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Ghetto BABY Names....
10-01-2009, 08:09 PM,
Ghetto BABY Names....
Ghetto BABY Names....

Where in de hell do people get the names for their kids these days?? My son and I have been compiling a "Ghetto Baby Names" list for the last few years... Whatever happened to names like Lauren, Michael, David, and Brandon? We no longer want those old, traditional names, we want to name our kids after these "Superstars" i.e., Beyonce & Shaquille

Even if we don't use a "Superstars" name, we make up our own name, damn near using hieroglyphics to spell the damn name.... we use phonetic spellings, we use accent marks like they are on sale 2 for 1... It can be so ugly!!! I.e. Appreciante', I told you it can get ugly!! and there are many, many more.... I've even met women who named their daughters after themselves and gave the daughter Jr. to add to her name, what kind of backward ass SHYT is that????

If you EVEN think you might have a GHETTO BABY name to contribute, please feel free to send it to me. Now this list was compiled by me and my family, here we go.....
1. Alize'
2. Lexus (especially if you don't own a car)
3. Mercedes (same as #2)
4. BonQuisha
5. La Shawnte' (any name starting with La)
6. La Quitta
7. Hennessey (just WRONG)
8. KelShanique
9. MayOnnaise (Yes, the condiment)....
10. Traonna
11. Had to remove (he still my baby)
12. Zashanetta
13. LaVetrius
14. Dayshown
15. Daquon
16. Rontoyon
17. TiAndre
18. TryNelle
19. Fantasia (Yeah she can SANG, but.....)
20. Santita
21. Takiera
22. Shakir'ray
23. Chyna (Don't name yo baby after a foreign land....)
24. Africa ( refer to #23)
25. Asya (refer to #23)
26. Tavis
27. Destiny
28. Essence
29. Chunichi
30. Akon
31. India (refer to #23)
32. Cherevah
33. Azzure'
34. Espn (yes the sports network)
35. Delvon
36. Sharelle
37. ShawnRee
38. T'Shanae
39. Keyshawn
40. Chelisa
41. London (refer to #23)
42. Traneaya
43. Divine
44. CharDonay & Chablis (Never ever name your kids after wine)
45. Chateau
46. Vinnisha
47. DeVante
48. Dartell
49. Prudencia
50. LaTasheanne

And last but not least......
52. Shalamar (As in the Singing Group)
53. Shaniqua
54. Moet
55. Star (I still don't like her CHUNKY ASS!!!)

Please feel free to add to my list......

These were added by the following Bloggers...
The Marlo Girl BroomQueisha
Funkeedva Hanifah (heck, anything with a 'fah at the end)
Orangelo (I heard a rumor that these were twins named after JELLO) lol I hope it's not true!Quadir
Uneeka (NO LIE, I know a chick named UNEEKA)
Sharquitta *and she had really sharp was just too close to the word shark...ugh, po thang
Appolonia Jalonia (this is a real name)
Gonarrea (Pronounced "go-near-ria" unlike the Venereal Disease)


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