was strong for two days and that seemed to dissipate and I have not noticed the phenomena since then. I had driven by TMI on the third day and it certainly was belching. I also knew from doing MRIs that glioblastoma multiforme was disproprotionately high in the areas close to this plant.

But even in light of all the aforementioned, this article still shocked me. What was the situation like in the area well before the TMI "accident", and I say that in the loosest terminology that could be applied to that word.

This article will shock you. It will also open your eyes.


10-03-2008, 08:13 AM,
And now they want to build a whole lot more of these death-dealing contraptions. Wonderful.
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