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Leave Europe Cold and Broke
09-05-2013, 12:58 PM,
Bug  Leave Europe Cold and Broke
Figuring out this Syria thing is difficult. Proceeding upon the premise that all wars are banker wars, and that governments say the opposite of what they mean, I decided to examine what Zbigniew Brzezinski is saying about Syria.

I ran across this policy outfit Big-Z writes for, the "Center for Strategic and International Studies". Look at the collection of evil mofo's on their Board:

At that website I read their world energy forecast paper. It's boring as hell, but I waded through it:

Basically, it's saying that they want to undercut China's development of its own natural gas reserves by selling mid-east gas to China before they can develop their own extraction industry.

Thus, this Syria thing is not fighting over selling gas to Europe. It's about selling LNG to CHINA during the next ten years. That's my theory.

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