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Terminiello - The Illuminati and the Catholic Church (how Vatican got infiltrated from within)(1990)
12-21-2008, 03:37 PM,
Terminiello - The Illuminati and the Catholic Church (how Vatican got infiltrated from within)(1990)
This is Arthur W. Terminiello's shocking booklet The Illuminati and the Catholic Church (1990) which reveals how the Illuminati Masons and Jews have taken over the Catholic Church from within. It includes the satanic background on Vatican II Council and how Jewish Marannos, posing as "Christians," assumed key roles as Cardinals and Bishops. The author also exposes the role of Jewish controlled Grand Orient Freemasonry in this amazing takeover. As Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt said hundreds of years ago: "We will infiltrate that place (Vatican) and once inside we will never come out. We will bore from within until it remains nothing but an empty shell." Was the Catholic Church really infiltrated by Illuminati agents? Find out for yourself in this rare treatise of conspiracy within the church that includes names, background and complete documentation. 20 pages. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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