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Lionni - The Leipzig Connection - Systematic Destruction of American Education (1993)
12-21-2008, 03:39 PM,
Lionni - The Leipzig Connection - Systematic Destruction of American Education (1993)
This is Paolo Lionni's shocking book The Leipzig Connection - Systematic Destruction of American Education (1993) which exposes the baneful influence of German psycholgist Wilhelm Wunt who with Rockefeller funding pioneered the concept of "mankind as a biochemical machine" that eventually brought a ruin to American education as some today can't even read and write after they finish school. The history of modern psychology begins with Wilhelm Wundt and the University of Leipzig in Germany. Wundt's theories changed the view of man as possessing a "mind" or "soul" to one of man seen as an animal, subject only to stimulus-response factors. Since then modern psychology has more and more aligned with the behaviorist view of man as a beast to be controlled by placing him in suitable controlled environments. Education, according to Wundt, was the subjecting the student to the proper "experiences" by which to form his identity and behavior. It eventually led to Pavlov, Stalin and Chinese Communist brainwashing. By 1892, the stage was set for the propagation of Wundt's laboratory psychology into American education. The first generation of Wundtian teachers founded "modern" departments of psychology all over the Western world, especially in America, aimed at submerging the student into the social organism. It was a perfect fit for the growing collectivist mentality and the centralizing of government, both in Europe and America. Man is an animal, whose actions are always reactions. He has no freewill or self-determinism. Education therefore is the art of giving and withholding stimuli. The primary categories are not right and wrong, but feeling good and feeling bad. It leads to a society of gratification, not of reason and responsibility. One is to adapt to one's environment, not change the environment ethically for one's own and society's benefit. Students were divided into those few who would receive an academic education, and the many who would go to vocational schools. Lionni does a clear and crisp job of explaining this bit of history from the Liepzig school of psychology, its importation to America and the connecting with the Rockefeller fortune which set Wundt's ideas on the road to controlling American education - the new "science" of education. There was some good on-the-ground science in the project, but the secular philosophy by which the science was given meaning and interpretation was a disaster. American education has been taken over by charlatans with no interest in education, only in control, with the militant secularist movement so enormously successful in commandeering education for its own evil mind-control purposes. This fascinating book tells the tale of the takeover by government centralizers, those who believe that they have the answers to life's problems and plan to impose them on the rest of us. The imposition naturally requires the control of peoples' thinking, otherwise people begin to catch on that they are being systematically deceived and betrayed. The Leipzig Connection is the complete book with documented details and facts about the scam known as modern education and psychology which eventually came so far to predominate in modern education. Find out who exactly were the people responsible behind the condition of today's educational system and how come you weren't taught anything especially useful in all those years sitting in school's benches. Perhaps you simply weren't supposed to. 115 pages, some pictures. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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