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"Scientology and me"
12-05-2013, 01:15 AM,
Video  "Scientology and me"

"Scientology and Me" is a television documentary first broadcast on 14 May 2007 as part of the BBC's Panorama series. In it, reporter John Sweeney visited the United States to investigate whether the Church of Scientology was becoming more mainstream. The programme gained particular controversy before and during filming due to unresolved differences on content and approach between Sweeney's production team and Scientology members. Tommy Davis, the international spokesperson for Scientology, did not want detractors or perceived enemies of the church to be interviewed or included in the documentary and wanted to censor any references to Scientology as a "cult".

In describing the affiliated celebrity members of Scientology, the documentary refers to them as an "all-star cast list". John Travolta is seen crediting the longevity of his career and demise of other people's careers as due to the influence or lack of influence of Dianetics.
“Everything Popular Is Wrong” - Oscar Wilde

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