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YWAM and Freemasonry
10-18-2008, 10:23 PM,
YWAM and Freemasonry
Ah ha! Thanks for sharing... O.K. so one thing that I doubted in my recent coworker conversation was that he mentioned his brother-in-law knew arabic because he worked in Palestine. But then he said he taught Hebrew and English... so then he says he worked for an evangelical group but didn't try to convert.... YWAM.

My wheels are turning... so I mention the CIA and evangelicals and Assemblies of God and we talk about Palin. Then he makes a strange remark that I doubted since I've researched the subject. He claims Assemblies of God had worked with cointelpro to infilitrate the American Indian Movement since many of its members were Christian.

Now maybe that was true -- it sounds plausible. But I could find nothing about it online and I've never seen any mention that I remember even though I've perused the literature. It would be in Ward Churchill's book which I haven't read in detail...

Anyway so I dig more and sure enough I find out that YWAM is considered a CIA front-group and so this got me thinking his comment was maybe some sort of distraction. I emailed him the link:

As far as "answers" -- I've posted before on Papua New Guinea and the roots of warfare. When I say West it is of course meaning the ancient roots of the West in iron-based agriculture, traced to the "symbolic revolution" circa 10,000 BCE.

I think the Melanesians actually migrated after the Polynesians colonized the South Pacific. If I remember, my latest source was Alvah Simon's sailing book and he does excellent research.

The connection between Melanesia and Amazonia is made explicit in the flute goddess ritual which is the exposure of male fear of the female "siren" power. With the domestication of animals males came under the belief that we could control nature and slowly iron replaced silver with the sun replacing the moon and horticulture was stripped from its original female gathering role.

The "symbolic revolution" argues that this was first a philosophical change -- with left-brain dominance through rectilinear symbols as the containment of nature, thereby destroying circular housing as female energy for a new plow-based farming.

But clearly this issue is much deeper as even female chimps resorted to technology -- spears -- to bypass male rape as part of the hunting meat-sex exchange.

As hominids relied more on group cooperation the ritual singing of chimps and the female cooperative behavior of bonobos, with sex as the main means to disarm the male cortisol-testosterone dominance, somehow congealed into the trance dance male training for healing.

So I would say that the indigenous cultures using horticulture -- in Amazon and Papua New Guinea -- are similar to the matrifocal village-states in Africa. There are attempts at regional dominance -- with ritual-based warfare -- but there is also still an explicit tantric training that knowingly acknowledges CONSCIOUSNESS as what I call "female formless awareness."
Anthropologists have noted that gay sex as dominance (like in Papua New Guinea and in ancient Greece, as means for older men to suck off the young males) first developing in these matrifocal village-states. This then later became the tantra of the city-states of Western Asia which then spread back into Africa through the Bantus during the iron age.

But again what gets left out is the Bushmen-Pygmy culture from before 10,000 BCE to 100,000 BCE. Anthropologists note that there is no homosexuality in the Bushmen culture and this is of course unacceptable to the modern mind. Again this is because there is no knowledge of electromagnetic energy as male energy in the modern mind. In the Bushmen culture the females would throw water on the males to prevent them from "hoarding their N/um" (the female electrochemical energy) for spirit travel (male energy) -- but some males still did so. This "hoarding of the N/um" is what later became the misogynistic yet fearful tantric alchemy of the matrifocal village-states which then spread around the world.

Let's recall that the first possible religion as Freemasonry was the Turkana ritual of animal sacrifice when there was an eclipse of the sun -- the "sun" as son was sick since the moon had greater power. So that is an early pastoralist ritual in East Africa -- possibly before even plow-based farming.
10-19-2008, 02:18 AM,
YWAM and Freemasonry
Good point. If you read Gurdjieff's reaction to Ouspensky's longest excerpt he says: "Just remember one thing: time is breath." Ouspensky printed that without even realizing the joke on him -- after Ouspensky spends several pages giving his cosmic version of time (all based on symmetric measurements). So 95% of the "In Search of Miraculous" book is quotes from Gurdjieff and in that respect it is the BEST book on Gurdjieff, as he himself stated. But note the huge attention (more than even given to Gurdjieff) now given to Ouspensky (for example the recent new biography on Ouspensky by Gary Lachmann). The fact is Ouspensky was clueless -- was not an energy master, etc. and as Bennett points out Ouspensky even knew this (that he was rejected by Gurdjieff because Ouspensky became obsessed with his own philosophy). So to "follow" Ouspensky's teachings is a complete mistake -- yet Westerners continue to do so -- why? -- because psychologically it's easier.

There's a lesson to be learned in all this which is, as Gurdjieff points out, for real training to occur there has to be a personal relation with a guru or energy master. So, for example, qigong master Chunyi Lin admits that we can not be professional meditators in the West and so we should mainly focus on healing ourselves (which, ironically is best done through healing others). He did train one energy master -- Jim Nance -- as is the tradition, to focus on one student to be advanced.

Gurdjieff did not focus on transmitting energy as qigong master Chunyi Lin does. Instead Gurdjieff focused on mind yoga -- with an integrative path that was not necessarily quick but still covered all aspects. He, himself, admitted that his own energy level was quite low compared to the masters he trained with in Asia. So it's quite ironic that someone like energy master Chunyi Lin is doing so much healing, working with the Mayo Clinic, etc. yet he continues to be mainly ignored by the "white male esoterica" scene -- simply because Chunyi Lin focuses on energy transmission and healing, not on conceptual philosophy.

In a sense Gurdjieff knew he was playing the role of the trickster yet at the same time he had to be very skilled in doing it successfully. So it continues to be with energy masters in the West since this practice goes the opposite direction of Western civilization, based on symmetric phonetic language and math. That's why I don't give much attention to Beezlebub's Tales -- the book got edited down, as Bennett details, and it was written AFTER Gurdjieff had a life-threatening accident, so he was desperate for some means of money without relying on energy transmissions or intense mind yoga training with students, etc. Yet again Beezlebub's Tales is the ONE thing about Gurdjieff that Westerners desperately cling to as his most important work, etc., -- simply because psychologically it provides a "sacred text" crutch, without the body transformation necessary to consciously sublimated the sex energy.
10-19-2008, 06:18 PM,
YWAM and Freemasonry
Hi Professor Harald Walach: I just read an interview at where I've had articles published on qigong healing and by way of hypertext came upon your emphasis on spiritual healing as the next step in parapsychology. I finished my masters degree doing intensive qigong training with a Chinese full-lotus yoga master who now works with the Mayo Clinic here in Minnesota. His name is Chunyi Lin and he has a healing center at and he's been doing some peer-reviewed research but mainly focuses on healing and teaching qigong to the Mayo Clinic doctors. He co-authored, with Mayo Clinic oncologist Dr. Nisha Manek, a chapter for a Mayo Clinic medical textbook on complementary medicine.

If you are unfamiliar with qigong master Chunyi Lin I strongly recommend you take a class from him or call his center to receive a phone healing from him. He's healing ability is very profound and so far he's relied solely on word of mouth for outreach. He is to be the keynote speaker at the U of Minnesota Center of Spiritual Healing conference this year.

I, myself, sit in full-lotus as much as possible during the day, having what I call "O at a Ds" or orgasms at a distance -- psychic love-light energy exchanges with females -- as healing energy. It's pretty wild and a very clean diet is necessary which I'm still working on. I did do some powerful healing though when I was taking Chunyi Lin's classes, including going 8 days on just half a glass of water -- the "bigu" phenomenon.

My masters thesis is linked at (2001) and since then I've read one scholarly book a day while posting a blogbook at I also corresponded with many professors and researchers, including George P. Hansen.

All the best,

drew hempel, MA
10-19-2008, 08:55 PM,
YWAM and Freemasonry
That's an excellent point. I keep having this perv p.m. me over at He repeatedly emails me saying how he wants to jerk off when I've already told him that healing is based on no physical contact -- no creation of male ejaculation fluid -- so that LIGHT energy is created. So I've just ignored this last p.m. he sent me since the last time he contacted me I told him he just needs to keep practicing. The problem with pervs is that it's psychological -- subconscious -- anything you say in words just feeds their addiction -- so it has to be a right-brain energy transformation. When I took salvia the same thing happened -- it opened up the right-brain energy and since I was in full-lotus I had several internal climaxes. If I had been a typical male I would have lost the energy as ejaculation which is the opposite of making the love-light. When a male ejaculates it activates the cortisol stress system as Professor Robert Sapolsky details. BTW there's a new interview with me in Spanish that Pepe3Leches translated and conducted at his and I mention Robert Sapolsky in it.
10-21-2008, 04:45 AM,
YWAM and Freemasonry
Hold on -- you must be in California? haha. organic fruit grown locally in the colder season? !! I'm still amazed I was vegetarian for 15 years here in Midwest -- MN and WI. It gets 20 below zero in the winter.

OK thanks for clarifying the diet. I'll see what I can do -- I love bananas.

Yeah I completely rely on full-lotus for transforming the perv attacks and any desire dynamics with females, etc. or subconscious desire from alluring images, etc.

From my experience any physical contact just creates fluid which is the opposite of what you want -- love-light. For the last couple years I've been having probably 10 internal climaxes a day at minimum -- most of them mutual with other females. So that dries my balls out but then turns the energy to taking in the female electrochemical energy which I then also have to convert to electromagnetic for safe storage. haha. This can be done with males as well but not as easily (taking in their female electrochemical energy and then shooting electromagnetic back at them).

My point is I haven't been building up the electromagnetic energy but if I went full-on tantra I'd still open up the pineal gland because the more you heal others the more you heal yourself (convert the physical to light and then to consciousness). It would have to be the right circumstances I guess.

So if I'm with a female having O at a Ds I can sit in full-lotus for hours at a time -- maybe just bathroom breaks. I did 3 hours the other night for a dozen mutual climaxes or so. But the diet is the main problem after that -- the O at a Ds really clean out your system, making any impurities very conscious. When I first started these O at a Ds, I did a 3 day fast just doing O at a Ds with no hunger. This summer I went a day and a half -- but that was to convert anger and fear electrochemical energy into O at a D love-light. It was a defensive rather than offensive move. haha.

If I eat meat then I have to burn that off through O at a Ds since that's easier then shooting the energy back into myself because females have stronger electrochemical energy and so more easily suck up my extra electromagnetic energy.

So it's a fine balance -- if I work on just building up my own energy then people pursue me. Especially around the full-moon when the energy is really strong. If I have lots of great O at a Ds with females then male pervs literally stalk me which then sucks the electrochemical energy back down into fluid. They sit next to me and start bouncing their legs or they just stare at me -- I can feel their self-awareness, their electromagnetic energy, stuck in their lower chakra as they suck in my energy to make more sex fluid for themselves. I've come to expect it now as the negative aspect of the O at a Ds. haha. If I sit in full-lotus it takes an hour to convert that damage - the pulling of my chi back into fluid -- reversing that back into electrochemical and then maybe an hour to convert it back into electromagnetic. My housemate -- the old dude -- is a perv but about a week a go I did a good "O at a D" session with him through the wall -- I had several internal climaxes. Since he was old he just needed the electromagnetic energy and then I sucked in his electrochemical energy.

So that's how the energy cycles.
10-23-2008, 10:45 PM,
YWAM and Freemasonry
Yeah Meghna -- that was quite the shock. Basically Chunyi Lin had taught to be sure not to pull energy blockages out from the top of someone else's head. I didn't mean to do this but she was old and frail and even though she couldn't see what I was doing. My hand was maybe half a foot from her and as soon as I felt this heavy electromagnetic blog get pulled out of her head I knew what had happened and at the same time she started bawling -- instantly -- no tears -- just straight up bawling. We didn't exchange any words after that and the healing session time had ended so we parted ways. As I left with my friend who had been downstairs I said to him, "you're not going to believe what just happened." Then as we walked down the hall she walked towards us -- still bawling -- with someone else comforting her with their arm around her shoulder. I saw her later on -- maybe a few months later and we just smiled at each other.

As for Lazar's work -- she did respond to me which was nice but said she's just working on "breath awareness" not tummo right now.

Last night I was up almost all night -- probably till 4 or so -- sitting in full-lotus, working on tummo. I generated a lot of heat and light and heard strange high pitch sounds. When I finally went to sleep I had this intense dream where I heard little children voices calling to ask for my help because they were dead spirits. I got scared in my dream and then in my sleep -- which was just like being awake -- I called on Chunyi Lin to help the dead spirit children find rest. Then I woke up and immediately went back into full-lotus with the thought: GHOST POLLUTION.

I'm pretty sure that was just a dream since when I did see dead spirits my energy was much much stronger (at the end of my 8 day fast and the dead spirits were gonig to hear Chunyi Lin at his chi-emitting retreat lecture). I had heard Coast to Coast on Monday night -- a show on ghosts and had emailed them about Chunyi Lin and ghosts, so that's why I had the dream.

But then it's all a type of dream except pure consciousness.

October 23, 2008 2:27 PM

Great Galactic Ghoul said...
Mainly I was amazed at how well the "anal breathing" worked last night --

So then I realized that when we visualize heat and light in the lower tan tien that's using the sympathetic nervous system -- the cortex. But when we flex the tailbone up towards the anus -- that's the parasympathetic nervous system -- which activates the thalamus-cerebellum.

So then I realized that this is the secret of tummo -- that the sympathetic and parasympathetic work like a battery and that this system is activated directly through what I call "flexing the pineal gland" AND through the "anal breathing."

So I did both at the same time -- reversing the normal process. Instead of focusing my sympathetic nervous system on the lower tan tien -- I flexed my tailbone up to connect the parasympathetic directly to the sympathetic of the lower tan tien. Then I also flexed my pineal gland to connect the sympathetic of the cortex to the parasympathetic of the thalamus-cerebellum.

The results were instanteous -- and I realized this is just the same as a car ignition system and the primary coil is the lower tan tien and the secondary coil is the upper tan tien while the actually car-road generator is what Gurdieff calls the "Big Accumulator" -- the heart-mind.

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