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Sound: 22.2 Surround Sound
10-22-2013, 06:36 PM,
Sound: 22.2 Surround Sound
22.2 Surround Sound is what I need!

Does anyone have a smart TV? Do they function well? 4k TV will be the future. They will have a 78% color accuracy profile, compared to something like 48% on HDTVs. Remember if you encode in 1080 or 720 to have the bitrate at least 3000kbits. Too many people on torrent sites/youtube encode at around 1000+kbits. Even on my 21.5 screen I can tell the picture is wrong at that bit rate. BTW 1080 is a lot better than 720. There is a big difference.

Oh and I was reading that some company produced a 20 minute video that took up 3.5TBs of data. Not bad! The 4k video files will probably be around 300mb for four minutes of video, for acceptable video quality. And this might be in the low end.

Whoever is the first on here to have 22 surround sound should throw a party.

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