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Maine governor signs GMO food labeling bill
01-14-2014, 06:42 PM,
Maine governor signs GMO food labeling bill
Maine governor signs GMO food labeling bill

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) Food labels aren't telling the whole story. Today's food labels are a mask, a cover-up of sorts. Many people have no clue that their food may contain high levels of toxic heavy metals like aluminum and cadmium. Likewise, many don't know which food products at the grocery store are made with genetically modified ingredients.

It's just not on the label.

The cholesterol content and carbohydrate load might be on the label, but what about the amount of pesticides used, or the type of bacteria genes used in the seed science? What enzymes were stripped and replaced? There's got to be accountability.

It's hard to determine what is in our food, because big factory farms don't want the consumers to know that their food products are more easily mass produced with genetically modified ingredients.

Stripping food down for mass production
What biotech giant wants to take the time and grow nutritious whole food without the pesticides? When food is a business, the food will ultimately be stripped down to make room for more profit. Stripping food means taking out important enzymes. It means lathering crops in RoundUp to keep the pests off, while compromising the purity.

Even more disturbing is when these biotech giants start funding initiatives to block GMO labeling campaigns. When their tactics start centering on intentionally keeping the people in the dark, you know something is not right.

Meanwhile, as the dishonesty continues, nutrient-void food becomes more prevalent, beckoning a sickened population that roams around in the dark.

Maine Governor signs GMO labeling bill
Many people don't want to eat food that comes from seeds that were spliced with bacteria genes. They don't want chemically bathed foods. If more people knew what these food products are made out of, then healthier decisions could be made.

But healthy decisions can't be made if the big food businesses aren't labeling their foods correctly. A person looking for healthy options can almost get paranoid at the grocery store because it's hard to trust any product. The labels are just not telling the whole story.

Many are calling for transparency in the marketplace as seen in the worldwide marches against Monsanto. The governor of Maine, Paul LePage, has listened and has signed a GMO labeling bill.

Hurdles remain for Maine and Connecticut
Governor LePage has signed a bill requiring food producers to label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. Maine is the second state to pass a law like this, joining Connecticut.

In an effort to build broad support, the law's success hinges on a provision that needs the support of five contiguous states, including New Hampshire. If these states do not pass GMO labeling legislation, then Maine's bill dies.

While countries like Europe, Russia, China, Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia all require labeling of genetically modified ingredients, the people of the US are still in the dark and continues to face challenges.

How strong of an influence do these biotech companies have on the people's government of the United States?

The infamous biotech giant Monsanto has already vowed to challenge labeling laws in Maine and Connecticut, saying that required labeling violates their free speech. Does Monsanto have the Constitutional right to freely not speak about what they put in our food? Maine's attorney general, Janet Mills, thinks that Maine could face a legal challenge and may not have the resources or backing to fight Monsanto.

Should these large biotech companies roam freely and not tell the whole truth on food labels, or should consumers be the one's walking around confident and free, knowing what's in their food?

How important is it for you to know what's in your food? With USDA estimates claiming that 70 percent of the products sold in American supermarkets contain genetically modified ingredients, isn't it time for some transparency, some real food and some real accountability?

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