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Game of Thrones
05-24-2014, 05:00 PM,
Game of Thrones
So I was watching Game of Thrones for the first time at a friends house. Anyone else watch this? Seemed like a lot of gender confusion. There seemed like a lot of pedophile themes.

Then went downtown. The bartender was wearing a shirt with the dollar bill pyramid. There were two upside crosses and pentagrams. I wanted to say something but figured she had no idea.

At the sametime I heard the song Deny Your Savior, Jesus Christ. I really hate that song. After that, four shots were taken. Complete Strangers even bought me shots. Like I wasn't trying to get drunk. One woman seemed interested and her brother bought me my a shot. Friendly people. Then later she told him to buy both of us more shots. I think she liked me but said something about a husband. After all this, I managed to bike home on the highway, which isn't as bad as you might think. Not a interstated highway. Then I might worried. And Now I'm
Too bad I'm invited to a party in a few hours. hungover and swearing off never drinking again. Go figure Hangover!

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