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Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power - Review of James Petras’ book
10-16-2008, 09:29 PM,
Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power - Review of James Petras’ book
James Petras is Binghamton University Professor Emeritus of Sociology. His credentials and achievements are long and impressive as a noted academic figure on the left. A well-respected Latin American expert, and a longtime chronicler of the region’s popular struggles.

He’s also a prolific author of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, including his latest titled “Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power” and subject of this review. It follows from his earlier 2006 book: “The Power of Israel in the United States” that documented the Israeli Lobby’s enormous influence over US Middle East policy and its destructive effects.

Petras continues the story in his latest book. Asks is Israel good for America, and responds by exposing and critiquing American Zionism. Its powerfully destructive influence. Its stranglehold on US politics, academia, the media, clergy, and over all segments of society voicing dissent. He debunks the notion that the Israeli Lobby is like all others and provides convincing evidence of its influence and veto power over war and peace, trade and investment, multi-billion dollar arms sales, and all Middle East policy issues under Democrat and Republican administrations alike.


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