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Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data
04-11-2013, 03:11 PM,
Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data
Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data

The story says that the Highway Patrol handed over information about Missouri concealed carry holders to the Federal Government. Suffice to say people in the pro-gun forums are pissed off over this. The question is who did it and why and how many other states are doing this?

“When they turn over the entire list of concealed carry holders in the state of Missouri to the federal government, where is it going?” he said. “I want to know who all was involved in this transaction because if this is just some phone call saying give me the list of all concealed carry holders, how did the person at the patrol who fulfilled that request know who was at the other end of the phone? How did they know where to send it? How did they know what it was being used for?” “Now we know two things,” he said. “We know that somebody out there, probably in the federal government, wants the list of all the concealed carry holders in Missouri.
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