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Blair Seeks Vatican Support for EU President Job, Says Diplomat
10-04-2009, 05:07 PM,
Blair Seeks Vatican Support for EU President Job, Says Diplomat
Blair Seeks Vatican Support for EU President Job, Says Diplomat

Aug. 29 -(LPAC) "Blair's success in Rimini should allow him to find new alliances in the race to gain the EU Presidency," a diplomatic source told Reuters yesterday. In order to gain the support of the Vatican, Blair decided to go to the Rimini Meeting—a high-visibility event for the Catholic world in Italy and internationally—and to speak without compensation.

In his speech, Blair appeased his audience by praising the Pope's recent encyclical, talking about truth, faith and common good. He said that the Catholic Church can help to govern globalization, because of its universal ("global") nature. He often referred to climate change, first telling an anecdote of his recent visit to China, in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, where people of this poor province "promote growth in a sustainable way, using ... solar energy." Then he said, that, in 2005, "At the Gleneagles G8 summit, when we spoke about climate change, politicians were worried, they were afraid of the demands loaded on them, but this burden has revealed itself much lighter thanks to the fact that the Christian Church had shown a large readiness to help in the love for God and His grace."

"With the Chinese, I spoke also about health assistance, health reform and how China is developing its welfare state." He explained that his "third way" was dedicated to "reduce the power of the state, or other power of all collective institutions, trade unions included." During the Q&A period, he said that welfare must consist in "hand-ups and not handouts."

"We cannot go back to be separate isles: globalization is there," he said. "Look at any problem: the financial crisis, climate changes, terrorism. None of those problems can be solved by a single nation, not even by the Americans... It is in this new space that the world of faith and the Catholic Church, i.e., the universal Church which is a model of global institution, must enter the game."

At the end, Blair was praised by the chairman, Vittadini, as a "master in faith" and received a standing ovation from an audience who cannot distinguish between the smell of sulfur and incense.

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