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Survival or Extinction: The OM Principles versus the Global Depopulation Policy
11-20-2013, 10:06 PM,
Survival or Extinction: The OM Principles versus the Global Depopulation Policy
Survival or Extinction: The OM Principles versus the Global Depopulation Policy
Posted at: 12:12, November 18, 2013 By KEVIN MUGUR GALALAE



Your genetic line will die out and with it the world as you know it is about to come to an end. This is no idle threat, but tragic reality; as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise.

Only one thing can save your lineage from certain death, your rise from ignorance and apathy, along with the rise of millions like you, now and worldwide. Short such global awakening only two outcomes are possible: either we will all die of hunger and misery, or we will all be killed by a select few to ensure the continuation of the species and of civilization. Death by hunger is at best 20 years away for the wealthy developed world and already a reality for countless millions in the developing world. Death by a select few is ongoing, as it is a desperate measure to prevent the first outcome.

This is your ticket to salvation, but it comes with a hook. It will be useless if you fail to share the classified knowledge you are about to receive from reading this and the following sixteen articles, which I will try to release at the rate of one a week. To save yourself and your family depends on how fast and how many of us rise as one to force our governments and the United Nations to abandon their eugenic and genocidal policies. It depends, in other words, on people power supplanting the power of the elites, which will only happen if our plan to save the world from self-destruction is better than theirs and if you learn and disseminate it with the desperate urgency that is required at this eleventh hour.

In this there are no enemies, other than the dire circumstances humankind faces as a civilization; circumstances that have never been more grave or more difficult, less obvious or less insidious, harder to grasp and easier to ignore.

You will be required to do your homework, because this forbidden knowledge encompasses the world and you cannot get to know the world and its problems by reading headlines. If you are lazy and stupid enough to think you can skim your way to the wisdom you need to acquire in record time, you are deceiving yourself and wasting my time. So stop reading and go back to your trivial pursuits until the methods used by the ongoing annihilation build up enough poison in your body to stop you and your children cold, or cause so much hardship in your life that you and your loved ones will be scraping for food in garbage bins.

If, on the other hand, you want to do your part to save the world and with it yourself, then your first task is to read “Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy”, 110 pages in all.

Your second task is to study the OM Principles, which are only 7 pages long. All textbooks in this course of Life and Death are free, a gift from me to you, the gift of life. Do not come to the second lesson next week without first having read these two documents. If you do, my subsequent articles will be as incomprehensible to you as ancient hieroglyphs.

The first document will introduce you to the threat we face; the second, to the solution.

This Life and Death course has two objectives. The first is to enable you to rise to such intellectual height and emotional depth as to be able to see the world as a whole and acquire the global perspective and clarity of sight of an astronaut looking at our blue Earth from outer space. The second is to teach you how to use that global perspective to annihilate the threats we face.
You are required to take part in a global revolution through evolution.
I am your teacher.

In “Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy”, a book I wrote in jail, I give a brief history of the pivotal element of the international world order since World War II. This pivotal element, which has been the most closely guarded secret in history, is a global population control effort meant to prevent World War III and the inevitable nuclear annihilation that would ensue should nations once again resort to war to solve their internal problems.

To prevent a repeat of history, namely armed conflict on a global scale, the international community, meeting at the newly formed United Nations Organization as soon as the war ended in 1945, found an alternative to war, proactive population control. This was a logical conclusion to reach given that war has always been caused by people fighting for resources. If the number of people born in every country is limited, so the thinking goes, then nations can live within their means and will not have to invade other nations to take their natural resources by force.

And so, unbeknown to the common man, the United Nations has acted for nearly seven decades as a referee to coordinate a silent, discreet and global population control effort that no government wanted to or could implement on its own; first of all, because it would be meaningless if done in isolation and secondly because no human being on the planet, at that time in history at least, would willingly give up his or her right to reproduce and the freedom to decide when and how many children to have. And since freely elected governments could neither convince nor force their people to allow the State to decide the size of their families, the United Nations was asked to find covert ways to impair human fertility without the people’s knowledge or consent and to come up with deceitful means to bypass the democratic process and the rule of law. To this end, the United Nations was given special powers under international security prerogatives. That is to say, the population control objectives sought by the UN, on which international peace and security hinge, would trump any and all national interests as well as the will of individual nation states.

Population control could be achieved only by mutual coercion and the international agent with the power to delegate this global plan across the entire spectrum of political cultures and socio-economic systems would be the United Nations, a neutral agency independent of any single government; an agency that could act without bias for or against any particular nation or people; an agency that could act as indiscriminately, evenhandedly and cold-bloodedly as a force of nature.

The extent to which society has been engineered to halt and reverse population growth is described in my book. Suffice it to say, that every aspect of our lives, regardless of where one happens to live on this earth, is shaped by the prerogatives of the Global Depopulation Policy, which I shall henceforth call DEPOP for short: from the food we eat to the water we drink, from the wages we earn to the work we perform, from the national laws we live by to the international rules that govern global trade, from the drugs we take to the vaccines we receive, from the news we hear to the events that remain unreported, and from the way we communicate to the price we pay for transportation.

A global system has emerged from this plan to keep the peace and promote prosperity between and within nations by controlling population growth across the planet. This worldwide system has come to be known as globalization. DEPOP is the unseen underbelly of the GLOBALIZATION iceberg.

Caught between nationalism and globalization, the world is being torn apart. No one seems to know where we are heading and this uncertainty breeds fear and dread of what the future has in stock for us and our children.

Being a leaf in the wind, fully at the mercy of the whims of governments that change every four years with no apparent benefit to us and no solutions to the problems we face, is not a state I can accept. Like most people, I like to be in control of my life, I like to be master of my own destiny, a state that seems to offend policy makers whose patronizing attitude breeds disdain for individual freedom and whose actions seem intent on depriving us of the right to self-determination.

To regain control of our lives, it is now clear to me, we need to take control of the levers of power at the national and especially at the international level. Such responsibility, however, has to be earned. And the only way to earn it is by having a better plan and a better vision.

The plan I have drafted has fifteen simple principles, the OM Principles. They are the embodiment of deep introspection on what pains the world and what we can do to heal it and secure the future for our children. They are the common denominators of the many cultures and races and religions that make up humankind in our time and that could be the basis of a common global culture, a culture now in the making whether we like to admit it or not. They have been well-received by people from across the world. Volunteers have translated them in eight languages and hopefully they will soon be available in every major language.

The succeeding fifteen articles will deal with the fifteen OM Principles, five of which are political, five economic and five cultural.
The last article will conclude the series.

I have no claim to any position of authority or privilege within the system. I come entirely from outside the system, being an immigrant, a self-taught political philosopher (if I can call myself that), a self-employed person for most of my life, a fiercely independent thinker, and a world traveler with no deep roots anywhere. I rose from your midst to fill a soaring gap in leadership and to take back my own life along with our rights and liberties from the bureaucrats, technocrats and autocrats who make up the swollen ranks of parasites within our national governments and international organizations. Most of all, I rose to protect my children and safeguard their future. Last, I rose because I was given no choice.
Those of you who want to know more about me can read the newly submitted

Wikipedia article at:
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son

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