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Fluoridated Water
01-29-2014, 06:44 PM,
Fluoridated Water
Water, water everywhere -
But is it fit to drink?

Exposure to fluoride is a contentious topic, mostly because exposure is everywhere. Not only is fluoride a common ingredient in toothpaste, many municipalities have a fluoridated water supply.

Why? Well, the reason we’re given is that it encourages oral health… even though it’s not known to prevent harmful oral bacteria. What is known is that fluoride is toxic.

In fact, the number one reason for poison control calls concerning fluoride are for children who’ve eaten toothpaste. Long-term ingestion is harmful to the brain, digestive system, heart, bones… even the tooth enamel it’s supposed to help.
These next 9 shocking facts will make you take a second look at your exposure to fluoride.

1. Weakens Skeletal Health

Skeletal fluorosis is a condition resulting from fluoride consumption. The liver is unable to process fluoride, thus it passes into the bloodstream where it combines with calcium that’s been leeched from the skeletal system. You’re left with weak bones, otherwise known as skeletal fluorosis.

The risk has been known about for decades yet it’s not been established how much exposure will trigger skeletal fluorosis… and the impact it has on quality of life is horrendous. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid fluoride. Recently, Chinese authorities established a link between reductions in fluoride exposure and the incidence of fluorosis.

2. Causes Arthritis

Fluoride has been shown to cause calcification of cartilage, the essential tissue for joint health. Degenerative osteoarthritis has been linked to skeletal fluorosis. And in a study of individuals suffering from fluorosis, osteoarthritis knee conditions occurred frequently.

3. Toxic to the Thyroid

Iodine and fluoride belong to a family of compounds known as halogens. Although iodine is beneficial to the thyroid, fluoride is not. However, because of the similarities, the thyroid can absorb fluoride instead of iodine. This is bad. Fluoride is toxic to thyroid cells; it inhibits function and causes cell death. For decades, fluoride was used to reduce thyroid function in individuals suffering from an overactive thyroid. Now — and pay attention to this — the range used in water fluoridation matches the levels typically used to reduce thyroid function.

4. Calcifies the Ultra-Important Pineal Gland

Although the full capabilities of the pineal gland have been the subject of debate for centuries, it’s known for certain that, at a minimum, the pineal gland regulates body rhythms and wake-sleep cycles; two extremely important functions. Fluoride is especially toxic to the pineal gland, where it accumulates and calcifies the gland. In fact, by the time the average person reaches old age, their pineal gland will have higher calcium density than their bones.

5. Accelerates Female Puberty

It also deserves mention that the pineal gland plays an integral role in the onset of puberty. Research has shown that girls living in areas prone to more fluoride exposure experience puberty earlier than girls exposed to less. Fluoride’s damaging effect on sexual function only begins here…

6. Harmful to Male and Female Fertility

A direct link exists between fertility rates and fluoridated drinking water. Higher levels of fluoride correspond to lower fertility rates, particularly with drinking water levels of 3 ppm. Animal models show that fluoride reduces reproductive hormones in females. Men have it just as bad; those suffering from fluorosis have lower testosterone and fertility than men with limited fluoride exposure.

7. Bad for Kidney Health

Fluoride is toxic to the kidneys and a higher rate of chronic kidney disease has been reported in areas where the water contains high levels of fluoride. According to Chinese researchers, a fluoride level of 2 mg/L is all it takes to cause renal damage in children. While water fluoridation levels are often much lower than this, the fluoride bombardment continues with toothpaste and other sources.
8. Harmful to the Cardiovascular System

Research suggests that exposure to fluoride causes cardiovascular inflammation and atherosclerosis. Other research has examined its effect on blood pressure but had mixed results. Regardless, despite that cardiovascular disease can have many causes, the evidence, and history show its incidence increases with exposure to fluoride.

9. Negative Cognitive Effects

The Fluoride Action Network reports that, as of May 2013, 43 studies have examined the effect of fluoride on human intelligence. The results should motivate anyone to minimize their fluoride exposure.

One observation is that fluoride negatively impacts children’s neural development. Another is that children living in highly fluoridated areas have up to five times greater chance of developing a low IQ compared to those who do not.
Meet our “Water Doctor”

One man we turn to and trust when it comes to talking all things water here at is Fred Van Liew – also known as the “Water Doctor.”
Fred has 25 years of experience in natural health care and is the leading expert in water, air and energy as they relate to your health internally and externally. He has acquired a unique understanding of many natural, non-drug healing methods and maintains continued interaction with the providers of effective health care.
This allows him to productively communicate with and support the efforts of these professionals, as well as develop effective solutions to water, air and energy pollution now found in our environments. Solutions that allow for the most optimal
health benefits and response.

Poisoned with fluoride

So why does Fred do it? Simple. In 1987, Fred’s life changed when his son was poisoned with fluoride and metals from the local water consumed by his wife during conception and after birth. This infuriated Fred, since he thought he had done his homework and had purchased the best water filter for his home. No one had told Fred what the particular filter he purchased would NOT remove. This lack of knowledge had placed a heavy burden on his son’s health.

Fred resolved to find out what every type of filter and filtration did and did not do. Matching his knowledge of filter performance with what he had learned about body function at the cellular level, Fred determined what kind of water the body needed as an end result.

Not finding a single filter that was able to remove the fluoride and all the other health compromising chemicals and dissolved solids in the water, Fred started combining different filters and technologies to obtain pure, oxygen-rich water.
Why use a water filter?

Fred’s dedicated research gave him the knowledge of how to apply various technologies in specific water applications, such as home treatment, agriculture, and the environment. He resolved to educate healthcare providers and their patients on what types of equipment would best suit individual needs.
It is because of this that Fred has become known as the most reliable source of accurate information and quality, high-performance water and air appliances.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

One of Fred’s best-loved products is the under the counter reverse osmosis water filter – the complete package for a steady supply of pure drinking water and the ultimate in water treatment for all drinking and cooking needs!
It makes up to 33 gallons of high-quality drinking water per day. You’ll be astonished at the difference in taste. We promise you, you’ll never go back to drinking water straight from the faucet again.

Reverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from a solution (such as water). This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semi permeable membrane. The membrane (which is about as thick as cellophane) allows only the water to pass through, not the impurities or contaminates. These impurities and contaminates are flushed down the drain.

Mercury, arsenic and lead by the glassful

The reverse osmosis water filter will filter out impurities and contaminates such as sodium, sulfate, mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, fluoride and cyanide – which otherwise you’d be drinking. That’s enough to kill your thirst isn’t it?
Revitalizing Shower Filter

Do you suffer from dry, itchy skin or dry hair? You’re not alone and what’s more important, you don’t have to use harmful drugs, creams or lotions with health-threatening chemicals in order to cure these conditions. The natural cure for dry skin and dry hair lies in water. It’s as simple as that.
Another of Fred’s products we highly recommend is his shower filter – the sure fire way of improving your skin and scalp. You can energize, revitalize and pamper your body each time you take a shower with this impressive Ewater Revitalizing Shower Filter. You’ll notice the difference the very first time you take a shower.
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son

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