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Vehicular "Sudden Acceleration"
10-03-2013, 04:20 AM,
Vehicular "Sudden Acceleration"
Here's an interesting Web site I happened across during my trolling on the Nets:

It details the phenomenon of "Runaway Car", caused by electronic malfunctions in vehicles, exposing the faulty workmanship and even willful, conscious negligence on the parts of vehicle manufacturers to, in some cases at least, cover up (classify) the problems, or even fight against repairing the problems for monetary reasons.

The site offers precautions and suggestions to avoid situation where a vehicle accelerates without warning. Also be sure to check out the associated YouTube channel:

Also included are other cases where manufacturers employed negligence at some level at other vehicle problems, in many cases blaming other manufacturers for the problem instead of implementing safety protocols at multiple points, valueing economics over human life.

It would be interesting to see their series' of segments patched together into separate videos. Alas, my 'puter is too underpowered to take on such a Herculean feat...
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