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Putin calls, China picks up, all ready for World War III
09-11-2013, 02:13 PM,
Putin calls, China picks up, all ready for World War III

Putin calls, China picks up, all ready for World War III
Angelo Iervolino
- September 8, 2013 Posted in: News , China , Chronicle , Egypt , Foreign Affairs , Iran , Russia , Syria , United States of America , Turkey
Tutti schierati per scatenare la Terza Guerra Mondiale, ultimo appello del Papa per salvare il mondo.


All lined up to unleash World War III, the last Pope's appeal to save the world.

-Angelo Iervolino-September 8, 2013 - Next week opens the debate in Congress to decide whether to support or deny the request of President Obama for a limited attack against Syria. The ships Russian and Chinese warships patrol the Syrian coast, while Iranian troops advancing within the territory of Syria.

Russia, China, Iran, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Syria, against the United States of America, France, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the terrorists American allies of al-Qaeda jihadists Jabhat al-Nusra Front (Nusra Front Front), in practice responsible for the attack with chemical weapons against the Syrian people, these are the 11 countries that should light the fuse of World War III, if the U.S. Congress decides for an attack against Syria. On paper, despite the increased deployment of American naval power Putin seems to be winning. The defense organized by the anti-missile systems S-300, S-400 and S-500 represent a barrier against Tomahawk missiles, anti-missile systems difficult to overcome in addition to Chinese and even American aircraft will have very hard life to overcome the Russian defenses, Chinese and Syrian. Also because in addition to the fixed stations, naval deployment in front of the Syrian coast provides a shield strong enough for Syria.

Considering that the ground troops of Assad with the help of more than 4,000 Iranian troops arrived in Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah are having the best, for now heaven and earth are in the hands of Putin.

Syrian army engaged in the war against terrorists:

So a very solid defense should ensure that Syria, at least for the first phase of the American attacks. The main battle will be played at sea, but American ships will be forced to play from afar to avoid the Russian supersonic anti-ship missiles P-800 / Yakhont, which in practice are unlikely to be intercepted by the American ships that given the large size will also have difficulties to avoid them, Yakhont missiles have a range of 300 km. A battle is not easy, where Americans can only play the card of massive missile launches and aircraft against Syria. In fact, the Pentagon these days, it would seem (like many newspapers have reported), who have also decided to use heavy bombers and Stealth. The B-52 should take off from the U.S., the B-1S they should take off from Qatar, we can not exclude also the use of the B-2 Stealth Base in Missouri, with satellite-guided bombs. So the losses could be very high on both sides. At the same time as the Americans attack, Saudi Arabia and Israel will have to think to defend himself, both from Lebanon who bet 500 Russian Scud missiles against Israel, and from both 'Iran Nuclear missiles that could also be used, and has already threatened to carry out terror attacks against Americans around the world. Over 100 thousand volunteers Iranians have sent a letter to the president of Syria, to ask permission to be deployed in the area of the Golan Heights, is not to rule out a massive air attack by Russia on the 'Saudi Arabia. The Russian ships off the coast of Syria are now at least 20, supported by the Russian naval base in Syria precisely located in Tartus, and they are:

2 missile cruisers, the Moskva (equipped with 16 missiles VULKAN P1000, flying just 40 mt. Water at mach 2.5 and can be tested in titanium with 1,000 kg. Explosives or nuclear, it only takes 3 to destroy an aircraft carrier at a distance of 700 km), and the Varyag, specialized in the sinking of aircraft carriers and large vessels;

1 aircraft carrier, the Kuznetsov (about to join the fleet);

2 frigates, and the Neustrashimy the Smetlivy;

2 destroyers, the Admiral Panteleyev and Nastoichivy (anti-submarine);

2 scout ships, the Azov, and the SSV-201 Priazovye equipped with a system for intercepting and information gathering, and air defense systems who had departed from the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol already last Sunday through the Bosporus;

4 Alexander Shabalin the landing ships, Admiral Nevelsky, the Peresvet, and Nikolai Filchenkov (with on board, it seems, a load of S-300 missiles destined for Syria);

2/2 landing craft, the Minsk and the Novocherkassk (with 200 soldiers and 10 amphibious tanks);

2 missile corvette, the Shttil and Ivanovets;

1 patrol boat, the Neustrashimy;

1 ship-aid, Foty Krylov;

1 tanker, the Pechenga;

and nuclear submarines.

The commander of the Moskva, Rear Admiral Valery Kulikov, should assume operational command of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean.

Missile cruiser Moskva:

363335_incrociatore Chinese

In addition to the Russian ships China has authorized a minimum of 4 vessels of war to enter the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal. The Egyptian authorities have not opposed any veto and indeed, the passage of heavy cruisers "Noauio-83", "Quigb-133" (with equipment for over 4 thousand tons) of "Waishanhu-878" (with 11 thousand tons of materials) and the newest amphibious units Jinggang Shan, with hundreds of landing troops on board was the case with the protection of the Egyptian army and blocking traffic channel for security reasons.

Egypt that could pass right away with the deployment of Putin, saw the continuing civil unrest caused by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is one of the leaders Malik Obama, half-brother of U.S. President. Finally, there is the Syrian fleet, which in the ports of Baniyas, Latakia, Tartus has Minat al Bayda and 2 moored old Soviet-made Petya class corvettes (Assari and Hirasa), 20 motocannoniere Soviet Osa class and another 10 of their own production, 3 landing craft manufacturing Polish, 14 small patrol boats and minesweepers 3. In practice, the block of Putin should deploy more than 120 thousand men.

The video below shows the warship Jinggang Shan in action during a training exercise earlier this year.

The implications for the 'Italian who could it be? If the 'Italy will take place completely out of the conflict respecting our constitution, we could save ourselves, but considering that we have about 107 American bases on Italian territory and minimum 90 nuclear bombs, that soon will be adapted to be mounted on the famous F-35, the risk of attacks on U.S. bases in Italy is very high. The regions most at risk are Sicily and Puglia and also the regions where they are deposited nuclear bombs. So all the cities where there are American bases are potentially in danger. In the event that the Italian government decided to violate the constitution and go to war alongside the Americans, Italy is the European country most exposed of all, thanks to our politicians that have allowed over the years to become the Italian territory a deposit of troops, vehicles and American weapons. We can only hope that the Pope's appeal for peace is upheld by the U.S. Congress.

Article 11 of the Constitution:

Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means of settling international disputes allows, on an equal footing with the other States, to the limitations of sovereignty necessary for an order that ensures peace and justice among the Nations promotes and encourages international organizations having such ends.

Here is the list (not updated) of the 107 U.S. bases (Air-Force, Navy, Army, NSA) in Italy:

U.S. bases most famous and lesser known, from North to South of the Peninsula:

Hühnerspiel (BZ): Station telecommunications and radar USAF. Aviano (Pordenone, Friuli): the 16th Air Force and the 31st Fighter Group U.S. Air Force, as well as a squadron of F-18 the Marines. Monte Paganella (TN): USAF telecommunication station. Looking (UD): USAF Base. Maniago (UD): Shooting Range of the US-Air-Force (USAF). S. Bernardo (UD): ammunition depot of the US-Army. Roveredo (PN): Deposit U.S. weapons. Istrana (TV): Base US-Air-Force (USAF). Cyan (TV): U.S. radar and telecommunications center. Ghedi (BS): Base of the US-Air-Force (USAF). Montichiari (BS) Air Base (USAF). Remondò (near Pavia): US-Army Base. Vicenza: Command SETAF, Southern Europe Task Force and Fifth Tactical Air Force (USAF) Storage of nuclear warheads. Camp Ederle (Vicenza): NATO HQ; SETAF command of the US-Army, a Battalion. Group of howitzers and tactical parachute USA. Tormeno (San Giovanni in Monte, Vicenza): stores of weapons and ammunition. Longwood (Vicenza): major store of armaments. Verona: Air Operations Center (USAF). Base and NATO Land Forces Southern Europe; telecommunication center (USAF). Affi (VR): U.S. telecommunications center. Lunghezzano (VR): Center U.S. radar. Erbezzo (VR): NSA radar antenna. Conselve (PD): U.S. radar base. Monte Venda (PD): telecommunications and radar antenna USA. Trieste: U.S. Naval Base. Venice: U.S. Naval Base. St. Anne of Alfaedo (VE): U.S. radar base. Blades of Concordia (VE): Basic telecommunications and radar USA. Gotthard Boscomantivo (VE): U.S. telecommunications center. Ceggia (VE): Center U.S. radar. Cameri (NO): U.S. air base with NATO coverage. Candle-Masazza (Vercelli): Basic Training for the US-Air-Force-Army and the U.S., with NATO coverage. Monte S. Damiano (PC): USAF Base with NATO coverage. Finale Ligure (SV): Telecommunication station for the US-Army. Monte Cimon (MO): U.S. telecommunications station with NATO coverage. Parma: Deposit USAF with NATO coverage. Bologna: Telecommunication station of the U.S. Department of State. Rimini: USA Group logistics for the activation of nuclear bombs. Rimini-Miramare: U.S. telecommunications center. Power Picena (MC): Center U.S. radar coverage with NATO. Livorno Naval Base USA. La Spezia: Anti-submarine center SACLANT. St. Bartholomew (SP): Research center for submarine warfare. Camp Darby (between Livorno and Pisa): 8th Support Group USA Base and the U.S. Army for the support of U.S. forces south of the Po, in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Coltan (PI): important U.S. base / NSA for telecommunications; ammunition depot US-Army; NSA Base. Pisa (military): Base occasional USAF. Yoke Mount (MS): Center of U.S. telecommunications coverage with NATO. Poggio Ballone (GR) - between Follonica, Castiglione and Tirli: Centro U.S. radar coverage with NATO. Talamone (GR): the US-Navy Base sporadic. La Maddalena-Santo Stefano (Sassari): Base U.S. atomic bomb, submarine base, the naval squadron to support the American aircraft carrier "Simon Lake". Limbara (between Oschiri and Temple, Sassari, Sardinia): U.S. Missile Base. Sinis Cabras (SS).: Data Processing Centre (NSA). Tavolara Island (SS): Station radiotelegraph submarine support of the U.S. Navy. Great Tower of Oristano: Base radar NSA. Monte Arci (OR): U.S. telecommunication station with NATO coverage. Capo Frasca (OR): U.S. radar facility and helipad. Santulussurgiu (OR): USAF telecommunication station with NATO coverage. Perdas de Fogu (NU): experimental missile base. Capo Teulada (AC): Capo Teulada (CA) at Capo Frasca (OR): about 100 km of coastline, 7,200 acres of land and more than 70,000 hectares of areas Off Limits: shooting range and aerial practices of U.S. Sixth Fleet and NATO. Decimomannu (CA): U.S. airport with NATO coverage. Elmas Airport Air Base of the US-Air-Force. Salto di Quirra (CA): polygons missile. Cape San Loremo (CA): training area for the U.S. Sixth Fleet. Urpino Monte (CA): U.S. and NATO munitions depot. Cagliari: U.S. Naval Base. Rome-Campino (military airport): Base occasional USAF. Rocca di Papa (Rome): U.S. telecommunication station with NATO coverage. Monte Romano (VT): Polygon occasional firing of the US-Army. Gaeta (LT): Permanent base of the U.S. Sixth Fleet and the naval squadron to escort the aircraft carrier "La Salle". Casale delle Palme (LT): U.S. control of NATO telecommunications school. Naples: Command Security Force, Marine Corps, U.S. submarine base; Command of the U.S. Air Force for the Mediterranean. Naples-Capodichino Air Base of the US-Air-Force. Mount Camaldoli (NA): Station U.S. telecommunications. Ischia (NA): Telecommunications antenna USA with NATO coverage. Nisida: US-Army Base. Bagnoli: U.S. telecommunications control center for the Mediterranean. Agnano (near the famous racecourse): Base of the US-Army. Cirigliano. (NA): Command of the U.S. Naval Forces in Europe. Licola (NA): Telecommunications antenna USA. Lago Patria (EC): Station U.S. telecommunications. Giugliano (near the lake country, Caserta): Command STATCOM. Grazzanise (CE): Base occasional USAF. Mondragone (CE): Command Center USA and NATO underground fallout. Montevergine (AV): Station Communications USA. Pietraficcata (MT): Telecommunications center for U.S. / NATO. Gioia del Colle (BA): Base U.S. air support. Punta della Contessa (BR): Shooting Range USA / NATO. San Vito dei Normans (BR): Base of the 499th Expeditionary Squadron Base of the Secret Service: Electronics Security Group (NSA). Monte Iacotenente (FG): Base of the complex radar Nadge. Brindisi: U.S. Naval Base. Otranto: U.S. radar station. Taranto Naval Base USA; Luggage USA NATO. Martina Franca (TA): U.S. radar base. Crotone: Telecommunication station and radar U.S. / NATO. Monte Mancuso (CZ): Station U.S. telecommunications. Sellia Marina (CZ): U.S. telecommunications center with NATO coverage. Sigonella (CT): Important Naval Air Station USA (in addition to units of the U.S. Navy, is home to several tactical squadrons of the US-Air-Force helicopters of the type HC-4, F14 Tomcat fighter and A6 Intruder, as well as some groups of F- 16 and F-111 equipped with nuclear bombs of the type B-43, more than 100 kilotons each!). Motta S. Anastasia (CT): Telecommunication station for USA. Caltagirone (CT): Telecommunication station for USA. Vizzini (CT): Several deposits USA. Island of the Females (PA): ammunition depot USA / NATO. Punta Raisi (Airport): Base occasional USAF. Marina di Marza (RG): Station U.S. telecommunications. Monte Lauro (SR): Station U.S. telecommunications. Sorico: Antenna NSA. Augusta (SR): Base of the U.S. Sixth Fleet and ammunition depot. Centuripe (EN): Station U.S. telecommunications. Niscemi (Sicily): Base NavComTelSta (U.S. Navy communications station). Trapani: USAF base with NATO coverage. Pantelleria: telecommunications center U.S. Navy and Air Force Base and NATO radar. Lampedusa: Base of the U.S. Coast Guard; Centre for listening and communications NSA.


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“The truth, of course, is that a billion falsehoods told a billion times by a billion people are still false.” Travis Walton
09-11-2013, 08:52 PM,
RE: Putin calls, China picks up, all ready for World War III
Obama wants to be a war Hero, just like bush. But than again, Obamas Election or selection was funded by primarily Jewish Interests, no doubt AIPAC and their Sicko Zionist Demons not only want a war, they want a Word War III, EndGame.
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son
09-12-2013, 12:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-17-2014, 06:16 AM by Orwell63.)
RE: Putin calls, China picks up, all ready for World War III
09-12-2013, 01:13 AM,
RE: Putin calls, China picks up, all ready for World War III
(09-12-2013, 12:27 AM)Orwell63 Wrote: That's ridiculous, China and United States have a huge immeasurable relationship.

Yea, but the Jewish State runs America.
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son

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