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HAARP Patent
10-30-2008, 06:20 AM,
HAARP Patent
I don't know what to make of haarp, but according to the cia's translation, the russians seem to think it is a "geophysical weapon" that's going to capsize the planet.

Though, I keep hearing that it's for communications and surveillance systems.

Quote:Some Russian and foreign analysts argue that the US program is in effect a disguised idea of creation of an immensely powerful ray, a geophysical weapon, whose principle of operation is based on the use of means of influencing the processes which take place in the solid, liquid and gaseous layers of the Earth for military purposes.

It is possible to control the artificially created plasmoid (localized areas of highly ionized gas - E.L.) or a globular lightning in ionosphere by using lasers to shift the focal point of the aerials. In other words, using enormous installations, Americans plan to bombard the sky with energy beams which, when they are reflected from ionosphere, can return back to Earth in the form of low-frequency electromagnetic waves.
The opponents of the program have quite weighty reasons not to trust the soothing statements by Americans.

"The layer of ionosphere which is excited by HAARP influences the radio and electronic equipment which is installed in the military hardware: Fire control and guidance systems, fire adjustment equipment, navigation systems, etc. As a result, an aircraft or a missile will be damaged if they fly through the beam," Col Plaksin said.

And this is by far not the only consequence of implementation of the HAARP program. Compared to, say, nuclear weapons, geophysical weapons are much more powerful. And if, say, the beam is sent to Britain, it can make the country dysfunctional in a matter of seconds.

So, some scientists say that a group of the military who use the geophysical weapon might bring the economy of an entire country on its knees in a few years' time - and no one will understand anything.

The most dangerous thing is that even developers cannot say with certainty what will happen to the planet and how ionosphere will react to the attack with these rays if the system is switched to the maximum power. As is known, ionosphere and the ozone layer protect the Earth from the deadly cosmic radiation. The electromagnetic cannon of the HAARP system will damage ionosphere, and the cosmic radiation will be able to reach the surface of the planet.

Moreover, the effects of this know-how (as published) cannot be controlled, some researchers say. Even a single use of this weapon may result in so-called trigger effect which no one will be able to stop: Earthquakes, sudden cooling on the global scale, etc. In the opinion of Canadian scientist Rosalie Bertel, who is studying the effects of wars on the environment, intense disturbance of ionosphere may result in a release of huge masses of free electrons - so-called electron showers. For its part, this might result in the change of electric potential of the poles and ensuing shift of the magnetic pole of the Earth. Simply speaking, the planet will "capsize." So the location of the north pole will become uncertain.
from wired

The full english version is not online, but the original is available at -
anybody hear, who can read it and check their translation ???
&Alice laughed, &There's no use trying,& she said: &one can't believe impossible things.& &I daresay you haven't had much practice,& said the Queen. &When I was your age I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.&
- Lewis Carroll

&Things are seldom as they seem ... Skim milk masquerades as cream.&
- Gilbert and Sullivan (Pinafore)

At NASA, it really is rocket science, and the decision makers really are rocket scientists.
But a body of research that is getting more and more attention points to the ways that smart people working collectively can be dumber than the sum of their parts. .. Irwin Janis? &Groupthink:& is a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members' striving for unanimity override realistic appraisals ? It is the triumph of concurrence over good sense, and authority over expertise.&
-John Schwartz & Matthew L. Wade
10-30-2008, 10:55 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-30-2008, 10:57 AM by JazzRoc.)
HAARP Patent
Quote:best read i had in a while thanks people. someone should pin this
A great work of contemporary science fiction! Loved the Moray Story...

In the Refs, this:

"Expanding Sun Will Explode Some Day, Tesla Predicts," N. Y. Herald-Tribune, Aug. 18, 1935. (Present literature on cosmic rays is erroneous. Some cosmic rays reach speeds 50 times that of light. Sun will increase in mass and energy and will ultimately explode. Tesla's view is that the condensation of primary substance is going on continuously. Finds secret of cosmic rays in the positive electrical charge of the sun. Discusses radioactive emanations.)

That's all you have to say about this type of technology?
I was hoping for something more scientific and substantial in rebuttal instead of a dismissive comment.
One hardly knows where to begin. A proper piece debunking this work would involve a lot more work than the piece itself. I thought the simple way was to go straight to the speed of light.

Is the speed of light the limit of ALL velocity in this universe, or is it not?

As a side issue, the belief that all massive objects are accruing mass has some resonance with the "the Earth is growing" guy (can't remember his name!) who has some big Earth (Moon, Mars, Europa) simulation videos showing a perfect fit of surface features as a consequence of increasing SIZE over time. He could be the "Wegener" of our time, for all I know...
10-30-2008, 10:44 PM,
HAARP Patent
Quote:The full english version is not online, but the original is available at -
anybody hear, who can read it and check their translation ???

Hi. The translation is okay.

Translated online with Babelfish from Russian the full original text is here.
[Some language-humor guaranteed:-(]

Eugene Lvovich Lisanov – military journalist
Independent military review, on December 5, 2007

Ranging of the plasma accelerators:
Geophysical weapon arises into the army system

At the end 1970-s the world community concluded the agreement, which forbids the development of geophysical weapon. And here all works in this direction were classified. However, in spite of the agreement, assume some scientists, searches in this region continue under the guise scientific research. But their content and designation are wrapped by the curtain of reservations, scientific speculations and even mysticism.

"Ray of Death" of Nikola Tesla

The idea to transfer electromagnetic pulses on the distance without the wires, so to speak, by air, was born by no means at the end of XX century. Authorship here belongs to the famous physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). At the beginning of past century it patented the methods of the transfer of the electrical energy through the natural medium (air, water, the earth). Scientist was confident, that it is possible to create the glow in the form of the aurora borealis not only above the Arctic, but also above other regions of the Earth, moreover regulating in this case intensity of the glow. But in 1940 he declared after the thorough modification of his invention, that created "the ray of death". With its aid it is possible to send electric power in any quantities and up to any distance. Tesla established the powerful for those times transformer, which sent per 30 miles lightning with the power not of less than 10 kW.

Analyzing the results of his experiences, he came to the conclusion that he developed the bases of the fundamentally new type of weapon, which transfers the energy through the ionosphere or the atmosphere, focusing it at the necessary point of the Earth. Therefore scientist rolled up the most dangerous, to its view, part of the experiments, and he thoroughly encoded the most important operating times. At the end the life of Tesla he singlehandedly destroyed many its materials.

However, in it numerous followers proved to be. Especially succeeded Bernard Eastlund(?), which wrote work under that freezing soul by the name of "Method and the mechanism of a change in the region of the atmosphere, ionosphere and/or magnetosphere of Earth". They interested themselves in his developments in the Pentagon. Thus, even in 1970-s on one of the bases of USAF (United States Air Force) was created the installation, similar to that, which experienced Tesla. Electromagnetic gear of different intensity were conducted also in Australia (Armideyl) and Puerto Rico (Arecibo). By the way, many scientists are assured that precisely in this the reason for many natural calamities lies.

Subsequently within the framework of the program of "star wars" American scientists worked at the creation of the so-called plasma accelerator. With its aid it was intended to drive away Soviet orbital group. In 1986 the administration of promising scientific research and developments MD of USA accepted a number of the programs, directed toward the development of military equipment with the sources of electromagnetic radiation. One of the primary tasks - study of the action of electromagnetic radiation on the environment, the biological subjects and the radio-electronic means, and also the development of means of protection from it.

In Alaska the Americans designed station for the so-called location below the horizon, intended for the detection in the territory of the enemy of aircraft, rockets even in the stage of start and during the flight with the aid of the pencil beam through the ionosphere.

In the picturesque the place of Gakkona, that in 450 km from Ankoridzha, under the conditions of deep secrecy began the building of first powerful radar. In the uninhabited valley surrounded by mountains, among the taiga was based the enormous building of diesel power station. The forest of the antennas of 24-meter height with a total area of more than 13 hectares grew not far from it. In all - 180 antennas.

Because earth's magnetic poles is displaced to the side of Canada and, consequently, also of Alaska, the position of emitters is selected as cannot more successfully - under the very cupola of the magnetosphere, they completely cover entire northern hemisphere. And "under the cap" in our present overseas partners proved to be entire Kamchatka and Far East.

However, this by them it seemed insufficiently. And soon not far from the town of Tromso, that in Norway, they elevated the second high-frequency emitter, built according to this program.

It should be noted that works in this region also conducted in the times of the Cold War in the Soviet Union. One installation was installed in Kapachy, that in the environs of Chernobyl', another - in the Far East. But as a result emergencies on Chernobyl' AES radioactive elements settled on the antennas, and equipment malfunctioned.

It was necessary to shut installation. But the second… plundered local residents. But here Americans not only preserved their emitters, but also adapted them to the changed military technical and political realias. The Pentagon reexamined its military doctrine, after developing the concept of creation and application of a special weapon, the weapons of destruction, which do not inflict enormous losses on personnel and material values. Into the development of this theme was isolated the branch of defense industry under the aegis of the administration of promising studies and with the participation of the laboratory of the Department of Energy. In 1995 the congress of the USA affirmed the 10-million budget of project. However, de facto the realization of project began by several years earlier.

With the development of the more reliable space means of the detection of flight vehicles at the early stages of start the Americans, improving their installations of the location below the horizon, altered them for the vertical heating of the ionosphere. One should recognize that they very succeeded in their scientific and technical searches. Stations modernized, to the light appeared scientific research project HAARP - study program of the high-frequency activity of the aurora borealis. Thus, contemporary complex HAARP, put into operation in 2002, presents the most powerful ionospheric stand.

"Today, says the expert of the Ministry of Defense, Candidate in Technical Sciences, Colonel Alexander Plaksin, complex HAARP in Alaska - the most contemporary installation in the world. Its power is three times more than Norwegian installation EISKAT and 15 times - Russian installation "Sura".

In order to understand the operating principle of this system, it is necessary to be dismantled at those sometimes not to the end studied phenomena, which occur in the atmosphere. As is known, higher than the ozone layer is located the ionosphere (gas layer, enriched by the electrical particles, which are called ions. - Author). But the ionosphere is not everywhere uniform and therefore "behaves" itself not equal everywhere and always. Thus, in the polar regions of the Earth in the ionosphere there are heterogeneities - excited ions of gases, which are called auroral. After being connected between themselves in their kind plasma ropes, they were lengthened along the lines of force of earth's magnetic field. Their length - several ten meters, thickness - about 10 cm. Physical essence and reasons for the appearance of these structures, until now, are not studied.

"The power, radiated by stand HAARP, - says Alexander Alexandrovich, - in effect equal to the average integral power of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, whose contribution is basic in the forming of the ionosphere of Earth".

Simply saying: with the warming-up of the individual sections of the ionosphere by thickness in several ten meters are formed the sections of auroral structures - artificial ionic swarms, which can be used as the optical lenses for the reflection of powerful radio beam in the individual sections of the earth's surface. Moreover the range of this ray is practically unconfined. These vibrations can be used, for example, for determining the presence of aircraft or for other purposes: it is possible to direct them in these or other sections of the Earth depending on the angle, at which the radio frequencies are reflected from the ionic lenses.

"If we heat the ionosphere sufficiently strongly, - is including in conversation the director of Feodorov institute of the geophysicists of the Russian Federal Service on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Control, the academician of RAEN (?) Sergey Avdyushin, - can be formed the ionospheric layer, especially in the polar region, which has almost zero resistance. Around the pole is formed its kind the cord, which can be used as the antenna for the transmission of information, let us say, for the submarines".

By the way, Americans proved this conclusion in practice. The pair of years ago they successfully conducted trial period of communication with one of their submarines at the 70-meter depth.

Electromagnetic trap

American management, realizing the preoccupation of the governments of many countries by this project, attempts to quiet the world community: it is said, project HAARP - especially scientific research program, which one ought not to fear. So whether this?

Some Russian and foreign analysts assume that the developed by Americans program - in actuality disguised idea of the creation of the ray of enormous power, geophysical weapon, the operating principle of which is based on the use of means of action for military purposes on the processes, proceeding in the solid, liquid and gaseous mantles of the Earth.

Moving the focus of antennas with the aid of the laser beam, it is possible to govern the artificially created in the ionosphere plasmoid (localized region of the highly ionized gas. - Author) or ball lightning. In other words: with the aid of the huge construction the Americans plan to bombard sky with the rays of energy, which, after being reflected from the ionosphere, will return to the earth in the form the electromagnetic waves of small frequency.

The enemies of this program have very important reasons not to entrust to the pacifying statements of Americans.

"The ionospheric layer excited by HAARP, - says Colonel Plaksin -, influences the radio-electronic filling of military equipment: the guidance system, correction, control, navigation and so forth. As a result aircraft or rocket, falling into the hearth of spout, goes out of order".

And this list of the ominous consequences of the implementation of program HAARP can be continued. If we compare, for example, with nuclear weapon, then geophysical by many times exceeds it according to the power. But if we direct this ray, let us say, in England, then it can destroy it within a few seconds.

Thus, the group of servicemen with the aid of the geophysical weapon, assume some scientists, after several years can place on the elbows the economy of entire state. And no one will understand nothing.

The most terrible, that even developers cannot definitely say that it will occur with the planet, as the ionosphere to the impact of these rays will react, if we neglect system to the complete coil. As is known, together with the ozone ionospheric layer protects the Earth from the penetration of fatal cosmic rays. The ionosphere will be damaged under the action of the electromagnetic gun of system HAARP, and cosmic radiation will without difficulty penetrate to the earth.

And what is more. The action of this know-how generally cannot be controlled, some researchers assert. Even the single application of this weapon can produce the so-called hammer effect, which cannot be will be stopped: earthquake, sharp temperature drop. In the opinion the Canadian scientist Rozalie Bertel, which studies the influence of wars on the ecosystems, active ionospheric disturbance it is capable of causing the liberation of the enormous masses of free electrons - the so-called electronic showers. In turn, this can entail change in the electric potential of poles and subsequent displacement of earth's magnetic poles. Simply speaking, the planet of "turns". And there remains only to guess, where the north pole will prove to be. With this conclusion is solidary the expert of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Colonel Alexander Plaksin.

At the same time it considers that the geophysical weapon nevertheless can be placed under the control.

"The corresponding equipment is necessary for this, - says Plaksin. - However the equipment, which stands in arsenal in the troops, is powerless to control the work of American emitters and to reveal their action, since it is not adapted under the emission frequencies of HAARP".

Is it possible to resist geophysical weapon? In the opinion the director of the Feodorov Institute of Applied Geophysicists of the Russian Federal Service on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Control, Sergey Avdyushin, today not one country possesses the technologies of protection from the geophysical weapon. Since the ionosphere is global, to heat it as in contrast was absurdly. It is possible to only destroy emitter itself, scientist is counted. At the same time in Russia attentively they follow operation of American stations according to the program HAARP with the aid of the automatic spacecraft and the means, located in Sakhalin and Kamchatka.

Hurricane was caused?

Tens of destroyed populated areas, thousand of those been killed - here is only the incomplete enumerations of the tragic consequences of the element, which was played in the Indian Ocean several years ago. Then, let us recall, many coastal areas of Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Somalia and some other African and Asian countries underwent the severe impact of natural cataclysm. But some islands simply left under the water. In the misfortunes, which understood the population of these countries, some analysts are inclined to blame not so much nature, as results of human activity - application of a new, geophysical weapon.

The guesses of scientists are by no means groundless. Approximately from that moment, when began the transfers of electromagnetic pulses, other experiments in this region, on the planet were increased in frequency the natural calamities - nature as if it descended from the mind. The enemies of project consider the culprit of all these natural metamorphoses HAARP.

Using an unsteady state of solid, liquid and gaseous mantles of the earth, with the aid of the small push it is possible to activate the catastrophic destructive forces of nature. The application of a geophysical weapon, note scientists, can stimulate earthquakes, provoke the appearance of enormous waves in the ocean (tsunami), change in the thermal condition or destruction of the ozone layer above the separate regions of planet.

The world community, frightened by the consequences of this interference in nature, in 1977 adopted convention of "On the prohibition of military and any other hostile use of means of action on natural medium". Each state - participant in the present Convention, it is spoken in it, undertakes not to come running to military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques, which have wide, long-term or serious consequences, as the methods of destruction, putting damage or reason for harm to any other participating government. This document all countries, including of the USA signed. However, further course of events showed that the Americans do not carry out the undertaken obligations.

It is for the sake of fairness necessary to note that in the Soviet Union the developments of geophysical weapon also conducted. The scientists of Tula polytechnic institute successfully injected technologies on control of sediments. To the end of the 80's of last century their activity was supervised by "peaceful" ministries, and only in 1990 people of Tula passed under the aegis of general staff. Then were created 11 ranges, on which at will it was possible to change weather and climatic conditions.

The technologies of Tula inventors were capable of even causing earthquakes, of influencing formation and trajectory of the motion of hurricanes, cyclones. The professor Martynov, the leader of project, found the method of determining the information about a change in the gravitational field of the Earth and atmosphere. In the walls of Tula polytechnics institute they invented the instrument, with the aid of which it was possible to influence weather. Several instruments, established at the equidistant points, manufactured the signal, which governed cyclone wave. The Soviet experiments above nature ceased with the disintegration of the USSR and it was necessary to shut project.

In the scientific circles there is no unanimous opinion relative to the reasons for the appearance of natural cataclysms. For example, the academician of RAEN Victor Danilov-Danilyan is convinced that anomalous natural calamities not the result of military experiments, but the consequence of unbalance of climatic system on the planet.

Analogous opinion adheres to the academician of RAEN Sergey Avdyushin. In his opinion, the natural calamity in Pacific Ocean, about which it was mentioned above, was caused by no means by the reasons for artificial nature, and by completely natural, natural.

As far as assumptions about the negative consequences of the application of a geophysical weapon are concerned, these guesses bear faster speculative- theoretical nature, but not scientific, scientist is counted.

11-01-2008, 04:26 AM,
HAARP Patent
Quote:The full english version is not online, but the original is available at -
anybody hear, who can read it and check their translation ???

Hi. The translation is okay.

Translated online with Babelfish from Russian the full original text is here.

Boy, I really should learn to check my spelling better before posting. Good thing I'm not working at the haarp facility, we may have already had a pole shift.
hear = here
oh the humiliation:P

nice job rajaleidur , I didn't even think of using babelfish, silly me.
&Alice laughed, &There's no use trying,& she said: &one can't believe impossible things.& &I daresay you haven't had much practice,& said the Queen. &When I was your age I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.&
- Lewis Carroll

&Things are seldom as they seem ... Skim milk masquerades as cream.&
- Gilbert and Sullivan (Pinafore)

At NASA, it really is rocket science, and the decision makers really are rocket scientists.
But a body of research that is getting more and more attention points to the ways that smart people working collectively can be dumber than the sum of their parts. .. Irwin Janis? &Groupthink:& is a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members' striving for unanimity override realistic appraisals ? It is the triumph of concurrence over good sense, and authority over expertise.&
-John Schwartz & Matthew L. Wade
11-01-2008, 11:47 AM,
HAARP Patent
Quote:And no one will understand nothing.
Now we must call for a Babelfish translator.

This is merely Russian journalism. When is somebody going to cover the science of radio propagation instead of journalistic opinion?
11-02-2008, 01:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-02-2008, 01:03 AM by Easy Skanking.)
HAARP Patent
Quote:Is the speed of light the limit of ALL velocity in this universe, or is it not?

For objects that exist in this order of 3-d reality, that would be the limit imposed by Special Relativity.

However, the quantum reality, which is a different order of reality, has it's own rules. There everything is possibility without actual physical existence as we know it and the speed of light is not applicable since there is no associated mass. A quantum possibility vector field may exist at every point in the universe at the same time as well as no points. It does not achieve a currently perceivable existence in this order of reality until the quantum possibility field achieves a probability.

This means that we may perceive there is no wave or electromagnetic field and give it a value of zero. This does not mean that there is no quantum vector wave (scalar wave, longitudinal wave) potential associated with this measured zero. As applied to this type of technology, this means that all we have done is to take two EM fields of non-zero potential and modulated them to our desired output, usually at a resonant frequency for the carrier signal. Then we add a phase reversed carrier signal to the original giving us a zero EM field potential. This is longitudinal wave phase conjugation. The modulated information is still there but it is currently modulated into quantum vector waves with no apparent EM field or wave. This is information hidden within an apparent zero. So our transmission may appear to consist of nothing measurable and the effects appear to occur at a distance faster than a light speed wave propagation would take it. Our transmission is still obeying all of the laws of physics of this order of reality and obeying the laws of the quantum world as well.

This is just part of Tesla's genius.
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix
11-02-2008, 03:21 AM,
HAARP Patent
Quote:Now we must call for a Babelfish translator.
Sry for off topic, but (at least for those to have to choose between Mc/Ob) I’d like to spread this. Just for „fun“ I opened the babelfish, put in an innocent line in English, like, humph, „To be or not to be“.
Then translated it to Chinese (got this: 生存还是毁灭), then back to English. And omg, it made my night. It said: „THE SURVIVAL DESTROYS“!!!

Got it, Hamlet, eastern wisdom? (And where are you now, my teacher of foreign literature?)
So, watch your head! The survival destroys, as long as angels don't play this haarp.

Quote:This is merely Russian journalism.
Indeed it is. And until the journalist is not shot to death, don't buy him/her...
11-03-2008, 12:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-03-2008, 01:04 AM by JazzRoc.)
HAARP Patent
Fell on floor...

Quote:Got it, Hamlet, eastern wisdom? (And where are you now, my teacher of foreign literature?) So, watch your head!

Quote:This is merely Russian journalism.
Quote:Indeed it is. And until the journalist is not shot to death, don't buy him/her...
I dunno. I reckon he'd have been all right if Tesla shot him. Depends what the information was that was lurking in that quantum probability field. If it was Monty Python's Fatal Joke, then so much the worse for him - although he'd die laughing, unlike Schrodinger's Limbo Cat...

Quote:So our transmission may appear to consist of nothing measurable and the effects appear to occur at a distance faster than a light speed wave propagation would take it. Our transmission is still obeying all of the laws of physics of this order of reality and obeying the laws of the quantum world as well.
Quote:Now we must call for a Babelfish translator.
More like an easy-skanking pseudo-science units translator.
11-03-2008, 01:47 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-03-2008, 01:50 AM by Easy Skanking.)
HAARP Patent
Quote:More like an easy-skanking pseudo-science units translator.

Try a brush up on your quantum physics, wave mechanics, RF and EMF transmissions and then read this thread again.
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix
11-03-2008, 08:58 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-05-2008, 01:16 AM by JazzRoc.)
HAARP Patent
Quote:A quantum possibility vector field may exist at every point in the universe at the same time as well as no points.
I've heard of quantum probability. I suppose my comment to this is "Possibly!"

Quote:It does not achieve a currently perceivable existence in this order of reality until the quantum possibility field achieves a probability.
Is this when the cow jumps over the Moon?

Quote:As applied to this type of technology
You mean E.E.Doc Smith's BLASTER as opposed to Klingon Disruptors?

Quote:two EM fields of non-zero potential
"Potential" is usually applied to ELECTROSTATIC FIELDS. In ANY case, TWO fields together are ONE, the VECTOR combination, aren't they?.

Quote:and modulated them
Modulating a field?

Quote:to our desired output
"When you wish upon a star..."

Quote:usually at a resonant frequency for the carrier signal

Quote:Then we add a phase reversed carrier signal to the original giving us a zero EM field potential
An EM field potential again?

Quote:This is longitudinal wave phase conjugation. The modulated information is still there but it is currently modulated into quantum vector waves with no apparent EM field or wave. This is information hidden within an apparent zero. So our transmission may appear to consist of nothing measurable and the effects appear to occur at a distance faster than a light speed wave propagation would take it. Our transmission is still obeying all of the laws of physics of this order of reality and obeying the laws of the quantum world as well.
"The laws of physics of this order of reality" and "the laws of the quantum world as well". Well, well...

Quote:This is just part of Tesla's genius.
Yes. Produce an impossible mix of different units, while wishing on a star, to cause the cow to jump over the Moon, and blast everyone - with a tautology.

From its inception, quantum physics was concerned not just with particles such as electrons, but also with light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. In 1900 Planck discovered the quantum in the transfer of energy from matter to radiation, and in 1905, Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect assumed that the transfer of energy from radiation to matter occurred in a similarly quantized fashion. It is therefore hardly surprising that the development of quantum mechanics was soon followed by an attempt to formulate a quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation. That meant, of course, combining quantum ideas such as Planck's constant and intrinsic probabilities with the field theory of electromagnetism. The result would be a quantum field theory.

The quantum field theory of electromagnetism is called quantum electrodynamics, or QED for short. Its formulation proved to be very difficult. The first steps were taken by the British physicist Paul Dirac in 1927, but the theory was not really sorted out until the late 1940s.

During the lengthy development of QED the following important features of quantum field theory became apparent.

Quantum field theory provides the natural way of combining special relativity and quantum physics. Quantum mechanics, as originally formulated by Heisenberg and Schrödinger was inconsistent with the principle of relativity. Attempts were made to rectify this problem and significant progress was made by Dirac with his relativistic electron equation. However, despite many successes it became increasingly clear that relativistic quantum mechanics was ultimately self-contradictory and that quantum field theory provided the natural way of producing a relativistic quantum physics.

Quantum fields may be regarded as collections of particles.In the case of the quantized electromagnetic field these particles are called photons. Each photon of a particular colour carries a characteristic amount of energy: the quantum of energy used by Planck and Einstein. Emission and absorption of radiation corresponds to the creation and destruction of photons and therefore inevitably involves the transfer of complete quanta of energy. (Interestingly, Einstein realized as early as 1905 that the quantized transfer of energy would be explained if radiation actually consisted of particles, but the idea was not well received and he did not press it. Photons only became an accepted part of physics in the 1920s.)

Quantum field theory can be used to describe all fundamental particles. Electrons and positrons are normally regarded as examples of fundamental particles of matter. In quantum field theory all such particles are associated with quantum fields in much the same way that photons are associated with the electromagnetic field. The number of particles of a given type reflects the state of excitation of the field, and the particles are said to be 'quanta of excitation' of the field. Thus, although quantum field theory describes particles and the forces between them, it does so entirely in terms of quantum fields.

Quantum field theory describes processes in which particles are created or destroyed. When a quantum field becomes more excited, the number of quanta of excitation increases. This occurs because new particle-antiparticle pairs are created from radiation. When a quantum field becomes less excited, the number of quanta of excitation decreases. This is achieved by processes in which particles and antiparticles collide and annihilate one another to produce radiation. (Both of these processes are permitted by Einstein's equation and were explicitly predicted by Dirac.)

These were all very attractive features of quantum field theory and raised the hope that it might be a truly fundamental theory capable of providing a new world-view. However there were serious problems within quantum electrodynamics that had to be overcome before such hopes stood any chance of being realized. Using QED to predict the value of a physically measurable quantity involved, in practice, working out the contribution made by several different sub-processes. Making sure that these sub-processes were fully identified was a problem in itself, working out their individual contributions was even worse. Even in the simplest cases determining the contributions was difficult, and in the more complicated cases the result was usually a meaningless infinity showing that something was wrong.

It was the problem of infinities that really delayed the completion of QED until the late 1940s. At that time, in a burst of post-war activity, a technique called renormalization was developed that made it possible to get at the physical result hidden behind the unphysical infinity. At the same time a simple diagrammatic method was devised that made it much easier to identify and perform the necessary calculations. The problem of infinities was solved by Julian Schwinger (1918-1994), Sin-itiro Tomonaga (1906-1979) and Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988).

The completion of QED presented physicists with the most precise theory of Nature they had ever possessed. However, by the time that completion had been achieved it was already clear that electromagnetism and gravitation were not the only forces at work in the world. The familiar contact forces you feel when pressing on a surface had long been understood to be nothing more than manifestations of electromagnetism - atoms repelling other atoms that got too close - but the 1930s and 1940s had provided clear evidence of the existence of two other fundamental forces. These new forces were quite powerful, but both were of such short range that they mainly operated within atoms rather than between them. The new forces were called the strong and weak nuclear forces since their effects were most clearly seen in the behaviour of atomic nuclei. The strengths are roughly those found at high collision energies, and the force carriers are the particles most closely associated with each force. The graviton is followed by a question mark because its existence is still in doubt.

Formulating quantum field theories of each of the four fundamental forces was an obvious goal, and remains so to this day. Three of the forces - the strong, the weak and the electromagnetic - have been treated with great success; and have been combined to form a so-called standard model of fundamental forces. However, gravity has resisted all attempts to fit it into the same kind of theoretical strait-jacket and seems to require very special treatment if it is to be treated as a quantum field theory at all. If it were not for the problem of gravity we would be able to say that the physicist's current world-view is that the Universe consists of a set of mutually interacting quantum fields that fill the space-time described by special relativity. But it seems that this will not do.

A way forward may be indicated by the standard model itself. The standard model is actually something more than a description of three of the four fundamental forces; it is also to some extent a prototype for their union. Within the standard model the electromagnetic and weak forces appear as a unified electroweak force. Under unification, the quantum fields responsible for the weak and electromagnetic forces combine in a way that is slightly reminiscent of Einstein's fusion of space and time to form space-time.

This is what I prefer to acknowledge. My heroes are Einstein, Dirac, Feynman, and some others. At least they keep their units together and produce meaningful sentences, sometimes even paragraphs, and scientific papers...
11-05-2008, 05:33 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-05-2008, 07:25 PM by TeslaandLyne.)
HAARP Patent

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere;dq=4,686,605

I think the Russians were more successful in making rain.
So can't say what HAARP does except occupy space in an Alaska gas field.
Some sort of communication advantage perhaps or explosive atmosphere
reaction that Tesla did over Tunguska.
This occurs as atmospheric gases heat up and then recombine.. giving off more heat and
creates a pressure wave.

"My second discovery was of a physical truth of the greatest importance. As I have searched the entire scientific records in more than a half dozen languages for a long time without finding the least anticipation, I consider myself the original discoverer of this truth, which can be expressed by the statement: There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment." — Nikola Tesla

Somewhere in this massive work or his Physics book has the gas reaction:
So it goes amigo and amigas at CC.

ED: There seems to be a lot on the first page. The curtain defense by Tesla seems to be what you have there.
The death ray electric field generator was suggested by MHD means of a magnetic field air gap being
traversed by 10,000 psi water flow with electric field coming at right angle to power the ray of particles.

ED+: I knew there as something to add. When one considers the Tesla view of the gaseous aether the double slit
problem needs no proton theory as the medium for radio, magnets, electric fields of charges and light.

From the longitudinal wave, velocity through the medium is inversely proportional to the density of the medium.
This is the double del Laplace operator equal to zero equation. (the not the equal to density equation.. fairly sure)
So air density/ aether density = [(light velocity.. in the gaseous aether medium) / sound velocity] squared
= (186,000 mps x 5280 ft/mi / 1085 fps) squared = (900,000) squared
air = 8 x 10 to 11th power denser than aether.
11-06-2008, 08:14 AM,
HAARP Patent

Quote:“It is not possible to understand the magnetic effects of materials in any honest way from the point of view of classical physics.”

—Richard Feynman
1965 Nobel Prize winning physicist

Here's where the present day theories, including QED, fall short and as a result cannot explain let alone accept this type of technology.

Quote:A: Discrepancies in Present EM Theory

There are at least twenty-two major discrepancies presently existing in conventional electromagnetcs theory.

(1) In present electromagnetics theory, charge and charged mass are falsely made identical. Actually, on a charged particle, the "charge" is the flux of virtual particles on the "bare particle" of observable mass. The charged particle is thus a "system" of true massless charge coupled to a bare chargeless mass. The observable "mass" is static, three-dmensional and totally spatial. "Charge" is dynamic, four-dimensional or more, virtual and spatiotempral. Further, the charge and observable mass can be de-coupled, contrary to present theory. Decoupled charge -- that is, the absence of mass -- is simply what we presently refer to as "Vacuum." Vacuum, spacetime, and massless charge are all identical. Rigorously, we should utilize any of these three as an "ether," as suggested for vacuum by Einstein himself (see Max Born, Einstiein's Theory of Relativity,Revised Edition, Dover Publications, New York, 1965, p. 224). And all three of them are identically nenergy -- not energy, but more fundamental component s of energy.

(2) Electrostatic potential is regarded as a purely 3-dimensional spatial stress. Instead, it is the intensity of a many-dimensional (at least four-dimensional) virtual flux and a stress on all four imensions of spacetime. This is easily seen, once one recognizes that spacetime is identically masless charged. (It is not "filled" with charge; rather,it is charge!) Just as, in a gas under pressure, the accumulation of additional gas further stresses the gas, the accumulation of charge (spacetime) stresses charge (spacetime). Further, if freed from its attachment to mass, charge can flow exclusively i time, exclusively in space, or in any combination of the two. Tesla waves -- which are scalar waves in pure massless charge flux itself -- thus can exhibit extraordinary characteristics that ordinary vector waves do not possess. And Tesla waves have exta dimensional degrees of freedom in which to move, as compared to vector waves. Indeed, one way to visualize a Tesla scalar wave is to regard it as a pure oscillation of time itself.

(3) Voltage and potential are often confused in the electrostatic case, or at least thought of as composed of the same thing." For that reason, voltage is regarded as "potential drop." This also is ot true. Rigorously, the potential is the intensity of the virtual particle flux at a single point -- whether or not there is any mass at the point -- an both the pressure and the point itself are spatiotemporal (4-dimensional) and not spatial (3-dimensonal) as presently assumed. Voltage represents th e spatial intersection of the difference in potential between two seperated spatial points, ad always implies at least a minuscule flow of mass current (that is what makes it spatial!). "Voltage" is spatial and depends upon the presence of observable mass flow, while scalar electrostatic potential is spatiotemporal and depends upon the absence o observable mass flow. The two are not even of the same dimensionality.

(4) The charge of vacuum spacetime is assumed to be zero, when in fact it is a very high value. Vacuum has no mass, but it has great massless charge and virtual particle charge flux. For proof that acharged vacuum is the seat of something in motion, se e G. M. Graham and D. G. Lahoz, "Observation of static electromagnetic angular momentum in vacuo," Nture, Vol. 285, 15 May 1980, pp. 154-155. In fact, vacuum IS charge, identically, and it is also spacetime, and at least four-dimensional.

(5) Contrary to its present usage, zero is dimensional and relative in its context. A three-dimensonal spatial hole, for example, exists in time. If we model time as a dimension, then the spatial hoe has one dimension in 4-space. So a spatial absence is a spatiotemporal presence. In the vacuum 4-space, a spatial nothing is still a something. The "virtual" concept and mathematical concept of a derivative are simply two present ways of unconsciously addressing this fundamental problem of the dimensional relativity of zero.

(6) The concepts of "space" and "time" imply that spacetime (vacuum) has been separated into two parts. We can only think of a space as "continuing to exist in time." To separate vacuum spacetime into two pieces, an operation is continually required. The operator that accomplishes this splitting operation is the photon interaction, the interaction of vector electromagnetic energy or waves with mass. I have already strongly pointed out this effect and presented a "raindrop model" or first-order physical change itself in my book, The Excalibur Briefing, Strawberry Hill Press, San Francisco, 1980,pp. 128-130.

(7) "Vector magnetic potential" is assumed to be always an aspect of (and connected to) the magnetic field. In fact it is a separate, fundamental field of nature and it can be entirely disconnected fom the magnetic field. See Richard P. Feynman et al, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., New York, 1964, Vol. II, pp. 15-8 to15-14. Curiously, this fact has been proven for years, yet it has been almost completely ignored in he West. The "(triangle)x" operator, when applied to the A-field, makes B-field. If the (triangle)x operator is not applied, the "freed" A-field possess much-expanded characteristics from those presently allowed in the "bound" theory. Specifically, it becomes a scalar or "shadow vector" field; it is not a normal vector field.

The speed of light in vacuum is assumed to be a fundamental constant of nature. Instead it is function of the intensity of the massless charge flux (that is, of the magnitude of the electrostatic potential) of the vacuum in which it moves. (Indeed , since vacuum and masless charge are one and the same, one may say that the speed of light is a function of the intensity of the spatiotemporal vacuum!). The higher the flux intensity (charge) of the vacuum, the faster the speed of light in it. This is a n observed fact and already shown by hardcore measurements. For example, distinct differences actualy exist in the speed of light in vacuo, when measured on the surface of the earth as compared to measurements in space away from planetary masses. In a vacuum on the surface of the earth, light moves significantly faster. For a discussion and the statistics, see B. N. Belyaev, "On Random Fluctuations of the Velocity of Light in Vacuum," Soviet Physics Journal, No. 11, Nov. 1980, pp. 37-42 (original in Russian, translation by Plenum Publishing Corporation.) The Russians have used this knowledge for over two decades in their strategic psychotronics (energetics) program; yet hardly a single U.S. scientist is aware of the measured variation of c in vacuo. In fact, most Western scientists simply cannot believe it when it is pointed out to them!

(9) Energy is considered fundamental and equivalent to work. In fact, energy arises from vector prcesses, and it can be disassembled into more fundamental (anenergy) scalar components, since the vectors can. These scalar components individually can be moved to a distant location without expending work, since one is not moving force vectors. There the scalar components can be joined and reassembled into vectors to provide "free energy" appearing at a distance, with no loss in between the initial and distant points. For proof that a vector field can be replaced by (and considered to be composed of) two scalar fields, see E. T. Whittaker, Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Volume 1, 1903, . 367. By extension, any vector wave can be replaced by two coupled scalar waves.

(10) The classical Poynting vector predicts no longitudinal wave of energy from a time-varying, electrically charged source. In fact, an exact solution of the problem does allow this longitudinal wave. See T. D. Keech and J. F. Corum, "A New Derivation for the Field of a Time-Varying Charge in Einsteins Theory," International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Vol. 20, No. 1, 1981, pp. 63-68 for the proof.

(11) The present concepts of vector and scalar are severely limited, and do not permit the explicit consideration of the internal, finer-grained structures of a vector or a scalar. That is, a fundamental problem exists with the basic assumptions in the vector mathematics itself. The "space" of a vector field, for example, does not have inter-nesed sublevels (subspaces) containing finer "shadow vectors" or "virtual vectors." Yet particle physic has already discovered that electrical reality is built that way. Thus one should actually use a "hypernumber" theory after the manner of Charles Muses. A scalar is filled with (and composed of) nested levels of other "spaces" containing vectors, where these sum to "zero" in the ordinary observable frame without an observable vector resultant. In Muses' mathematics, for example, zero has real roots. Real physical devices can be -- and have been -- constructed in accordance with Muses' theory. For an introduction to Muses' profound hypernumberss approach, see Charles Muses' forward to Jerome Rothstein, Communication, Organization and Science, The Falcon's Wing Press, Indian Hills, Colorado, 1958. See also Charles Muses', "Applied Hypernumbers: Computational Concepts," Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vo l. 3, 1976. See also Charles Muses' "Hypernumbers II", Applied Mathematics and Computation, January 1978.

(12) With the expanded Tesla electromagnetics, a new conservation of energy law is required. Let us recapitulate for a moment. The oldest law called for the conservation of mass. The present law call for the conservation of "mass and energy", but not each separately. If mass is regarded as simply another aspect of energy, then the present law calls for the conservation of energy. However, this assumes that energy is a basic, fundamental concept. Sine the energy concept is tied to work and the movement of vector forces, it implicitly assumes "vector movement" to be a "most fundamental" and irreducible concept. But as we pointed out, Whittaker showed that vectors can always be further broken down into more fundamental coupled scalar components. Further, Tesla discovered that these "coupled components" of "energy" can be individually separated, transmitted, processed, rejoined, etc. This directly implies that energy per se need not be conserved. The new law therefore calls for the conservation of anenergy, the components of energy. These components may be coupled into energy, and the energy may be further compacted into mass. It is the sum total of the (anenergy) components -- coupled and uncoupled --that is conserved, not the matter or the energy per se. Further, this conservation of anenergy is not spatial; rather it is spatiotemporal in a spacetime of at least four or more dimensions.

(13) Relativity is presently regarded as a theory or statement about fundamental physical reality.In fact, it is only a statement about FIRST ORDER reality -- the reality that emerges from the vector interaction of electromagnetic energy with matter. When we break down the vectors into scalars (shadow vectors or hypervectors), we immediately enter a vastly different, far more fundamental reality. In this reality superluminal velocity, multiple universes, travel back and forth in time, higher dimensions, variation of all "fundamental constants" of nature, materialization and dematerialization and violation of the "conservation of energy" are all involved. Even our present Aristotlean logic - fitted to the photon interaction by vector light as the fundamental observation mechanism -- is incapable of describing or modeling this more fundamental reality. Using scalar waves and scalar interactions as much subtler, far less limited observation/detection mechanisms, we must have a new "superrelativity" to describe the expanded electromagnetic reality uncovered by Nikola Tesla.

"Charge" is assumed to be quantized, in addition to always occurring with -- and locked to --mass. Indeed, charge is not necessarily quantized, just as it is not necessarily locked to mass. Ehrnhaft discovered and reported fractional charges for years, in the 30's and 40's, and was ignored. See P.A.M. Dirac, "Development of the Physicist's Concption of Nature", Sumposium on the Development of the Physicist's Conception of Nature, ed. Jagdish Merha, D. Reidel, Boston, 1973, pp. 12-14 for a presentation of some of Ehrenhaft's results. Within the last few years Stanford University researchers have also positively demonstrated the existence of "fractional charge." For a layman's description of their work, see "A Specter Haunting Physics," Science News, Vol. 119, January 31, 1981, pp. 68-69. Indeed, Dirac in his referenced article points out that Mllikan himself -- in his original oildrop experiments -- reported one measurement of fractional charge, but discounted it as probably due to error.

(15) Presently, things are always regarded as traveling through normal space. Thus we use or model only the most elementary type of motion -- that performed by vector electromagnetic energy. We do no allow for things to "travel inside the vector flow itself." Yet, actually, there is a second, more subtle flow inside the first, and a third, even more subtle flow inside the second, and so on. We may operate inside, onto, into, and out of energy itself-- and any anenergy component of energy. There are hypervectors and hyperscalars unlimited , within the ordinary vectors and scalars we already know. Further, these "internal flows" can be engineered and utilized, allowing physical reality itself to be directly engineered, almost without limits.

(16) We always assume everything exists in time. Actually, nothing presently measured exists in tie, because the physical detection/measurement process of our present instruments destroys time, ripping it off and tossing it away -- and thereby "collapsing the wave function." Present scientific methodology thus is seriously flawed. It does not yield fundamental (spacetime) truth, but only a partial (spatial) truth. This in turn leads to great scientific oversights. For example. mass does not exist in time, but mass x time (masstime) does. A fundamental constant does not exist in time, but "constant time" does. Energy does not exist in time, but energy x time (action) does. Even space itself does not exist in time -- spacetime does. We are almost always one dimension short in every observable we model. Yet we persist in thinking spatially, and we have developed instruments that detect and measure spatially only. Such instruments can never measure and detect the phenomenology of the nested substrata of time. By using scalar technology, however, less limited instruments can indeed be constructed -- ad they have been. With such new instruments, the phenomenology of the new electromagnetics can be explored and an engineering technology developed.

(17) We do not recognize the connection between nested levels of virtual state (particle physics) and orthogonally rotated frames (hyperspaces). Actually, the two are identical, as I showed in the appendix to my book, The Excalibur Briefing, Strawberry Hills Press, San Francisco, 1980, pp. 233-235. A virtual particle in the laboratory frame is an observable particle in a hyperspatial frame rotated more than one orthogonal turn away. This of course implies that the hyperspatial velocity of all virtual particles is greater than the speed of light. The particle physicist is already deeply involved in hyprspaces and hyperspatial charge fluxes without realizing it. In other words , he is using tachyons (articles that move faster than light) without realizing it.

(18) Presently quantum mechanics rigorously states that time is not an observable, and therefore it cannot be measured or detected. According to this assumption, one must always infer time from spatial measurements, because all detections and measurements are spatial. With this assumption, our scientists prejudice themselves against looking for finer, subquantal measurement methodologies and instrumentation. Actually this present limitation is the result of the type of electromagnetics we presently know, where all instruments (the "measurers") have been interacted with by vector electromagnetic energy(light). Every mass that has temperature (and all masses do!) is continually absorbing and emitting photons, and in the process they are continually connecting to time and disconnecting from time. If time is continually being carried away from the detector itself by its emitted photons, then the detector cannot hold and "detect" that which it has just lost. With Tesla electromagnetics, however, the fundamental limitation of our present instruments need not apply. With finer instruments, we can show there are an infinite number of levels to "time", and it is only the "quantum level time" which is continually being lost by vector light (photon) interaction. By using subquantal scalar waves, instruments can move to deeper levels of time -- in which case the upper levels of time ARE measurable and detectable, in contradistinction to present assumptions.

(19) In the present physics, time is modeled as, and considered to be, a continuous dimension such as length. This is only a gross approximation. Indeed , time is not like a continuous "dimension," but more like a series of "stitches," each of which is individually made and then ripped out before the next stitch appears. "Vector light" photons interact one at a time, and it is this interaction with mass that creates quantum change itself. The absorbtion of a photon -- which is energy x time -- by a spatial mass converts it to masstime: the time was added by the photon. The emission of a photon tears away the time, leaving behind again a spatial mass. It is not accidental, then, that time flows at the peed of light, for it is light which contains and carries time. It is also not accidental that the photon IS the individual quantum. Since all our instruments presently are continually absorbing and emitting photons, they are all "quantized," and they accordingly "quantize" their detections. This is true be cause all detection is totally internal to the detector, and the instruments only detect only their own internal changes. Since these detections are on a totally granular quantized background, the detentions themselves are quantized. The Minkowski model i s fundamentally erroneous in its modeling of time, and for that reason relativity and quantum mechanics continue to resist all attempts to successfully combine them, quantum field theory not withstanding.

(20) Presently, gravitational field and electrical field are considered mutually exclusive. Actually this is also untrue. In 1974, for example, Santilli proved that electrical field and gravitational field indeed are not mutually exclusive. In that case one is left with two possibilities: (a) they are totally the same thing, or (B)they are partially he same thing. For the proof, see R. M. Santilli, "Partons and Gravitation: Some Puzzling Questions, Annals of Physics, Vol. 83, No. 1, March 1974. With the new Tesla electromagnetics, pure scalar waves in time itself can be produced electrically , and electrostatics (when the charge has been separated from the mass) becomes a "magic" tool capable of directly affecting anything that exists in time -- including the gravitational field. Antigravity and the inertial drive are immediate and direct consequences of the new electromagnetics.

(21) Presently, mind is considered metaphysical, not a part of physics, and not affected by physical means. Literally, the prevailing belief of Western scientists is that man is a mechanical robot --even though relativity depends entirely upon the idea of the idea of the "observer." Western science today thus has essentially become dogmatic, and in this respect borders on a religion. Since this "religion," so to speak, is now fairly well entrenched n its power in the state, Western science is turning itself into an oligarchy. But mind occupies time, and when we measure and affect time, we can directly measure and affect mind itself. In the new electromagnetics, then, Man regains his dignity and his humanity by restoring the reality of mind and thought to science. In my book, The Excalibur Briefing, I have already pointed out the reality of mind and simplified way in which it can be modeled to the first order. With scalar wave instruments, the reality of mind and thought can be measured in the laboratory, and parapsychology becomes a working, engineering, scientific discipline.

(22) Multiple valued basic dimensional functions are either not permitted or severely discouraged n the present theory. For one thing, integrals of multiple valued derivative functions have the annoying habit of "blowing up" and yielding erroneous answers, or none at all. And we certainly do not allow multiple types of time! This leads to the absurdity of the present interpretation of relativity, which permits only a single observer (and a single observation) at a time. So if one believes as "absurd" a thing as the fact that more than one person can observe an apple at the same time, the present physics fails. However, the acceptance of such a simple proposition as multiple simultaneous observation leads to a physics so bizarre and incredible that most Western physicists have been unable to tolerate it, much less examine its consequences. In the physics that emerges from multiple simultaneous observation, all possibilities are real and physical. There are an infinite number of worlds, orthogonal to one another, and each world is continually splitting into additional such "worlds" at a stupendous rate. Nonetheless, this physics was worked out by Everett for his doctoral thesis in 1956, and the thesis was published in 1957. (See Hugh Everett, III, The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: A Fundamental Exposition, with papers by J. A. Wheeer, B. S. DeWitt, L. N. Cooper and D. Van Vechten, and N. Graham; eds. Bryce S. Dewitt and Neill Graham, Princeton Series in Physics, Princeton University Press, 1973.) Even though it is bizarre, Everett's physics is entirely consistent with the present experimental basis of physics. The present electromagnetic theory is constructed for only a single "world" or universe -- or "level." The expanded theory, on the other hand, contains multiply nested levels of virtual state charge -- and these levels are identically the same as orthogonal universes, or "hyperframes." Multiple kinds -- and values -- of time also exist. The new concept differs from Everett's, however, in that the orthogonal universes intercommunicate in the virtual state. That is, an observable in one universe is always a virtual quantity in each of the other universes. Thus one can have multi-level "continuities" and "discontinuities" simultaneously, without logical conflict. It is precisely these levels of charge -- these levels of scalar vacuum -- that lace together the discontinuous quanta generated by the interaction of vector light wit mass.

However, to understand the new electromagnetic reality, one requires a new, expanded logic which contains the old Aristotlean logic as a subset. I have already pointed out the new logic in my paper, A Conditional Criterion for Identity, Leading to a Fourth Law of Logic," 1979, available from the National Technical Information Center, AD-A071032.

Even as logic is extended, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, and relativity are drastically changed by the Tesla electromagnetics, as I pointed out in my paper, "Solutions to Tesla's Secrets and the Soviet Tesla Weapons," Tesla Book Company, 1580 Magnolia, Millbrae, CA, 94030, 1980.

The present electromagnetics is just a special case of a much more fundamental electromagnetics discovered by Nikola Tesla, just as Newtonian physics is a special case of the relativistic physics. But in the new electromagnetics case, the differences between the old and the new are far more drastic and profound.

Additional References

1. Boren, Dr. Lawence Milton, "Discovery of the Fundamental Magnetic Charge (Arising from the new Conservation of Magnetic Energy)," 1981/1982 (private communication). Dr. Boren has a cogent argument tat the positron is the fundamental unit of magnetic charge. His theory thus assigns fundamentally different natures to positive charge and negative charg. In support of Dr. Boren, one should point out that the "positive" end of circuits can simply be "less negative" than the "negative" end. In other words, the circuit works simply from higher accumulation of negative charges (the "negative" end) to a leser accumulation of negative charges (the "positive" end). Nowhere need there be positive charges (protons, positrons, etc.) to make the circuit work. Dr. Borens theory, though dramatic at first encounter, nonetheless bears close and meticulous examination-- particularly since he has been able to gather experimental data which support his theory and disagree with present theory.

2. Eagle, Albert, "An Alternative Explanation of Relativity Phenomena," philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, No. 191, December 1939, pp. 694 -701.

3. Ehrenaft, Felix and Wasser, Emanuel, "Determination of the Size and Weight of Single Submicroscopc Spheres of the Order of Magnitude r = 4 x 10(-5) cm. to 5 x 10(-6) cm., as well as the Production f Real Images of Submicroscopic Particles by means of Ultraviolet Light," Phil. Mag. and Jour. of Sci., Vol. II (Seventh Series), No. 7, July 1926, pp. 3-51.

4. Ehrenhaft, Felix and Wasser, Emanuel, "New Evidence of the Existence of Charges smaller than the electron - (a) The Micromagnet; (B)The Law of Resistance; © The computation of errors of the Metho," Phil. Mag. and Jour. of Sci., Vol. V (Seventh Series), No. 28, February 1928, pp. 225-241.

5. See also Ehrenhaft's last paper dealing with the electronic charge, in Philosophy of Science, Vo. 8, 1941, p. 403.

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11. "Gravity and acceleration aren't always equivalent," New Scientist, 17 September 1981, p. 723.

12. Gonyaev, V. V., "Experimental Determination of the Free-Fall Acceleration of a Relativistic Chared Particle. II. A Cylindrical Solenoid in a Time- Independent Field of Inertial Forces," Izvestiya UZ, Fizika, No. 7, 1979, pp. 28-32. English Translation: Soviet Physics Journal, No. 7, 1979, pp. 829-833. If one understands the new, expanded electromanetics, this Soviet paper indicates a means of generating antigravity and pure inertial fields.

13. R. Schaffranke, "The Development of Post-Relativistic Concepts in Physics and Advanced Technology Abroad," Energy Unlimited, No. 12, Winter 1981, pp. 15-20.

14. F. K. Preikschat, A Critical look at the theory of Relativity, Library of Congress Catalogue No.77-670044. Extensive compilation of measurements of the speed of light. Clearly shows the speed of light is not constant but changes, sometimes even daily.

B: The Secret of Electrical Free Energy

Present electromagnetic theory is only a special case of the much more fundamental electromagnetic theory discovered by Nikola Tesla at the turn of the century.

Pure vacuum is pure charge flux, without mass. The vacuum has a very high electrical potential -- something on the order of 200 million volts, with respect to a hypothetical zero charge.

Thus in an ordinary electrical circuit, each point of the "ground" -- which has the same potential a the vacuum -- actually has a non-zero absolute potential. This circuit ground has a value of zero only with respect to something else which has the same absolute electrical potential.

Voltage, which is always associated with a flow of electrical "mass" current (even if only a miniscule flow), is, by definition, a difference dropped in potential when a charge mass moves between two spatially separated points. What we have termed "electrical current" only flows where there is a suitable conducting medium between things which have a difference in absolute potential. Furthermore, between any two points in any material, there is considered to be a finite resistance -- if we apply a voltage ahd have a mass current flowing between the two points! Rigorously, to have one of the three is to have them all. To lose one is to lose all three. Immediately we see a major error in present theory: One can have a "difference in scalar potential" between two points without having a "voltage drop" between them. Specifically, if no mass current flows between them, no resistance exists between them, and no voltage drop exists between them.

In the same fashion, one can have a "scalar wave" through the vacuum without a voltage wave. In that case, the wave has no E-field and no H-field. The only reason one has an E field around a statically charged object is because the charged electrons accumulated on the object are actually in violent motion. It is this motion of the charged masses that produces E-field -- as well as H-field whenever that entire E-field ensemble moves through laboratory spaces.

Now let us reason together the "approximate" manner utilized in present electromagnetic theory. For example, let us examine a bird sitting on a high tension line.

The bird sits on the high tension line without a flow of mass electricity, because there is no significant difference in potential drop between the bird and the line. Specifically, between the birds two feet -- each in contact with a different portion of the line -- there exists no potential difference. This is true even though, with respect to the vacuum, each foot is at a potential that would be "100,000 volts higher," were a mass current flowing. An it is true even though the absolute potential of each foot may be some 200.1 million "volts," were a mass current flowing.

Now an interesting thing happens to the bird when he flies through the air to light upon the high tension wire. As he flies towards the wire, he is flying through the massless electrostatic potential field of the wire, for that field extends an infinite distance away from the wire. The electrostatic potential field -- pure 0-field -- is actually the spaiotemporal intensity of the massless charge at a point. In other words, as the bird flies to the wire, he flies into an increasing "massless charge" potential, building up to 100,000 "volts" higher than the earth. However, very little (if any) "mass flow potential difference is experienced upon his body in approaching the wire, and so essentially no "charged mass currents" are induced in his body. Thus the little flier safely navigates into the teeth of a very high electrostatic potential, lights upon he wire, and is not "fried" in the process. When he lights on the wire, his body has reached the electrostatic potential that each foot's contact point has. Again, there is no mass current flow. But his body is immersed in an increased flux of massless charge -- which is what the electrostatic potential represents. And each "virtual particle" flow in that charge represents a "massless (scalar)" electrical current.

The point is, one can have any amount of massless charge flow -- "scalar" current -- without any mechanical work being done in the system. All electrical work in a circuit is done against the physical ass of the charged masses that flow. Rigorously, force is defined as the time rate of charge of momentum. Even in the relativistic case where F = ma + v(m/dt), change of momentum requires mass movement. No mechanical work, and hence no energy, is expended by massless charge flow.

That is why the vacuum massless charge -- which is composed of a very high flux of massless "particles" -- normally does no work on our systems, and expends none of its very high "potential energy." It is exactly the same as the bird which flew into an in creasing scalar field as it approached the high tension wire -- no work was done upon the bird by the increasing scalar flux currents encountered by its body.

By existing "in the vacuum," so to speak, we (the whole earth) are as birds sitting on a high tension line! Until we create a significant difference in potential, via our present electromagnetic circuit, no current can flow -- anywhere. Even if we produce potential differences, we must have a conductor and charged masses to flow, if we with to produce mechanical work. Presently our electromagnetic theory allows us to create a difference in potential within different parts of a circuit, but only by moving and shifting charged mass. We therefore have to do work on this electrical mass in moving it around and we only get back the work we have put into the circuit. In other words, presently all we do is"pump" electrical mass.

Now notice what would happen to the bird on the line if we substantially "pulsed" the potential on the line. Suppose we "pulsed" it such that the bird's physical system -- considered as a circuit containing a capacitance, a resistance, an inductance, and many free electrons -- became resonant to the pulsing frequency. In that case the "bird system" would resonate, and a great deal of electrical mass would surge back and forth in the body of the bird. In the birds body, voltage would exist, charged mass current would flow, work would be done, and the bird would be electrocuted.

Also, note that, without mass movement, electromagnetic vector fields are not produced (and a portion of the difficulty lies with the actual vector mechanics itself). Scalar (nonvector) waves continually penetrate the "space" where there is no mass movement. This means there can exist a "delta-0" without a voltage or an E-field. The present theory does not allow this, because it always uses "q" (charge) to be charged mass. Briefly, without belaboring the point, let us just say that is the mechanical spin of the individual charged particle -- such as the electron -- which "entangles" or "knits together" r "couples" independent scalar waves into vector waves. A vector wave is simply two coupled scalar waves. The entire force field concept -- such as the E-field and the B-field -- is operationally Defined in terms of the force exhibited on a test particle or test mass. Rigorously, an E-field does not exist as a force field in a vacuum, but as two coupled scalar 0-fields "tumbling about each other." When the two coupled, tumbling fields meet a spinning electron, e.g., the force emerges on the electron mas. In short, movement of a rotating mass changes delta-0 to "voltage", creating the V/I/R triad.

By "accumulating charged mass particles" -- such as electrons -- one certainly can increase the value of 0, which represents the charge intensity or "scalar electrostatic potential." However, that is not the only way to increase it. Resonance and rotation of charged mass can also be appropriately employed to vary the vacuum charge potential 0, under proper circumstances.

By the correct application of rotary principles and Tesla electromagnetic theory, it is possible to oscillate -- and change the vacuum potential itself, in one part of an electrical system.

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix
11-08-2008, 12:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-08-2008, 12:16 AM by JazzRoc.)
HAARP Patent
Quote:The death ray electric field generator was suggested by MHD means of a magnetic field air gap being traversed by 10,000 psi water flow with electric field coming at right angle to power the ray of particles.
MHD is the direct generation of electricity by moving a fluid conductor past a coil.

The fluid in this case would be combusted natural gas (from the Alaskan gas fields) which would be ionized at the high temperatures employed.

Every(ting) else you mention is just as garbled - but life's too short...
11-08-2008, 12:10 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-08-2008, 12:14 AM by JazzRoc.)
HAARP Patent
Quote:“It is not possible to understand the magnetic effects of materials in any honest way from the point of view of classical physics.” - Richard Feynman, 1965 Nobel Prize winning physicist.
Here's where the present day theories, including QED, fall short and as a result cannot explain let alone accept this type of technology.
Discrepancies<snip>profound. Additional References
I cannot see (at first scan(k)) any point in your enclosure which directly addresses tangible reality. Unless there IS some point of "contact" with tangible reality - I don't see the point - if you see what I mean.

Where's the meat?

(Thanks for the references, though. When I'm next on a desert island... {Oh, I AM on a desert island!}:))
11-08-2008, 10:24 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-10-2008, 03:53 AM by Easy Skanking.)
HAARP Patent
Quote:I cannot see (at first scan(k)) any point in your enclosure which directly addresses tangible reality.

Spoken like a student of classical physics.
All of it has a direct relation to this reality. It is what this 3-d reality is based on.

Quote:Unless there IS some point of "contact" with tangible reality

That point is called the Poynting component. This part is divergent energy. The rest that you can't see and that you say has no bearing on reality and that which has been thrown out by classic physics, is called the Heavyside component in a propagating EM field, or the quantum vacuum when absent a 3-d "reality" EM field. This part is non-divergent. Together they make up a higher order symmetry that classic physics views as broken symmetry and therefore cannot exist. James Clerk Maxwell's original equations (before being altered by Heavyside and then Lorentz) included this order of symmetry.

For more tangible meat that maybe you will be able to appreciate, look at Dr. Konstantin Meyl's work and mathematics describing this wasted EM. Here is an experiment that you can do yourself to see the basics.;#entry152592
There are torrents of his books available online as well.
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix

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