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Zeitgeist Peter Joseph is such a Douchebag
10-08-2013, 06:36 PM,
RE: Zeitgeist Peter Joseph is such a Douchebag
(10-08-2013, 06:25 PM)CharliePrime Wrote: Communism is evil.
That statement is untrue. It is the recent ( last couple hundred years ) implementation of so called "communism" which in actuality is a dictatorship which is evil. The same can be said for the current implementation of so called "Democracy".

Communism in it's truest form is diametrically opposed to evil as everyone is actually working together towards a common goal of their own free will.

John Lennon understood and preached this, and that is why he was hit.
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10-08-2013, 06:51 PM,
RE: Zeitgeist Peter Joseph is such a Douchebag
Ok. Communism that has actually been implemented in the real world is evil.
10-08-2013, 07:14 PM,
RE: Zeitgeist Peter Joseph is such a Douchebag
(10-08-2013, 06:51 PM)CharliePrime Wrote: Ok. Communism that has actually been implemented in the real world is evil.
Yeah, I suppose that if you poke at a beehive you would consider it evil.

Or are beehives not of "the real world" in your world ?

- Just because you attach a label does not mean that it has to implicitly apply to homo sapiens.
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02-12-2014, 07:20 PM,
RE: Zeitgeist Peter Joseph is such a Douchebag
Thomas Sheridan contends the alternative movement is in danger of being taken over by cults like Zeitgeist and Nazism...

I think he is speaking with Patrick Hennesyen of 21st Century Wire.
02-12-2014, 09:51 PM,
RE: Zeitgeist Peter Joseph is such a Douchebag
Thanks for that CharliePrime. For anyone who didn't follow the link:

Quote:Nazi Revivalist Cults in the Alternative Movement

Nazi-Revivalist Cults coupled with flying saucer contactee, comet and other doomsdays quazi-religious mind control cults are heavily infiltrated within this movement I am sorry to say. They are using decent people's justifiable anger at Israeli government policy on Gaza and the West Bank to try and Nazify/Indoctrinate them into something beyond sincere compassion. You will often see these pasty-faced loners looking for people who post about Middle East politics and then they friend them on Facebook and then they try to get to make them agree with racist remarks. The ones under cult mind control generally have the 'x-boxed' vacant expression faces while regurgitating cult mantas they have been programmed with.



The Nazi cult infiltrators once on your Facebook friends list will start posting about "evil Kazars" and "filthy Jews". They will also post images of beheadings in Saudi and you'll also see them Moslem bashing too. They will talk about Alex Jones' 'Jewish wife' to fish out potential recruits. They are devious, but obvious too. I have a lot of issues with Alex Jones myself. His wife's religion is not one of them. It's a disgusting tactic and the calling card of the Nazi-Revialist cult member.

They are arriving into the movement by means of classic Nazi esoteric conduits: Theosophy, Satanism, Gurdjieffism, Atlantis/West-East migration myths and various ancient alien visitation/genetic adaptation legends. Basically looking for motifs with the Alternative scene and then over-laying a Himmler/Guido Von List framework upon it. The idea is to lure such people interested in these ideas into a more Nazi like mindset. The comet death cults implement a similar strategy, playing on a sense of hopelessness and then offering salvation via contact with off-planet beings which are just made up stories in the mind of the career criminal psychopaths who lead these groups.

I noticed this Cypto-Nazi infiltration in recent times as I turned my attention towards the Third Reich death cult in term of my current research, and then the hate PMs started, as various other oddballs started friending me at the same time. By following their news feed I could clearly see they had a Nazi-Revivalist element to their personalities. Hated of Jews was openly expressed. Often they were fake accounts calling themselves names such as 'Paddy Rising' with no proof they were actually Irish. Just jumping into Ireland's austerity issues and trying to swing it towards anti-Semitism.

While I understand the anger people have at the worst elements of both sides of the issues in the Middle East (who represent a minority on both sides), these same people turn a blind eye to the recent US, UK and French war crimes in the region. This tells you a lot. If you are a really "Awake" you see all injustice are our common pain as a species.

I know this post will result in a lot of hatred towards me in the movement, but I am an anarchist at heart and I see all the 'isms' - especially National Socialism as the ultimate expression of statist social engineering. Why would anyone be romantic for that?

Did you really wake up to be led into a Jew-bashing or other group hating trap? Please observe your Facebook news feed very carefully. We don't need this bullshit. Hitler and his SS cult are not to be celebrated, they were the enemies of the human race. All of us. The tens of thousand of awake Germans who 'lacked iron will' the SS hanged and shot in the last hours of World War Two proved this.

If you need to be a member of a gang in order to feel clever or strong, well you still are not awake until realise that you are your own path to truth and creative self awareness. This path is the one you have to walk alone in order to get to the deepest truths by following your own intuition and not the mandates of a cult, idiots who are sexed-up by SS uniforms or the voices of off-planet beings who do not exist.

Pretty good stuff. Certainly applies outside of the 'social networking' scene as well. I think many of us have noticed this happening in the "movement" over the past few years. I'm afraid it's growing instead of dying out.Icon_sad

I'm something of a comment junkie on news sites (mainstream & 'alternative') and I've seen larger and larger numbers of these Jew-hate-cult posts creeping in on almost every one of them. It's usually connected with other anti-NWO sentiments in the comment.

Makes one wonder if someone is attempting to use that proverbial broad brush...

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