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Petition Governor Haslam to end TN's contracts with CCA
05-14-2014, 09:28 PM,
Petition Governor Haslam to end TN's contracts with CCA
I think this is a worthy cause for folks to at least sign a petition about. Have a read and follow the links to sign.


On Thursday we will deliver a petition to Governor Haslam asking him to end our state's contracts with the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) during CCA's annual shareholder meeting in Nashville. CCA makes billions off of taxpayers by promising to run prisons better and cheaper—but time and again they've broken this promise.

CCA's track record is riddled with mismanagement and abuse, from understaffing to allegations of supplying guards with malfunctioning radios and empty containers of pepper spray, from staff sexually assaulting female detainees to prisoners being forced to defecate in bags because they lacked access to running water.

None of these corners CCA cuts save taxpayers money. Numerous meta-studies have found that private prisons offer no cost advantage. In Tennessee in 2011, taxpayers paid CCA nearly a half-million dollars for empty beds at the Nashville jail. And in Idaho, CCA admitted in court to falsely billing the state for 4,800 hours of unstaffed security posts at one prison.

Privatization is not always a bad thing. But incarcerating people should be the government's responsibility. The government has an interest in rehabilitating prisoners and reducing repeat offenders. Private prisons have an interest in people racking up "frequent flier" miles in their facilities.

It's time for those running Tennessee's jails and prisons to answer to taxpayers, not shareholders. Thank you for standing up against CCA and prison privatization in Tennessee.


Hedy Weinberg
Executive Director
ACLU of Tennessee

P.S. To learn more about what goes on at CCA and how it hurts Tennessee, visit
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