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poisions do there damage, but deficiencys are the problem!
01-30-2009, 12:54 AM,
poisions do there damage, but deficiencys are the problem!

All the poisions messed up our digestive systems, mostly the poisions we consumbed intentionally, you dont get better by just removing the poisions, but need to supplement to get the bodys own functions in balance to build back up your digestive immunity. When you hear the powers of our own immune system, its true, and if you think your digestive system is not your immune system, why not?

Anyone whos ill can fix it by fixing there own digestive system, but its not about just eating good bacteria, or killing the desease which in most cases is a result of deficiency from improperly digesting food, first you need to get your body functioning properly again with supplements, which in turn will allow your digestion to be healed, that is your own immune system to be healed, while removing toxins and bad eating habbits, surplanting with whole natural foods, and probiotics(saurcrout in most cases is best), which in turn heal desease.

Id like to have a discussion expanding the the ideas listed here to further elaberate, and also to get the crazy taking of garlic, enemas, restrictive diets, this cleanse or that, iv read most all of them etc, and want to dispell the thought of them being good, in most cases they just add to the problem.

For 15$ dollars in supplements, changing some of your eating habbits, and removing toxins, get your immune system back to do what it does, and remove the crazy physcilogical and physiological side effects. Get rid of the crazies, which in most cases are the seemingly smartest ppl, the crazy ones, i think its the brain tryin to figure out a way, but most cant hear or see because there so consumbed with false info.

A good started for conversation might be the movie "behaviour and nutrition", think its on the tracker.

my writting isnt so good anymore, kinna why i wanted to start writing again, practice, an excercise.
01-30-2009, 04:40 AM,
poisions do there damage, but deficiencys are the problem!
Found this interesting,
01-30-2009, 05:44 AM,
poisions do there damage, but deficiencys are the problem!
EISSAC TEA is good for cleansing. Garlic on the blood. Changing diets in ways the enzymes work are best eaten together.
01-30-2009, 06:26 AM,
poisions do there damage, but deficiencys are the problem!
garlic is poison, you increse the oxygen in your gut, digestive system dramatically with magnesium, thats how u change the enviroment, because the bad hates oxygen the good loves it. You dont need garlic when the immune system(digestive system) is working. Also, your circulation improves dramatically with magnesium as it lowers histamine. My thinking is correct deficiency, not poison.
01-31-2009, 09:50 AM,
poisions do there damage, but deficiencys are the problem!
No talk of dificiencys being the real problem with health and immunity?

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