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Cannabis Causes Psychosis
01-31-2009, 03:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-31-2009, 03:06 AM by kevlar.)
Cannabis Causes Psychosis
I am sick of tired of the media using a few memes to convince the public of an absurd drug policy. We all know here how bad prohibition is and all the negative aspects. I go as far as to say that prohibition creates the drug culture. But i would like to have a look at this 'cannabis causes psychosis' theory as it is currently the main factor which is convincing people that cannabis should be illegal. Firstly you just have to consider that we have something called Medical Cannabis . There are people that have serious illnesses that say they have improved their life. It is not suprising that the medical industrial complex does not want cannabis to be legal. Bad for the profits.

Well how many studies have their been that can prove that cannabis causes psychosis and where did they come from?

this is no way exaustive.

52 million people in the uk, we have estimated 3 million frequent users if not more, unlikely less, alot of people who i speak to smoke or have smoked.

"Local surveys have also found higher rates of cannabis use among patients with psychosis than among community controls. Surveys of patients with psychotic illnesses from London have found that between 20 and 40% report lifetime cannabis use (Menezes et al, 1996; Grech et al, 1998; Duke et al, 2001). "

-So they are baseing this "evidence" on the honesty of mental patients.

"All articles containing original data on cannabis exposure and
either schizophrenia or psychotic symptoms were reviewed. Case–
control studies were included where exposure to cannabis preceded
the onset of schizophrenia and where a diagnosis of schizophrenia
or schizophrenia-like psychosis was confirmed using
established criteria. The diagnosis could be made at face-to-face
interview, by telephone using an interview schedule, or from existing
health service data collected around the time of the illness.
Cohort studies were included where healthy individuals were
recruited at a time point before the median age of illness onset and
where cannabis exposure was determined prospectively and blind
to eventual diagnostic status. Studies where symptoms of psychosis
were recorded, rather than a diagnosis of schizophrenia or
schizophrenia-like psychosis, were also tabulated for further
discussion, but were not included in the meta-analysis."

"Rates are lower in rural areas: 7% of patients with schizophrenia in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, reported problematic use of a drug, with 4% related specifically to cannabis use (McCreadie, 2002). "

-Total estimated cannabis users in the country is at 3.12%. the 4% that is specifically cannabis, therefore the amount is in direct preportion to the national percentage of use. with a margin for error considering we are getting the information from crazy people and that the numbers for the population are alot larger than some anti-cannabis study.

"However, irrespective of the setting of the study, rates of cannabis use seem to be about twice as high among patients with psychosis than among controls (Grech et al, 1998; McCreadie, 2002). "

-They say that irrespective of the setting but what they don't tell you is that they send out a questionnaire. So firstly it is not conclusive just by its very nature, not to mention you are asking people if they have mental illness from taking drugs, or that you are actually asking mentally ill people if they take drugs!

"Method People with schizophrenia (n=316) and general population controls of similar gender distribution, age and postcode area of residence (n=250) were identified in rural, urban and suburban areas of Scotland. Use of drugs and alcohol was assessed by the Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry, and use of tobacco by a questionnaire."

-There is the root study, you see how many places have cited evidence and fact based on one study.

"Results More patients than controls reported problem use of drugs in the past year (22 (7%) v. 5 (2%)) and at some time before then (50 (20%) v. 15 (6%)) and problem use of alcohol in the past year (42 (17%) v. 25 (10%)) but not at some time previously (99 (40%) v. 84 (34%)). More patients were current smokers (162 (65%) v. 99 (40%))."

-Please see it states drugs. Not cannabis.

"These elevated rates of cannabis use among people with schizophrenia raise important questions about the reason for this association - is the cannabis use a consequence or a cause of the condition?"

-So based on what we have just read the study comes to conclusion that cannabis causes psychosis and we need to find out if it is a consequence or a cause of the condition.

-What i have found is that the study itself is non existent.

Here is a media article about a study that suggest that cannabis could reverse psychosis.

in the uk they are using the classifcations as a way to send a message. They put it into C then B then C.

I did not spend alot of time on this so it is pretty weak, but so is the theory that cannabis causes psychosis

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