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Clover: Windows Explorer with Tabs (freeware)
04-08-2013, 03:50 PM,
Clover: Windows Explorer with Tabs (freeware)
I keep a lot of windows open - text editors, Skype, command line, supplementary shit, and, of course Windows Explorer. I keep an Explorer window open for each hard drive, and a couple more if I'm working temporarily in specific folders.

Having all of those windows open on the Task Bar tends to limit the amount of space available, even with the Task Bar aligned to the right edge of the desktop. So I decided to look around for an Explorer replacement that had tabbed functionality, because I've grown rather fond of tabs.

A few piddly utilities later, I happen across EJIE Technology's Clover.

[Image: clover.jpg]

Clover runs on the task bar, appropriating any new Explorer windows into itself. Whether it's via Open or Explore from a right-click, or a Search window, Clover assimilates the processes into itself, preventing the individual windows from cluttering the Task Bar.

I'm using V2 at the moment, but V3 is out now and I'll be testing that. There are a few bugs here and there, but V2 hasn't crashed ever since I installed it 6 weeks ago.

Clover is available from
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