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Christopher Story - EU Corruption
07-31-2014, 03:59 PM,
Christopher Story - EU Corruption

Christopher Edward Harle Story FRSA (1938 -- 14 July 2010[1]) was a British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs, who is best known for his collaboration with KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception. Christopher Story, the son of Colonel Henry Harle Story MC of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles),[2] was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford, and then worked as an industrial writer in Canada. In 1963, he formed his own publishing company specialising in intelligence and founded World Reports Limited in 1963.[3] Since 1970, he has edited and published International Currency Review,[4] which includes the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England amongst its subscribers.[5] He became an economic adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,[6] and a year after her resignation he purchased the respected Soviet Analyst, whose previous editors include Robert Conquest and Tibor Szamuely,[7] due to his continued scepticism about Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika and the official version of events in the Soviet Union.[8] In May 1992, he was approached by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who supported Story's analysis in Soviet Analyst, and handed over to Story his memoranda to the CIA, which Story edited and published as The Perestroika Deception in 1995.
07-31-2014, 08:16 PM,
RE: Christopher Story - EU Corruption
Isn't newsworthy content filtered through the cia mainstream machine?
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