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So *ahm* facebook
02-18-2012, 08:47 AM,
RE: So *ahm* facebook
Fasttadpole and easy skanking, both of you guys are talking over my head with technical computer stuff.

From what I can put together though, for the pc illiterates, the safest way to use Facebook to try and enlighten the sheeple is to purchase a dedicated tablet, iPad etc, and only use it at commercial locations and only use it to log onto Facebook, no other web use.

Because it is my understanding, as vague as it is, that they has software that tracks your web use even after you log out. So if you had the money to burn for a dedicated facebook device only and one only used it at commercial outlets with wifi they could remain anonymous while using suckerbergs site against the globalists.

02-18-2012, 12:32 PM,
RE: So *ahm* facebook
No I'm saying don't bother trying to be a ghost, it's a waste of time and largely futile -- best to just blend in with the zombies. This is most definitely for those of you who extrapolated "Get an iPad" from what I was writing. You're either logged on or logged off.

Even if you're sure you are 10 steps ahead of the multi-pronged tracking mechanisms, if you slip up you're only highlighting your activity. I choose not to be paranoid and say what I have to say using the current medium of the masses; knowing full that it will likely cost me 90%+ of those jobs that screen employees' online profiles, credit scores, health and legal records. Living takes precedence over a job IMO.

That said, I wouldn't say anything online that I wouldn't care to have written on the front page of the national newspaper and I do take steps against being low hanging fruit for script kiddie hackers, marketing monkeys and (dis)organized crime.

The only other alternative I would, and have, personally considered would be going dark. Never interacting with wired/wireless devices and machines that are connected to the net and relegate my self to face to face, eye to eye contact; perhaps utilizing an old printing press or offline computer. Which may prove more fruitful than this medium of pseudo-social detached connection with my fellows.
There are no others, there is only us.
02-23-2012, 04:50 AM,
RE: So *ahm* facebook
Agents can't do a thing to me. My profile is open to everyone and I expose the ELite agenda all the time.!/profile.php?id=1734537825

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