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Aren't you proud of your gubbermint?
06-29-2014, 03:11 PM,
Aren't you proud of your gubbermint?
Nice, "Mad Crapper" on the loose at Colorado's EPA :

In other news "serial pisser" on the loose at the IRS : Wrote:There is a serial pisser loose at the IRS - I'm serious... IM discussion that just happened this morning - 6/27:

-Name removed-
Hey, we just heard that someone in RAIVS used a trash can
as a toilet? You hear anything?

8:21 AM-Name removed-
lol -Name removed- from DATA came and dropped drawers in -Name
removed- trash can peed and wiped with a towl in the raivs department
LMFAO so unsanatairy

8:22 AM-Name removed-
Ewww! Gross!!!
News travels fast around here!

8:22 AM-Name removed-
not the first time she has done it fire her a$$

8:22 AM-Name removed-

WTF is wrong with this picture ?
[Image: Signature2.gif]
06-29-2014, 03:27 PM,
RE: Aren't you proud of your gubbermint?
The government of the United States is not my government.

I seceded from it.

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