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IRS Scandal is to Cover Up Syrian Chemical Weapons Operation
05-18-2013, 06:47 PM,
Bug  IRS Scandal is to Cover Up Syrian Chemical Weapons Operation
Here is the best article I've seen on the Bengahzi mess. It's long, and complicated, but worth spending the time to absorb...

Thesis: The CIA annex in Bengahzi was being used to run chemical weapons from Libya to the U.S. supported Al Qaeda rebels in Syria attempting to overthrow the Assad government. The chemical weapons were to be used as a pretext for Western invasion of Syria, the last obstacle to invading Iran.

When the death of the Ambassador went public, it also made the chemical weapons operation he was coordinating exposed to public scrutiny, and showed the Brits and Americans 1.) set it up, and 2.) were lying about it.

This is the reason for the release of the IRS scandal, to divert public attention away from U.S. support of Al Qaeda in Syria and the chemical false-flag they were building.

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