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Another so called "Conspiracy Theory"
06-24-2014, 10:48 PM,
Another so called "Conspiracy Theory"
sees the light of day...

Let's start with Kaspresky Labs,

The Register,

The Gloating and "in your face" attitude,

I have to wonder just how many "LEO's" spend their time whacking off to someone's cell phone camera which they now admit to controlling.
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06-26-2014, 11:42 PM,
RE: Another so called "Conspiracy Theory"
and how about Harris, who makes the Stingray and Stingray II........

Police Contract With Spy Tool Maker Prohibits Talking About Device’s Use
07-01-2014, 01:45 AM,
RE: Another so called "Conspiracy Theory"
By turning off windows update and NOT installing antivirus software I managed to run the same windows installation for almost 5 years without any problem
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07-01-2014, 03:21 AM,
RE: Another so called "Conspiracy Theory"
I did that with win 98 and had about the same results...
But when I finally did get hit, I got hit HARD.

Interestingly that happened after I began researching the events of 9/11 and before I had joined any forums...
( was a newsgroup junkie at that time )
I so wanted to prove that those conspiracy nuts were batshit crazy...
I failed... Miserably. Sad
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